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Sister Hu quickly stepped forward and solemnly thanked Luo Juntian. Luo Juntian asked his assistant to call his makeup artist and asked the makeup artist to communicate the specific details with Gu Yuan’s photographer.

As they were communicating over there, Gu Yuan was naturally feeling unexpected. Although she didn’t quite understand, looking at Sister Hu’s behaviour, Luo Juntian seemed to have never loaned out his makeup artist.

Gu Yuan was really confused when she thought of how he had helped her before and how he had added her on WeChat.

He is so kind to me, but——, why? There must be a reason, right?

Looking at the almost perfect profile of Luo Juntian, she secretly thought, after all, he couldn’t have fallen in love with her at first sight, right?

This reason sounded incredible even when she thought about it.

Luo Juntian couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Gu Yuan’s head lowered and her brows furrowed as she tried to figure it out.

He raised his hand to signal the assistant to leave first, and then said: “Are you confused why I helped you?”

Gu Yuan nodded: “Well… yes.”

Luo Juntian: “What’s your guess?”

When he asked, she hesitated for a moment, then murmured in an embarrassed voice: “You, don’t mean anything to me. My family has said that I won’t be allowed to have a relationship, and I don’t have a relationship now. What’s more, although you are very handsome, I don’t have any feelings for you.”

This was indeed what she was saying. She didn’t know why. She obviously admired the actor’s style and found him very charming, but she just admired him without any extra thoughts.

After she said this, Luo Juntian was stunned for a moment, and then finally couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Yuan’s face turned red when he laughed, and she felt very sentimental: “Did I say it wrong? What’s the reason then?”

Luo Juntian looked at Gu Yuan, suppressed his smile, and said with a particularly gentle expression: “There is no reason, I just think that looking at you is very pleasing to the eye, you will be very popular, and it makes me feel that you are like an old friend I knew from before, and I can’t help but want to take care of you. Can you accept this reason?”

Gu Yuan was slightly startled and looked at Luo Juntian doubtfully. For a moment, she began to doubt in her heart, could this really be her son?

But it was obviously very rude to ask this.

He was a well-known actor, how could she have the nerve to ask him if he was her son with a shy face?

Luo Juntian seemed to have understood what Gu Yuan meant, and his voice became lighter and lighter: “My makeup artist should have already communicated with your photographer. You go over and prepare your makeup first.”

Gu Yuan looked over and saw that the makeup artist was ready. She thanked Luo Juntian and rushed over.

Luo Juntian’s royal makeup artist really had the hands to turn decay into magic. When Gu Yuan finished with her makeup, she looked at herself in the mirror and she simply didn’t recognize herself.

Gu Yuan’s facial features were very delicate and her bone structure was excellent. She usually had a girlish and pure temperament, but now after putting on makeup like this, she had transformed into a stubborn and beautiful ancient woman, full of classical flavour, soft and simple, and her eyes were full of the future world yearning.

The royal makeup artist was obviously very satisfied with his work: “Your face is the most perfect face I have ever seen. It has great plasticity. This makeup is my most satisfying work this year.”

Lin Lu next to her and the chief makeup artist who was doing Lin Lu’s makeup were also surprised when they saw Gu Yuan’s makeup.

Gu Yuan didn’t even need to change her costume. She just stood there and looked at them silently, and they felt that she had entered the play.

Lin Lu suddenly had doubts about life. Why would there be someone who didn’t need lines or eyes, but just stood there, and seemed to have enacted a drama?

Sister Hu was so happy that she was speechless. As an executive agent, she was busy with a trivial job and had to deal with the daily life of six or seven artists. But even though she was so busy, she still hoped that one of her actors would be promising, so she had better room for improvement.

Originally, she didn’t have high hopes for this new actress, and she even thought that she might be in the position because of her connections.

But now, seeing Gu Yuan after putting on makeup, she was completely convinced!

She was worthy of being the female lead in “The Legend of Xuanji” hand-picked by Director Ning. With this makeup alone, she had already won!

When Luo Juntian saw Gu Yuan’s makeup, a smile appeared in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

Gu Yuan thanked Luo Juntian and his royal makeup artist again, and then followed Sister Hu to find the photographer to take pictures.

The photographer was obviously very satisfied with the makeup and worked hard to take the most satisfactory photos.

After taking the photos, Luo Juntian was still there, and Gu Yuan went over to greet him. Luo Juntian asked Gu Yuan how she would be going back. Gu Yuan had already asked her family driver to pick her up, and she originally planned to take a taxi back.

When Luo Juntian heard this, he wanted to give a lift to her, but of course she quickly refused.

Her persona in the eyes of others was that of a nobody, and she was afraid of scaring everyone if they got to know that she lived in such a luxurious mansion.

Luo Juntian smiled when he saw her like this, but didn’t say anything. He just said that he would accompany her to wait for the taxi so that they could discuss the script.

Gu Yuan remembered that she really didn’t understand the script thoroughly enough, thinking that since he was the best actor, it would be good to ask for advice.

So Gu Yuan booked a taxi online, and Luo Juntian personally accompanied her downstairs to wait. Gu Yuan quickly asked for advice on the script and asked her questions. Luo Juntian then told Gu Yuan his opinions. She had to say that Luo Juntian was indeed worthy of being a movie king. With his suggestions, Gu Yuan suddenly felt enlightened.

Just as they were talking, Gu Yuan saw a particularly eye-catching car not far away.

She didn’t know it before, but now she understood that this car was a global limited edition, a luxury car worth more than 40 million.

Except for her coquettish son Nie Yu, it was estimated that no one in the capital drove this car.

Gu Yuan hurriedly found a reason to say goodbye to Luo Juntian, cancelled the online car-hailing service, and compensated the car owner with a red envelope before hurried over to her son’s car.

After getting in the car, Nie Yu raised his eyebrows and looked coldly at Luo Juntian, who was still standing not far away: “What was that boy talking to you just now? You had a good chat?”

Nie Yu came to pick up his mother this time, not only because he wanted to pick her up, but also because he was entrusted by Ji Qisen.

Obviously Ji Qisen also felt that there was something wrong with this actor who came out halfway.

Gu Yuan naturally didn’t expect his son’s thoughts, and just nodded: “I just asked him about the script, and he analyzed it for me. I really admire him. He is worthy of being the best actor. His insights into the script and his analysis of the characters are very thorough. After he explained it, I was really enlightened.”

Nie Yu: “Oh, so awesome.”

Haha, he had countless stars under his banner, and they were much better than that Luo Juntian, right?

Gu Yuan: “And he is so kind. He even gave me his royal makeup artist today!”

When Nie Yu heard this, alarm bells rang in his heart. He quickly asked what was going on, and Gu Yuan told him everything about today.

After Nie Yu finished listening, he was silent for a long time, and finally held the steering wheel with a serious face: “Mom, have you heard of this sentence?”

Gu Yuan: “Huh?”

Nie Yu: “To show courtesy for nothing is to be either an adulterer or a thief.”

Gu Yuan: “…No, I don’t think he is that kind of person. I even suspect that he may also be my son, because I heard from people at the research institute that among my five sons, the eldest is already twenty-four years old, it seems to match the age of this actor.”

Nie Yu was stunned.

He looked at Gu Yuan in disbelief.

How can you do this?

That actor Luo Juntian might also be his mother’s son, and even the eldest son?

In other words, if this son emerged from nowhere, then he would not even be the second oldest child, but could only be ranked third?


All the cells in Nie Yu’s body made a sound of rejection: “Mom, it’s absolutely impossible. Think about what kind of people your two sons are, and what kind of person Luo Juntian is. That person is covered in black stuff, does it seem like he could be your son?”

Gu Yuan looked at her son in surprise. She didn’t understand why her son said that?

That Luo Juntian didn’t seem to have any dirty information. He had very good reviews online, but the one in front of her, on the other hand, had nineteen ex-girlfriends, molested his own mother, and beat his own brother…

Gu Yuan coughed lightly: “I’ll ask your brother later. He’s helping me check the whereabouts of your other brothers. I called the doctor at the institute two days ago, but no one answered. I don’t know if he is out for a meeting, I’ll try again tonight.”

Nie Yu: “…”

How many other brothers? Nie Yu seemed to see three new forces vying for favour in front of his mother.

He won’t allow it!

Nie Yu took a deep breath and smiled: “Then let Ji Qisen check.”

Gu Yuan glanced at him: “Shouldn’t you call him brother?”

Nie Yu gritted his teeth: “Yes, brother, I mean let him check.”

Haha…, this brother could be called as long as he wanted, but he didn’t want other brothers! He couldn’t stand it anymore!

So after Nie Yu sent Gu Yuan home, he immediately made a phone call. After a fierce operation, the last call was made directly to Ji Qisen: “That Luo Juntian, I am very sure now that he is interested in our mother. There is an agenda and ulterior motives.”

As he said that, he told everything about how Luo Juntian was attentive to his mother today. Of course, he only missed the part about “mother suspected that Luo Juntian was her eldest son”, and even used some exaggerated and provocative words.

Ji Qisen: “I understand.”

Nie Yu: “What are you going to do?”

Ji Qisen: “What do you think?”

Nie Yu: “…”

Hahaha…, very good, he knew that Ji Qisen’s mobility was strong and he could start taking action!

But before that, Nie Yu began to wonder, should he prepare a special set of photographers and makeup artists for his mother?

After taking the makeup photos, there was still some time before the shooting would start, so Gu Yuan could focus more on her school courses. At this time, the promotional photos had come out, and the publicity department finalized two photos, one of Gu Yuan’s back and the other of the front.

The backside photo was first released on the Internet. It was a woman wearing an antique skirt standing under the palace wall. The picture was black and white. Only the big red lantern on the eaves and the woman’s dress were bright in color, creating a mysterious atmosphere and a sense of history.

When this photo was released, the accompanying text was: “The heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”.”

Just five simple words, and the Internet instantly exploded.

You must know that “The Legend of Xuanji” was this year’s most important project created by Xingying Entertainment with a lot of money. It also starred the actor Luo Juntian, who had hundreds of millions of fans. There had even been a huge audition before.

After so many choices, what kind of actress did the director choose?

If the female lead had already whetted everyone’s appetite before, now, this back view had made everyone even more curious.

Seen from the back, the woman had a graceful figure with a graceful bun, her hair flowed down her graceful body, and her hair brushed past her slender waist. Her temperament was gentle and subtle yet classically elegant, like a beauty who came from ancient times. The old black and white pictures carried a strong sense of historical heaviness, and once again told a distant and touching story.

As soon as this photo came out, it was immediately forwarded by various influencers, and netizens commented enthusiastically. The hot search rankings instantly soared, and it was ranked first in an instant.

I’m a fan of this back view.

It’s so beautiful, this is a walking 5a-level scenic spot!!!

Oh my God, this back view is so beautiful.

So beautiful, this back view makes me want to commit a crime.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, from where did the fairy sister come, please take the front!

In the midst of a group of wailing and crying voices, some people began to wonder.

Has anyone noticed that this back gives people a familiar feeling?

You are not alone. I feel like I have seen it before.

It’s impossible. “The Legend of Xuanji” is such a big production, how could it use old pictures? With such a beautiful film, there’s no way I wouldn’t know about it.

Amidst the doubts of a group of people, a photo finally caused an uproar in the repost.

This was an old TV series promotional photo. Because it was too old, the pixels looked a bit blurry now.

In the promotional photo for the TV series, there was a woman wearing a cheongsam, standing on the eaves of the corridor, with a graceful figure. There was a hint of sadness in the whole picture.

The styles of the two photos were very different, and the backgrounds were also different, but the back figures were so similar that it felt like they were the same person.

And this photo was from twenty-five years ago.

Twenty-five years ago, this still was used in the initial promotion of “The Love of Heaven”, and the show became a huge hit after that.

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