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After Gu Yuan got the contract back, she studied it herself and asked Nie Yu to help check it. After confirming that there were no problems, she signed the contract directly. After signing the contract, the company quickly assigned her an agent and an assistant.

Although Gu Yuan was cast as the heroine from the beginning, she was a newcomer without a certain reputation. The agent was a girl in her twenties who was responsible for seven or eight actresses. She was known as Sister Hu, but Sister Hu was quite enthusiastic and said Gu Yuan could call her anytime if anything happened.

There were more things to do next. First, it took time to take measurements and try on costumes, and then she went to the set to get to know the people on the set. The lead actor Luo Juntian did not come because he had other arrangements. Only Gu Yuan, the new female lead, and a group of men, with supporting actresses had arrived.

Obviously, Gu Yuan, a new heroine with no face, couldn’t hold the scene. The male and female supporting actors were all well-known. Although they greeted Gu Yuan, they didn’t take her seriously. The one Gu Yuan met before, Lin Lu didn’t even look at Gu Yuan.

This scene was expected by Gu Yuan, so when she returned home and Ji Qisen asked her about joining the crew and whether the crew were friendly, she said nothing.

Although she had little experience, she understood that these were things she had to go through when entering the entertainment industry. She got Ning Sanyue’s role as soon as she started, and she was still the heroine. Her starting point was already too much higher than others, and she hadn’t shown her performance, so it was normal for others to look down on a newcomer like her until she showed her true ability and made others admire her.

Even if she had two sons who were both domineering bosses, she still wanted to make a career out of it by working hard on her own, rather than having her two son take care of everything directly.

The process of joining the crew was proceeding in an orderly manner, but she did not dare to miss her schoolwork. She tried to make appointments with Xingying Entertainment when there were no classes. If she had to miss a class, she would add extra classes to make up for it.

After all, she was only a sophomore in college, and she had been absent from society for twenty-five years. She still had a long way to go, and she couldn’t stop taking the school courses seriously just because she had become a heroine.

These were what her mentor once told her twenty-five years ago.

In school, because of Chen Mingzhi’s plan, she hardly mentioned her role with other classmates except for talking to her two roommates about signing a contract with a company and joining the film crew. Everyone saw that she was obviously selected as the heroine in the audition, but there was no big movement afterwards, so they were a little confused. What happened?

For a while, some classmates who had already signed with the company came forward to share their own gossip: “I heard from people in our company that Xingying Entertainment is still looking for a female lead, saying that they did not find the right one in the audition.”

Some people also shared the gossip they heard about: “How did I hear that it has been decided, it is Lin Lu.”

Some people even objected: “No, no, it can’t be Lin Lu. Lin Lu has already been decided for another role. I heard it’s Qiu Xining. Qiu Xining recently turned down the previous drama just to free up time to film this one.”

There were all kinds of rumours in the class, not to mention on the Internet. People with good intelligence from all walks of life had revealed the news they had received. Fans from all walks of life had also made various analyses. Some people said this, others said that, and for a while, some people started to vote: Who do you think is the most suitable person to star in “The Legend of Xuanji”?

Of course, some people even ridiculed Xingying Entertainment, saying that their previous auditions were just for everyone to hype up, but now that the hype had gone away, there was no selection, and in the end they were going to choose among the popular actresses.

With such rumours flying all over the sky, naturally some people secretly laughed at Gu Yuan, saying that she claimed to be selected, but in fact she was not selected at all. Especially Huo Sijia’s former friends almost all laughed at Gu Yuan.

“Gu Yuan, aren’t you going to be the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”? Why are you still coming to school?”

“Hahaha, Gu Yuan is going to be a big star, and she still comes to class!”

“Stop laughing at me. You’ve even seen Luo Juntian! If you talk about it again, people will say you are jealous.”

“I’m laughing so hard. Has she really met Luo Juntian? She didn’t mention it no matter what, hahaha!”

The two roommates were naturally indignant when they saw this scene, but Gu Yuan said not to reveal it, so they had no choice but to hold it back and secretly clench their fists, thinking that sooner or later, they would be surprised.

Facing these ridicules, Gu Yuan ignored them. She had to quickly complete the training and rush to Xingying to take makeup photos after class.

After finally finishing her work, she was dripping with sweat and went back to the dormitory to take a quick shower. Then she hurriedly left the dormitory to go to Xingying. Unexpectedly, she met Huo Sijia on the way.

Huo Sijia looked her over and said nothing.

When Gu Yuan saw Huo Sijia, she was a little confused. She thought that in the past, Huo Sijia was unhappy with her and the conflicts were all obvious. Why didn’t she say anything this time? Wasn’t it the time to add insult to injury and try to step on her?

A hint of ridicule appeared on Huo Sijia’s lips, and then she left.

Gu Yuan left without thinking much and rushed to Xingying Entertainment. She thought about Huo Sijia’s expression from time to time. Why did she feel so bad, as if there were some moves waiting for her?

Thinking like this, she had already arrived at Xingying Entertainment. She had to take makeup photos today, so she must go there quickly.

When she got there, the agent, Sister Hu, was already there. She asked her to put on makeup first and took her to the dressing room. Unexpectedly, when she came to the makeup artist, she saw that Lin Lu was already there, getting her makeup done there.

Sister Hu was surprised when she saw it at first: “Teacher Lin is here too.”

At this time, the makeup artist was further treating Lin Lu’s eyes. When he heard this, he glanced at them in the mirror: “Sister Hu is here.”

Sister Hu looked at Lin Lu’s makeup. It seemed that she was almost done. After she finished it, they could applu it to Gu Yuan. Unexpectedly, before she opened her mouth, she heard Lin Lu say: “Hey, why do I feel that today’s makeup is not suitable for me, it makes me look a little fat, which doesn’t suit the scene I’m going to shoot today!”

The makeup artist looked in the mirror and didn’t think anything of it.

Lin Lu said, “No, the makeup photo I want to take today is not suitable for the current makeup. Teacher Sun, please take a look and help me put it on again, and we can discuss the details.”

Sister Hu, who was about to speak, was suddenly speechless.

Why didn’t she notice that Lin Lu looked fat in her makeup? Wasn’t this a deliberate attempt to cause trouble? Since the makeup was done, let the makeup artist do makeup for someone else, why bother asking others by forcefully occupying the spot!

Sister Hu was a little dumbfounded at this moment, but Lin Lu had already agreed with the makeup artist on how to deal with it again. It seemed that she couldn’t let it go for a while. What about Gu Yuan? What should Gu Yuan do?

Gu Yuan’s makeup and costumes were all researched and formulated by Ning Sanyue personally in advance. This makeup photo was very important and must not be taken carelessly. Although there were several other makeup rooms in the dressing room, only this teacher Sun was an experienced one and this dressing room had the best technology.

She just didn’t expect Lin Lu to use such a move, it was so destructive!

Sister Hu was just an agent, but Lin Lu was a well-known star. Of course she couldn’t offend Lin Lu and ask Lin Lu to give up her seat to Gu Yuan. However, if this delay continued and the makeup photos could not be taken today, it would be a big trouble.

If they tried to make do with other dressing rooms, it would not satisfy Ning Sanyue, and it would be Sister Hu herself who would be criticized.

Sister Hu was helpless. Speaking of which, this was also her mistake at work. She did not confirm the appointment in the dressing room in advance, thinking that there were not many people today and it should be fine. Who would have thought that Lin Lu would resort to such a trick!

She now even wondered if Lin Lu had a grudge against Gu Yuan and deliberately came to occupy the makeup artist early in the morning?

Seeing Sister Hu’s anxious look, Gu Yuan suggested, “Aren’t there other makeup artists? Can’t we use others?”

Sister Hu shook her head: “No, most people can’t meet Director Ning’s requirements. You don’t understand these things, and in the end I will be scolded.”

Ning Sanyue scolded people harshly, and he could even scold celebrities, not to mention a small agent like her. He could even scold them to the point of doubting their life. Sister Hu was really scared.

Gu Yuan heard that this matter was really difficult to handle. She was thinking about asking the photographer to change the time to a later time when he heard a gentle voice: “Miss Gu?”

Gu Yuan turned around and looked over. At first glance, she was very surprised. It turned out to be Luo Juntian!

Originally, she admired Luo Juntian very much, especially because Luo Juntian, a big star, had no pretence about caring about her, which moved her so much. But since that day, her son said something about dirty information on Luo Juntian, and told her not to fall in love or anything like that with him, so she had no choice but to keep a distance from Luo Juntian.

Because she added him on WeChat, occasionally when she would post a selfie or something in the WeChat circle, Luo Juntian would like it, but she would pretend not to see it. Anyway, it was just a like. If it was a comment, she would have to reply, but there was no need to like it.

Now she suddenly saw Luo Juntian, and she was quite embarrassed. After all, she was a member of the crew. After she joined the crew, apart from saying hello at the beginning, she didn’t say anything else. It felt too cold.

Luo Juntian didn’t seem to feel Gu Yuan’s discomfort at all, and walked up: “Miss Gu, are you here today to take makeup photos?”

Gu Yuan: “Well, yes.”

Luo Juntian: “Why don’t you put on makeup?”

Sister Hu next to her also knew Luo Juntian, and she immediately said respectfully: “Teacher Luo, we have to wait.”

Luo Juntian looked towards the dressing room and understood the situation immediately at first sight. He pondered for a moment: “I’m afraid it will take a long time for Lin Lu to finish her makeup. Well, let Miss Gu use my makeup artist first.”

As soon as these words came out, the assistant next to Luo Juntian was confused. The two assistants looked at each other and did not dare to say a word.

It was Miss Gu again, this was so strange! They knew very well what kind of character their brother Tian had. He seemed gentle to everyone, but he was also very alienated from everyone. It was obvious that the resources of the makeup artist were also a source of intrigue in the eyes of these celebrities. Over there, Lin Lu was secretly listening to the movement here.

The two assistants couldn’t believe that their brother Tian had been in the industry for so long. This simple trick could be seen at a glance. Since he could see it, why did he still participate in this kind of intrigue between female stars?

Wasn’t this a recipe for adding fuel to the fire?

When Lin Lu in the dressing room heard this, she frowned tightly and didn’t even hear the makeup artist’s instructions.

Luo Juntian was so kind to this Gu Yuan? What did it mean?

Was Luo Juntian being nice to her because she was the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”? Or was it because of Gu Yuan’s background?

But Luo Juntian usually came into contact with a lot of people with backgrounds, right? She had n’t seen him being so obviously biased before?

So he didn’t treat her differently before because the other person didn’t have enough background?

As for Sister Hu, she was so surprised that she didn’t know what to say.

Who didn’t know that although this Luo Juntian was a very gentle actor, he was actually not easy to get close to. Finally, the makeup artist he used only works for him and would never do makeup for others easily. As a result, today he actually offered to lend him to this new actress?

Now all the problems were really solved!

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