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Huo Yunshen silently made a lot of plans for the future. He wanted to marry Qingqing as soon as possible and give her a good life. He would make up for however the Yun family had wronged her, and let her be his eldest lady, with everything she wanted.

When Qingqing was in class, he was working hard. He had worked in various fields in the past few years, and he was good at everything he got his hands on. When Qingqing was resting, he tried his best to pretend not to be busy so as not to worry her.

In the fall of Yun Qing’s first semester, Huo Yunshen saved a sum of money alone, thinking about buying her a better ring.

The one he proposed with on the bridge was too thin and too small. But Qingqing did not put it down and wore it every day. She was looked at and talked about by countless people in school. So, he always felt that it was not good enough and felt uncomfortable.

The day he saved enough money, Huo Yunshen immediately went to the jewellery store and bought the diamond ring he had been looking at for a long time, planning to put it on Qingqing when he got home in the evening.

But as soon as he put the jewellery box close to his body, he received a call to work overtime. It was already late at night when he finished his work. When he opened the door after getting home, Yun Qing was sitting on the sofa with her bare feet, sleeping huddled up in a small ball, holding the kitten in her arms, waiting for him.

Huo Yunshen walked over lightly, and the kitten woke up first, jumped off the sofa and returned to its comfortable nest.

He knelt down, kissed Yun Qing’s forehead, and carried her to the bed.

“Yunshen…” Yun Qing opened her eyes in half asleep, “You’re back. It’s so late today.”

It was indeed late, the clock on the wall showed that the time was past twelve o’clock.

Huo Yunshen hugged her distressedly and coaxed in a low voice: “I don’t have to work tomorrow. I’ll stay with you.”

In order to save more money, he over-drafted for a long time, and finally he was able to keep her company for a whole day.

Yun Qing was confused, but smiled softly after hearing this, and naturally closed her eyes to answer his words: “Then you will accompany me to take elective courses tomorrow.”


“Eat rice noodles with me from the restaurant in front of the school. I heard it’s delicious.”


“I also need to go to the handicraft shop to make a pair of ceramic wind chimes to hang them on the balcony. They will ring when the wind passes——”

She was talking about trivial everyday things, but Huo Yunshen was fascinated by it. He caressed her soft cheek, leaned down and kissed her gently, and promised over and over again: “Okay, I’ll go tomorrow.”

Yun Qing hugged him and said, “Sleep Shenshen.”

When she acted coquettishly, she would call him “Shenshen” with a nasal voice to make it sound more intimate.

Huo Yunshen was reluctant to wake her up and put the jewellery box with his body temperature on his pillow, hoping to put the ring on her when she woke up early tomorrow morning.

He still had countless hours with her, so he was not in a hurry for this night.

Huo Yunshen worked hard for a long time and was tireless when he was outside. Only when he lay down next to Qingqing did he feel exhausted. He hugged her tighter and closed his eyes.

Before he fell asleep, he was still thinking that in addition to what Qingqing mentioned, he would take her shopping tomorrow to buy the little skirts she liked to wear, and she would not have to worry about the price.

The night was very quiet.

It seemed like a peaceful and sweet evening.

Huo Yunshen hadn’t slept so deeply for a long time.

At dawn in the morning, he felt that Qingqing seemed to be awake, and her soft fingers were touching the haggard bags under his eyes, as she whispered: “You can sleep a little longer, and I will go buy breakfast.”

Yun Qing knew that he was very tired recently and it was rare that he didn’t have to get up early. If she had to make a noise while making something at home, she might as well go downstairs to buy his favourite buns. She would be back soon and they would not get cold if they were placed in a thermos.

Huo Yunshen objected hoarsely: “It’s cold outside, wait for me to go buy it.”

Yun Qing said nothing and waited patiently until he fell asleep again, kissed him lovingly on the forehead a few times, and carefully got out of his arms.

Although the journey was not far, she still left a note on the table, fearing that he would be worried on not being able to find her when he woke up.

Yun Qing unlocked the lock and went out, and the door slowly closed behind her. There was only a soft sound, but it seemed like her whole world was being torn apart.

When Huo Yunshen woke up, it was already bright, his arms were empty, and the sheets were cold.


No one responded.

Huo Yunshen hurriedly got out of bed. The sun was shining in the living room, fine dust was floating in the air, and the kitten was squatting at the door and meowing.

Qingqing had an elective class at ten o’clock. It couldn’t be that she couldn’t wait to leave first, he had promised to accompany her.

Huo Yunshen frowned while making a phone call and putting on his coat. Yun Qing’s cell phone was turned off. The strong uneasiness in his heart was like sharp thorns, rolling through his internal organs. Before he was about to leave for her school, he saw the note on the table.

She went to buy breakfast but never came back.

The panic that was still hanging around exploded at this moment, and the blood on his face gradually faded away, and he rushed out of the door.

Huo Yunshen rushed to the school first and contacted Yun Qing’s roommates and classmates. No one had seen her. The elective classroom was bustling with people. He stood stiffly at the back door, staring with red eyes, but did not wait to see her, who was always on time.

His heart was stabbed repeatedly by invisible knives. He rushed back and searched the area around his home. He asked everyone he could ask. In the end, everyone who saw him had to hide away, frightened by his scary appearance where he was almost losing control of his emotions.

Huo Yunshen had obtained a few wounds on his hands at some point, so he pressed on the bloody wounds and warned himself of the pain.

Qingqing must have been delayed because she was in trouble, and her phone was turned off because it ran out of battery! Soon…she would come home and complain to him. No matter who bullied her, he would take revenge immediately!

It was almost evening, and Huo Yunshen’s weak endurance was exhausted. He ran upstairs for the last time, wanting to go back and see if Qingqing had arrived home. He stepped on the last step, and the setting sun filtered into the corridor window. A string of tiny crystal beads illuminated the corner of the wall.

He stayed there and didn’t move for about ten seconds.

The boiling blood all over his body then roared to the top of his head, making his ears buzz.

He picked it up with trembling hands. It was Qingqing’s favourite bracelet. She wore it every day recently, including last night, when he kissed her wrist before going to bed and touched it with his lips.

Huo Yunshen broke into Yun family house overnight.

The Yun family was the most likely to be able to take Qingqing away so quickly and accurately.

He thought he would be hindered and was prepared to fight desperately. However, the Yun family was already in chaos. The lights were brightly lit at night. Yun Chengze’s wife and his children were crying and throwing vases and ornaments at Huo Yunshen indiscriminately. They were hysterical and shrill.

The whole family hated Yun Qing and blamed her for not cooperating, which was why Yun Chengze died.

They only knew that there was a problem with the Yun family’s funds, so they used Yun Qing to exchange for money, but they didn’t know exactly who they wanted to give Yun Qing to and where they took her, so they just cursed and vented their anger on him.

“Yun Qing? Do you still have the nerve to ask about Yun Qing! The family fed her with good food and drink every day, so she should help when she is needed. Isn’t that what she deserves!”

“You think that the title of the eldest lady of the Yun family is so easy to carry? Does she want to sit back and enjoy the blessings without paying anything!”

“Even if the heir of the Huo family has disappeared, this marriage will probably not happen, so it is only normal to transfer her to someone else!”

“If she hadn’t resisted, her father would not have mobilized all the troops to send her away on a private plane! If not for that, how could something have happened! How could the plane crash halfway until not even the body could be recovered!”

Huo Yunshen stood motionless in the living room of the Yun family.

He even laughed hoarsely: “What did you say? He kidnapped Qingqing and there was an accident on the plane?”

His expression was truly terrifying, and coupled with all the horrific rumours about him, the Yun family was so frightened that they were stunned and chilled all over.

Huo Yunshen felt as if he had heard some fantasy, his gloomy black eyes were filled with blood, and he suddenly shouted loudly: “I dare you say it again!”

The Yun family blurted out: “Yes! Yun Qing died in a plane crash! The news just came back to the country! This is the result no matter how many times you ask! We have no idea where she fell, and her body is probably burned! Don’t even think that you can see her again in this life!”

The world that Huo Yunshen tried his best to support collapsed at this moment.

For a long time afterwards, he couldn’t remember how he lived.

He didn’t cry, not even a tear, because he didn’t believe it at all.

He searched the Yun family, like a maniac, mechanically looking for her. He tried all the places around the house, university, middle school, all the places Qingqing had been and the roads she might take. Gradually everyone came to know that he was a good-looking but terrifying madman, he was stubbornly looking for someone, and would not listen to anyone who tried to dissuade him. He was stubbornly looking for a dead person.

The purgatory days went by day by day, and the evidence of the plane crash quickly accumulated.

The body was never found, and the Yun family submitted information to the court that Yun Qing had gone missing in an accident abroad. When three years were up, Yun Qing’s death would be officially declared.

The graphic materials, which were sharper than the blades of knives, were maliciously scattered in front of Huo Yunshen by the Yun family. Huo Yunshen tore them into pieces, grabbed people and beat them without hesitation.

In the silent night, he was alone, holding his bleeding fists, pinching the fragments in his palms, huddled in the darkest corner of the house, burying his head, and slowly making a twisted hissing sound.

But still no crying.

Qingqing was still here.

She wouldn’t die, she wouldn’t leave him behind.

Qingqing just couldn’t find her way home and was waiting for him to save her.

Now that he was unable to save her, he would do whatever it took to plunder the capital needed to save her.

Huo Yunshen was already thin and shapeless, but there was a fierce and cold light in his dark eyes. He took no one with him and single-handedly took over the Huo family’s old house. In the chaos of war, his sanctimonious grandfather was sent directly to the hospital for rescue before facing a desperate death.

Over the past few years, Huo family’s major shareholders had been secretly beckoning him and promising to help him seize power, thinking that he was a humble outcast who was eager to rise to the top. If he was given a little favour, he would beg for mercy, and he could easily be made into a perfect puppet to be used to suffer. They would then manipulate him and swallow up the entire group.

Huo Yunshen never paid attention to them, fearing that it would involve family matters and put Qingqing in any danger.

No matter how much money and power he had, it couldn’t even compare to Qingqing’s fingertips.

But now, he embarked on this path without any hesitation.

Puppet? Then let’s see what happens to the person who tries to make him a puppet and blackmails him with things that originally belonged to him.

In order to seize power, Huo Yunshen did everything. Under the overwhelming interests, he suffered countless injuries in half a year, including gunshot wounds. The most serious one almost made him lose consciousness. He refused to stay in the hospital and went home. Opening the door to his home, he was leaning against the entrance as he was dying. He ran across the floor and spoke softly into the void.

“I’m injured.”

“Qingqing, it hurts.”

“I can’t find the bandage at home, and the blood is still seeping. Don’t you care?”

“If you don’t come back, who will take care of me?”

It was so quiet at night that there was no sound of breathing. He didn’t dare to enter the bedroom. He just stared at the ajar door in front of him, imagining that Qingqing was having a temper tantrum and hiding from him. He smiled hoarsely and said, “Is Qingqing angry, and ignoring me, blaming me for being too slow and that I haven’t found you yet.”

“Be good, wait for me,” he slipped, blood leaking out of his clothes, “wait for me again.”

Half a year ago, no one looked up to this crazy abandoned son. Half a year later, he used his ruthless skills to overcome all obstacles and seize power. He used several of his shareholders to trap himself, and all ended up miserable.

Huo Yunshen was merciless and eradicated the so-called family members of the Huo family who had harmed him one by one, completely destroying the Yun family and stepping into the mud everyone who had harmed and disrespected Yun Qing, one by one.

The whole circle was in turmoil, and everyone knew that the new leader of the Huo family was ruthless and had lost all humanity. He would do whatever it took to get the family property, and he would kill all his own family members and his past in-laws.

The mad dog that everyone feared and avoided in the past had proved all his bad reputation.

But it happened to be him, searching for his lost lover.

Who was not found.

He sat in a high position. It was said that Huo Yunshen’s hands and eyes were so powerful but still even though he tried his best, there was no sign of her.

Min Jing accompanied Huo Yunshen through the bloody storm. He never wavered no matter how difficult or dangerous it was, but when he saw that the search for Yun Qing was fruitless and Huo Yunshen was gradually collapsing, he lost control of his emotions.

“Brother, Yun Qing is dead! Can you face the reality!” Min Jing really had no choice but to think of all the bad tricks. “I asked some famous masters and monks privately, and they said they can…can channel spirits, why don’t you give it a try, maybe you can meet Yun Qing’s ghost…”

Huo Yunshen stared at him with cold and piercing eyes: “What did you say?”

Min Jing felt a chill running down his spine and did not dare to repeat it. He lowered his head and felt sad, silently comforting himself that it would take time. When the three-year deadline was up and Yun Qing’s death was confirmed, Brother Shen should be able to accept the fact.

Huo Yunshen walked out of the group alone.

The sky was sunny and there was no wind, just like the day he lost her. He had not done anything he had promised.

He first went to Yun Qing’s university and entered the classroom where he was supposed to accompany Qingqing to take elective courses.

Most of the people in the classroom were full. The professor was talking about philosophy slowly in front, and the young men and women were lazily listening below. The sunlight filtered through the window, making the tables and chairs shine like gold.

Huo Yunshen chose a seat in the last row and sat down quietly.

In the past, when he accompanied Qingqing to class, he always liked to be in a hidden position, with the sound of turning books around and rigorous academics everywhere. He was always secretly holding her hand under the table, caressing her thin fingers, while looking at her blush.

Huo Yunshen sat in silence for a long time, then went to the rice noodle shop at the school gate alone and ordered two bowls of rice noodles.

One bowl was his, which was very plain, and the other bowl was Qingqing’s, and all the side dishes that could be added were added.

In the past, he didn’t have much money, so he always wanted to save on himself, and spent everything he had on Qingqing. Qingqing often felt distressed and gave him everything in the bowl.

After letting the rice noodles cool down, Huo Yunshen only took one bite and said to himself with a smile: “Qingqing, you have been deceived. It is not delicious.”

It was sour and bitter and could not be swallowed.

Even though it tasted so bad, he still packed it up and took it away. Then he went to the expensive shopping mall where Qingqing had shaken her head and lamented before, buying dresses for her in one store after another.

Qingqing was very thin, with a narrow waist, and the smallest size was enough.

He filled the bag and in the evening went to the handicraft shop that Qingqing had longed for, where they could make pottery wind chimes.

Huo Yunshen had never made one before, and it was his first time learning. The craftsmanship of wind chimes was complicated and it would take a long time to make a pair.

When the shop closed in the evening, he finished it, returned to the rental house, and hung the wind chime on the balcony.

Qingqing once said: “When the wind blows, it will make noise——”

When she was very sleepy that night, she added: “I have heard other people do it. Sometimes it sounds loud and frequent, like a very gentle voice.”

Huo Yunshen went deep into the bedroom, took out a set of clothes that Yun Qing often wore from the closet, held them in his arms, and sat on the ground beside the balcony.

The windows were open and it was cool late at night.

He was waiting for the wind.

Until a long time later, a gust of wind passed through the hall, blowing the pair of hanging wind chimes, making a soft and restrained impact sound, like talking, like laughing, like her soft whisper when she had leaned into his arms countless times before.

Huo Yunshen’s tears, which he had never shed before, suddenly broke out at this moment.

He hugged her clothes tightly, but her breath had long since disappeared from them. His thin body continued to tighten, and he cried hoarsely, curling up into an unknown ball.

After that night, Huo Yunshen’s mental state was already on thin ice. Min Jing secretly invited Dr. He, an authority in neurology, to treat him.

When Dr. He first met Huo Yunshen, he could hardly believe that he was Mr. Huo, who was said to be so cold-hearted and ruthless.

The man stayed in the darkest corner, with blood stains all over his body, some from self-inflicted injuries and some dripping from his mouth. If it weren’t for a pair of scarlet eyes that wanted to swallow him up, he wouldn’t look like a living person at all.

Dr. He said in a trembling voice: “Mr. Huo, if you accept my treatment, I can make you dream about Miss Yun.”

Huo Yunshen hasn’t dreamed of Qingqing for too long.

She refused to come to him, so he listened to her voice over and over again, watched the videos she left, and wanted to beg her to come to him in his sleep. However, every painful late night, he always realized it slowly.

He couldn’t even fall asleep.

He wanted to see her so much.

Huo Yunshen lay on Dr. He’s diagnosis and treatment bed. After such a long time, he once again saw Qingqing in a brief dream bubble.

She still looked the same with long hair hanging down her shoulders. She ran towards him delicately and threw herself into his arms.

Huo Yunshen’s internal organs felt as if they were being crushed. He trembled and hugged her, but his hands could not touch anything.

During the treatment, he collapsed and vomited blood, which scared Min Jing to the point of turning pale.

Dr. He felt the same and shed tears. He whispered: “Mr. Huo, nothing can happen to you. Miss Yun is still waiting for you.”

Qingqing was waiting for him.

Huo Yunshen numbly took medicines and injections, trying hard to keep his body from collapsing. However, when three years came and Yun Qing’s death announcement was handed over to him, his spirit collapsed.

He had a high fever, and Min Jing came to report with an ugly face. He spoke with difficulty: “Brother, that kitten is dying.”

Huo Yunshen had been keeping it properly in a reliable pet center. After seeing it for a long time, it was still lying lazily on the nest he brought with it, eyes closed.

Hearing Huo Yunshen’s footsteps, it struggled to open its eyes, struggled to get up, moved in front of him, and rested its plush chin on his hand.

“You have to go find her.”

The man’s voice was already hoarse.

The kitten licked him hard, then rested its head on his cold fingers and made no sound.

Min Jing turned around and went out, breaking down and crying outside.

Huo Yunshen came out a few hours later, holding the cold cat in his arms. Without driving, he walked step by step to the hillside where he and Qingqing used to go on dates.

There were many green plants there, and he could see the direction of his home from the top of the hill.

He wrapped the cat, put it into a small box that fit well, put it in the soil, and put in together all the toys it liked during its lifetime.

His low voice sounded like harsh crying but was blown away by the wind: “Don’t think that you can monopolize her if you go first.”

Huo Yunshen fell asleep in a trance that night and dreamed of Qingqing.

She said to him: “Don’t wait, there is no Yun Qing in this world.”

Huo Yunshen opened his eyes in the cold early morning. Water traces followed the corners of his eyes and flowed over his feverish cheeks.

“Qingqing, don’t say goodbye to me.”

Waiting for daybreak, Huo Yunshen calmly handled the group’s follow-up work arrangements and left a large sum of money for Min Jing. After two days of continuous transactions, he changed into a set of clothes that Qingqing would like, and took the ring that he didn’t have time to give away, then he drove the car onto the bridge across the river.

Qingqing said that if one leaves first and the other jumps down from here, no matter how far apart they are, they will both end up in the same place.

She once put flour in his hair and asked him if that was considered grey hair.

He said it didn’t count.

Only when my life comes to an end and I run towards you until death can I finally settle it down.

It was extremely cold that night.

Huo Yunshen grabbed the railing she was leaning against and lowered his eyes.

“Qingqing, the river is very cold. When I find you, please hug me.”

He stepped on the high ground, released his hand without hesitation, and was about to jump down.

Amidst the howling wind, he heard rapid footsteps approaching him. A warm and soft hand suddenly grasped his wrist, making him turn around.

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