IAPP Ch. 46

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“Ah sneeze!”

“Hey! Who is missing you?” Xiao Yishan smiled coquettishly, leaned over from the other side of the desk, and pretended to take a sniff, “It smells of lust!”

Ling Yue rolled his eyes at him and looked down at the documents, “So much nonsense?”

Xiao Yishan’s eyes lit up. In the past, this guy would have glared. Now he just said a word lightly. Xiao Yishan was sure that this guy must be in a great mood, “Third brother, tell me, did you… eat Ms. Gu?”

Ling Yue looked up from the document with a dark face, “Is my woman someone you can talk about?”

“Have you completed all the tasks assigned to you?” Ling Yue’s voice was indifferent and cold, “You don’t have to get involved in the affairs of Anxin Group. If it’s so uncomfortable, over there in East Africa…”

“Third brother, my third brother, you are my uncle, aren’t you?” Xiao Yishan immediately jumped when he heard the word ‘East Africa’, “I just captured Zheng Wanru, don’t be so cruel, okay?”

“I don’t have a nephew as old as you!”

Xiao Yishan had a mouthful of blood in his chest that almost spurted out, “Third brother, you can’t eat meat by yourself. You won’t even let your brother drink the soup. You don’t know that Zheng Wanru is good at acting, and also in bed…”

“Shut up!” Ling Yue was not interested in other women, and he felt disgusted when he heard it. “Go back and pack your luggage quickly. East Africa is not peaceful. Remember to get vaccinated before you go!”

Xiao Yishan was not afraid this time, but was shocked. He looked at Ling Yue for a long time before he opened his mouth, “You…you…can actually tell a cold joke?”

“Ah… I really have to thank Miss Gu,” Xiao Yishan looked grateful, “She finally made you look like a normal person!”

Ling Yue didn’t even bother to give him a look this time. He glanced ten lines at a time, and the pen in his hand swished across the documents. Xiao Yishan didn’t say that he hadn’t felt it yet, but now he… wanted to return home as fast as an arrow!

Xiao Yishan frowned when he saw Ling Yue ignoring him. He really forgot his friends because of women. He was not as good as him. When did he stop caring about his brothers after he had a woman?

Xiao Yishan was still cursing, but Alice had already walked in, “Sir, what you ordered has been delivered!”

Ling Yue nodded, “I remember that you also know a lot about food. Go to Qinji and order some dishes and soups that can nourish blood and qi!”

Alice was no longer surprised by any of Ling Yue’s orders and responded directly.

“I’ve almost finished reading today’s documents. You can take them. I won’t be here in the afternoon!” Ling Yue looked at his watch.

Xiao Yishan’s eyes widened even more, “Third brother, you didn’t come until ten o’clock, and you’re leaving just after twelve o’clock? And you still going to be absent from work in the afternoon?”

Alice lowered her head to hide her smile.

“Third brother, you have just eaten meat. Take it easy and don’t be tired. Even if you are not tired, Miss Gu would be tired. You…”

Ling Yue glanced at him displeased, “Didn’t you say that I am your uncle?”

Xiao Yishan said that he would only be defeated by his venomous words.

Alice couldn’t hold it back this time and laughed out loud, “Sir, what do you think of stewed chicken with angelica, stewed squid soup with dragon bones, stewed pork ribs with Huaishan red dates, plus a piece of wolfberry, red dates and red bean porridge?”

Ling Yue nodded as he listened, “Add another vegetarian dish!”

Xiao Yishan was unwilling to be left alone, “I’m already hungry, so I’ll go back with you to eat at noon today!”

Ling Yue pretended not to hear, “Alice, please discuss this with the restaurant’s chef, and remember not to repeat the order within seven days!”

Xiao Yishan looked like he had eaten a fly, “Brother, I am really resigned to being defeated. I have been training among women for several years and I still don’t have your skills. How powerful are you when seducing girls!”

Ling Yue stopped talking, and Alice quickly helped him pack his things, “Sir, I’ll take you back!”

Xiao Yishan watched Alice pushing Ling Yue away, his face turning black. He had been following Ling Yue for many years, but he had never seen Ling Yue order any blood-tonifying soup for him.

Xiao Yishan, who was full of resentment, secretly cursed Gu Anxin to suffer from diarrhoea in his heart.

Originally, he felt that Ling Yue would be more humane now that he had Gu Anxin, but now, Xiao Yishan felt that Gu Anxin was not just an eyesore, she was simply too much of an eyesore.

At this time, someone who was considered an eyesore was slurping down instant noodles, putting down the bowl from time to time, and scribbling on the paper with a pen.

Ling Yue opened the door and saw this scene. Then he looked at the instant noodle box in her hand and frowned even more.

Alice’s neck shrank when she saw him. She was no longer familiar with this expression of her boss. It was a sign of anger, and he was very angry.

Alice said goodbye and left very wisely.

Gu Anxin didn’t feel it at this time. When she saw Ling Yue coming back, her eyes widened, “Third brother? Didn’t you just go to work? Why are you back so early?”

Ling Yue frowned and looked down at the instant noodle box in her hand, “Is this what you eat for lunch?”

Gu Anxin stood up from the ground and shook her head with a smile, “I thought you wouldn’t come back at noon, so I didn’t cook. I bought vegetables and was planning to cook them for you at night!”

Didn’t cook it for herself to eat, but would cook it for him to eat!

Ling Yue felt so sweet by Gu Anxin’s sweetness that even though there was smoke coming from the top of his head, he still couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth. However, his eyes glanced at her instant noodles and he made a face again. He reached out and took it away unceremoniously and threw it into the trash can.

“The food will be here soon, please bear with it!”

Ling Yue was glad that he came back, otherwise he wouldn’t have known that she abused herself so.

Gu Anxin’s face looked ugly, although she was happy to see him, “You are wasting it!”

Ling Yue ignored her question and said, “Come here and push me to the bathroom!”

“You…” Gu Anxin really wanted to give him a kick. Who tortured her vigorously last night, and now pretended to be disabled to gain sympathy from others, “You have no problem with your legs and feet, why are you pretending?”

Ling Yue looked straight at her, silently, and forced Gu Anxin to bow her head and obey with just his eyes.

Gu Anxin felt that since she rescued him, she and trouble had completely become good friends, so she pushed him to the bathroom.

The two waited for a quarter of an hour before the food was delivered.

Gu Anxin looked at the dishes on the table and was slightly in a daze. She couldn’t tell what these dishes were just based on their appearance. Not to mention whether the dishes were exquisite or not, just looking at the plates, Gu Anxin hadn’t looked at them yet. Which takeaway restaurant had ever made such exquisite dishes?

Ling Yue sat as steady as a rock and saw Gu Anxin being in a daze, “Why don’t you eat?”

He himself knew that he had gone too far last night, so he wanted to make up for it today!

Gu Anxin’s brows twitched, “Where did you…order it from?”

At first glance, it was not from an ordinary restaurant.

Ling Yue didn’t answer, but kept putting vegetables in her bowl. Alice told him a lot of things to replenish blood and qi on the way, which happened to be useful, “Eat more, and you are not allowed to eat instant noodles in the future!”

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