5BKCM Ch. 42

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After saying this, she suddenly realized, did the other party understand Chinese?

Although he looked like an oriental person, in this distant Leah Australia, he may not be Chinese necessarily!

She was about to say something, but the man had already looked away and continued to look at the sea ahead.

It seemed that Gu Yuan didn’t exist at all, and his expression was indifferent.

Different from her son Ji Qisen’s habitual indifference in the past, this man was completely expressionless.

Gu Yuan, who was flamboyantly ignored, was also stunned. This person not only looked weird, but also had a weird personality, and his behaviour was even more inexplicable.

Her original curiosity disappeared immediately, and Gu Yuan was going to go back to the lounge to wait for Camille.

Unexpectedly, at this time, there was movement on the sea level. It turned out that the submarine divers came up. Gu Yuan thought that it was about time for Camille to come back, so she hurriedly looked over, but who knew it was not her.

Several divers came up, and there was a short one among them.

Gu Yuan suddenly realized something and stared at the short one.

That body shape, that diving equipment, wasn’t it the guy who snatched her clownfish and then showed off his power in front of her?

At this time, the divers had already boarded the boat, and it was the boat of the man just now.

Gu Yuan looked over curiously, and saw that the man with an indifferent face as if he didn’t care about anything in this world just stepped over, bent down, and helped the little diver take off his diving equipment.

And she didn’t know when a few attendants appeared beside him, each of them stood by his side respectfully, and two diving instructors also helped the little diver take off his equipment.

Soon, the equipment was taken off, and inside was a child about four or five years old, wearing a fiery red swimsuit, who looked delicate and cute, with skin as white and tender as high-quality milk, black and clear eyes, and slightly curly black hair. With his fiery red swimsuit, he reminded Gu Yuan of the red boy in Journey to the West[1].

A very cute kid.

But thinking of the little dispute with him deep in the sea, Gu Yuan subconsciously felt that this child must not be a cute one. Looking at the calm on the coast, Camille probably won’t be back for a while, so she went into the cabin.

Who knew that at this moment, the child tilted his head and looked at Gu Yuan with his big eyes blinking.

When he saw Gu Yuan, he burst into a smile, and then shouted: “Miss, do you think this clownfish looks familiar? Do you like this clownfish?”

Gu Yuan looked back, only seeing that the child had already grabbed a clownfish from the bucket and was shaking it gently towards Gu Yuan, there was still a little pride on his face.

Gu Yuan was speechless for a moment.

This kid had sharp eyes, how did he recognize that she was the one under the sea?

Also, what did he mean by showing off this clownfish to her now, was he deliberately showing off his might?

Gu Yuan snorted secretly in her heart, and told herself desperately, don’t be as childish as a kid, he is ignorant and he is still young, just ignore him! Not to mention that his father also looks very weird!

Glancing at the clownfish, she said earnestly and doubtfully, “Kid, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Did you recognize the wrong person?”

After finishing speaking, she went back to the cabin.

When the child heard Gu Yuan’s words, he frowned slightly suspiciously, and then hummed softly: “Don’t bully me, I’m not stupid, it’s you, it must be you.”

As he said that, he suddenly raised his face, and said to the young man beside him: “Baba, I caught my clownfish just now, and someone made trouble for me! Baba, she bullied me, you have to avenge me!”

The child’s voice was childish, but the words he said were very arrogant.

Gu Yuan: “!”

Was this the villain’s first complaint?

The man got up slightly, stretched out his slender and beautiful hand, and gently held the little boy’s hand: “Don’t make trouble for no reason, you just landed, go back to your room to eat something.”

The little boy refused: “But Baba, that sister ignored me, she bullied me just now at the bottom of the sea.”

The man turned his back slightly, and glanced at the diving instructor next to him.

One of the instructors had just taken off his equipment, and upon seeing this, he said respectfully, “Sir, the young master was playing under the sea just now, and met two divers, and they had a little unpleasantness with each other because of a clownfish.”

The man raised his eyes, looking at the speedboat over there.

The girl on the speedboat was gone. The man withdrew his gaze, then stretched out his hand, and rubbed the short wet hair of the little boy: “Don’t be naughty, are you bullying others?”

He picked up the little boy and went back to the cabin.

When the little boy was held in the arms of the man, he looked curiously at the speedboat on Gu Yuan’s side, but there was no one on the speedboat.

Some disappointment appeared in his clear eyes, and then he rolled his eyes, as if thinking of something, he pursed his lips and smiled mischievously.

When Camille came back, Gu Yuan told Camille what happened.

“I’ve never seen such a strange man. He is so handsome, but he has no expression on his face, and there is no trace of vitality in his body. I don’t think there is any emotion in his eyes. There is no emotion, he seems to be only watching and he only looks like a living person when he is talking to his son!”

“His son is so strange, such a big kid, he has a pair of narrow eyes, and I was wearing diving equipment at the bottom of the sea, how did he recognize me? What about it? Hmph, he actually wanted his father to continue to vent his anger for him? This kid is too spoiled!”

“This is really a strange pair of father and son!”

Camille was puzzled when she heard it, and then Camille analyzed the whole situation and after a while, she said: “The price of living on this island is very expensive. Anyone who can have a private island here and dive in this sea area is a rich man. According to your description, the other party is about 30 years old and has a child who is about four or five years old, looks so extravagant, he is comparable to a big star, oh no, no, he is comparable to the hero in a third-rate romance novel. This must be a famous person, if he is not a big star, he must be a wealthy politician, for sure. He must not be an unknown junior, but I’m also very familiar with the world’s famous people, but I can’t think of a number one person who is so good-looking and has such a big son? Who is this person?”

Gu Yuan suddenly opened her mind: “Maybe he is not someone, but a sea monster or something. This can explain why the little boy can recognize me, and it can also explain why he looks so weird! Of course, it is also possible that this is a pair of father and son from the ancient times!”

Gu Yuan felt that her guess seemed quite reasonable.

Camille looked at Gu Yuan’s serious look, and almost burst out laughing: “No, no, I’m dying of laughter. You have too much brains. When you go out, you can meet time travellers and sea monsters! They were met by you, why didn’t you get arrested by them so that you wouldn’t reveal their secret?”

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “That’s unknown.”

Camille laughed more and more, and Gu Yuan couldn’t help laughing when she thought about her various guesses.

At this time, the diving instructor came over, carrying a bucket of water, and said that it was all kinds of small things caught from the sea. Gu Yuan leaned over to look, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there were small underwater creatures in them, colourful and very beautiful, except for the beautiful starfish, there were even beautiful shellfish, there was also Gu Yuan’s rare clownfish.

Gu Yuan was overjoyed, and hurried over to have a look.

In the afternoon Camille started to prepare the birthday cake and dinner arrangement. In fact, Ji Qisen arranged an assistant for Camille and Gu Yuan so that the birthday party could go smoothly. This assistant, in Camille’s words, was at a professional level where she could handle everything alone.

With the help of such professional assistants, the preparations for the birthday scene were naturally effortless. Camille and Gu Yuan only needed to order a list of ideas, and they could have whatever they wanted.

Everything was settled properly, Gu Yuan was planning to call her two sons over, but the two sons appeared automatically.

“Mom, I’ll accompany you to the island for a stroll this afternoon.” Ji Qisen came to Gu Yuan’s side and said.

“Eh… I’m fine anyway, so I’ll go for a walk.” Nie Yu stretched nonchalantly, looking up at the sky.

When Gu Yuan heard this, she was immediately elated. She thought she would spend some time persuading her two sons to go out, but she didn’t expect them to appear so automatically. It was great, she didn’t need to bother.

Now everyone went out.

According to the plan, Camille was going to go with her, but she looked at Gu Yuan, and then at the two super diamond kings and five young men, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong.

There were two handsome guys accompanying their old mother, why was it strange that I am here? Two handsome guys and big diamond kings called Gu Yuan mother respectfully, so what am I? Auntie?

Would she dare to run up to Nie Yu and Ji Qisen and ask them to call her aunt?

Suddenly, she felt that this picture was a little awkward.

In order to avoid such a difficult situation for the two big diamond bosses, Camille didn’t dare to say anything, and quickly found a reason to slip away.

Seeing that Camille had slipped away, Gu Yuan had no choice but to plan the next formation by herself: “Qisen, Yu’er, you are both my dear sons, and we will spend a pleasant island parent-child journey together next, and enjoy a wonderful weekend.”

Island parent-child trip…

Ji Qisen looked at Gu Yuan: “Mom, just tell us, what are we going to do next?”

Nie Yu also took a deep breath: “Yes, we will listen to you.”

Gu Yuan looked at her two sons with satisfaction, she felt very good, everything went well, under her help, the two sons seemed to have stopped arguing, and the pace was very consistent.

She just happened to be able to plan the next step.

“First of all, we will go out to ride horses together in the jungle of the island. After riding the horses, we would walk on the beach. In the evening, we would go out to sea on a mast boat. When we came back, we would have to barbecue lobsters on the beach in the evening. After eating barbecued big lobster, we are going to have a birthday party, sing birthday songs and blow out the candles.”

After hearing the plan, the scene was silent for a while.

In other words, the two of them would have to be tied together in the next few hours?

Gu Yuan said more and more vigorously: “Although this plan is not a very new plan for you, but since you have left your work and come to this island, you are here for vacation, so it must look like a vacation! When you come on vacation, you have to go horseback riding, go diving, go to eat barbecue, go out to sea and take a boat, and lie side by side on the beach to bask in the sun. Isn’t the location transferred from the capital to the Island of Leah, Australia?”

Hand in hand…Shoulder to shoulder…

Ji Qisen and Nie Yu felt a little messy in the wind.

Nie Yu looked at Ji Qisen helplessly.

Ji Qisen remained silent, lowered his head and took out his cell phone, and sent a message.

Nie Yu’s eyebrows moved slightly, and he winked at Ji Qisen desperately.

Ji Qisen sneered: “Why do you look at me like that?”

When he said this, Gu Yuan looked over curiously, and sure enough, she saw Nie Yu winking at Ji Qisen desperately.

She was also surprised: “Yu’er, why are you looking at Qisen like this?”

Nie Yu was caught straight by Gu Yuan, and the winking expression froze on his face, as funny as it could be.

Gu Yuan: “What’s the matter?”

Nie Yu had a bitter face and drooped his head: “It’s nothing, I—”

Gu Yuan: “Huh?”

Ji Qisen mercilessly exposed Nie Yu: “Mom, he might not want to participate in the program you arranged, he has a problem with you.”

Nie Yu: “Ji Qisen, you are talking nonsense, I don’t!”

Ji Qisen: “Didn’t you just say that you don’t want to go play with our mother?”

Nie Yu: “You just don’t think that I don’t know, when Mom explained the arrangement, your expression looked like you’ve eaten a bitter melon!”

Ji Qisen: “I don’t want to play but I decided to obey our mother’s arrangement, what about you? You didn’t want to go, and you want to give me a wink to make me object? Do you think you are too naive?”

Nie Yu: “Ji Qisen, you pretend I don’t know, you just secretly sent a message to your subordinates, asking them to call you to say that there is an urgent business to deal with! Do you think I don’t know about playing such a trick in front of our mother?”

Ji Qisen’s face was reddish, and he scolded angrily: “Nie Yu, don’t pour dirty water on me!”

Gu Yuan was also dumbfounded watching her two sons tearing each other down.

She stared at her filial Qisen in surprise, and then looked at Nie Yu who told the truth, why did they suddenly not want to participate? Didn’t they take the initiative to accompany her to visit the island?

Was it because they disagreed with the plan after she revealed the plan?

She had no choice but to say: “Do you two have any opinions? If you have any opinions, you can say it, or you can arrange a better plan, but today is the birthday of the two of you. You’re brothers who were born on the same day in the same year, you should get through it together.”

However, they didn’t want to get through it together.

They just didn’t like each other.

Ji Qisen glanced at Nie Yu contemptuously, and was about to speak up.

Just at this time, a child’s baby voice sounded: “Hey, those two big brothers actually called that sister mom, it’s so fun!”

Ji Qisen and Nie Yu looked around with eyes “Shua” suddenly looked at the voice.

Where did this little brat dare to laugh at them?

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