TMCF Ch. 3

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“Okay, come down quickly, see if your elder brother is tired.” Xu Mingzhen smiled and said, “We should go too.” Tan Jinqi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he really couldn’t hold Tan Mo.

He quickly put down Tan Mo, his hands were shaking.

Tan Mo looked up at Tan Jinqi: “Brother, are you tired?”

Tan Jinqi hid his trembling hands behind his back and forced a smile: “Not tired.”

Tan Jinyi said: “I really envy Big Brother, who can hug Momo like this for a long time.”

Tan Jinyi: “I’m envious of big brother!”

Tan Jinqi clenched his hands hidden behind his back, and his waist straightened even more!

Xu Mingzhen brought Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to Wei Keli’s house.

As soon as Li Xiangrong saw Tan Mo, she held her in her arms and kissed her twice: “Our little Momo is really getting more and more beautiful, I haven’t seen her for so long, did you miss me?”

“Yes.” Tan Mo pouted her mouth.

Li Xiangrong immediately understood, and stretched out her side face, Tan Mo immediately kissed Li Xiangrong’s cheek.

“Momo.” Wei Keli looked at Tan Mo anxiously, his face full of joy.

Tan Mo looked at the 10-year-old boy in front of her. Now he was really good to her, and he had never done anything to be sorry to her or bully her.

“Brother Keli.” Tan Mo smiled and called softly.

Tan Mo thought, now she wouldn’t cheat him in advance.

As long as Wei Keli treated her well, then she would still play with him.

But if Wei Keli was sorry for her, then don’t blame her for being rude.

However, it was impossible for her to like Wei Keli.

“This is—” Li Xiangrong noticed Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen introduced with a smile: “This is my niece, Yuan Keqing. She came to play with Momo at home today. Unfortunately, didn’t we make an appointment to come over? We can’t let her go for nothing, so I just brought her here with us.”

Li Xiangrong didn’t care, since she was her best friend’s niece, she was also like her own niece.

Li Xiangrong then told Wei Keli: “Take your two younger sisters to play, and take good care of your younger sisters.”

Wei Keli agreed, and led Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to play.

“You are Momo’s younger sister, so you are my younger sister.” Wei Keli said softly, “Don’t be restrained, just tell me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, brother Keli.” Just after finishing speaking, Yuan Keqing said looking at Tan Mo cautiously, and asked, “Can I call you that too? Can I call you brother Keli?”

Wei Keli looked down at the timid little girl in front of him, with watery deer eyes who was cautiously looking like a deer who had strayed into a dangerous jungle.

After Yuan Keqing finished speaking, she suddenly glanced at Tan Mo, lowered her head as if startled, shook her head and said, “It’s okay, pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Yuan Keqing raised her head again, and smiled timidly at Wei Keli.

Wei Keli looked at Tan Mo in surprise, did Tan Mo bully Yuan Keqing?

Otherwise, Yuan Keqing wouldn’t be so afraid of Tan Mo.

But looking at Tan Mo’s innocent little face, it didn’t look like it.

But this still aroused Wei Keli’s desire to protect, so he said to Yuan Keqing: “Of course, I have already said that you are also my sister. You are like Momo, you can call me brother Keli.”

Yuan Keqing nodded flatteredly: “Brother Keli.”

After calling, she smiled cautiously at Wei Keli.

Wei Keli felt more pity for this well-behaved and timid younger sister.

“By the way, last time I went out to play, I passed by a store and found this Barbie afternoon tea set.” While talking, Wei Keli took out a box from the cabinet, which hadn’t been unpacked yet.

Inside was exquisite afternoon tea tableware, ranging from cups, saucers, teapots, to dessert tower plates.

“In addition to the previous vacation house, it happens to be able to be combined to play house games.” Wei Keli took out the holiday house as he spoke, “It just so happens that my sister is here, and the two of you can play house games. I can be the housekeeper.”

“Okay!” Yuan Keqing clapped her hands.

They waited for the toys to be laid out on the carpet.

Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing were sitting opposite each other, and there was a blond-haired doll and a black-haired doll in front of them.

Yuan Keqing took a fancy to the blonde doll at a glance, and quickly reached out to grab the blonde doll.

Unexpectedly, when she was about to reach out for it, Wei Keli took the blond doll away a step faster and handed it to Tan Mo: “Momo, here, this is your favourite Princess Lily.”

Princess Lily was the name Tan Mo gave to the blond doll.

“Thank you, brother Keli.” Tan Mo took over the doll, and saw Yuan Keqing’s eyes fixed on her blonde doll.

Yuan Keqing looked at the black-haired doll in her hand, and then at the blond-haired doll in Tan Mo’s hand, and felt that the blond-haired doll looked even more beautiful.

It had always been like this, even at home, everyone gave the best to Tan Mo first, and let Tan Mo choose first.

Yuan Keqing lowered her head, feeling a rage in her heart that made her want to tear the doll’s black hair off.

When she raised her head again, Yuan Keqing showed a pitiful expression again: “Cousin, can you give me the blonde doll to play with? I like this blonde doll.” Before Tan Mo had time to speak.

“Brother Keli…” Yuan Keqing looked at Wei Keli pitifully.

“Momo, you are the elder sister, why don’t you exchange your doll with Keqing?” Wei Keli wanted to say, Yuan Keqing was relatively young, so Tan Mo should give way more.

Tan Mo sneered in her heart, from now on, Wei Keli was dead to her!

Tan Mo looked calm and indifferent, and said crisply: “Okay.”

Facing Yuan Keqing’s surprised expression, Tan Mo smiled and said: “You are my younger sister, so I can let you go. But it’s a pity, you can’t just ask people for things just because you are young. Not everyone will agree. I can let you take it.”

Tan Mo said this while handing the doll out.

Yuan Keqing clenched her molars tightly, wanting to cry.

It was said that she asked people for things casually. Was she a beggar?

Looking at Wei Keli again, he actually looked at Tan Mo with a look of relief.

“Here, here you go.” Tan Mo said generously.

Yuan Keqing lowered her head, and slowly reached out her hand as if she had been wronged, as if she was forced by Tan Mo to take the doll.

But when talking about Tan Mo’s hand, Yuan Keqing’s hand suddenly tilted imperceptibly, and the doll fell to the ground.

It looked as if Tan Mo deliberately threw the doll on the ground to humiliate Yuan Keqing.

“Momo, why did you throw the doll away?” Wei Keli was anxious, he thought Tan Mo threw it away on purpose.

Tan Mo ignored him and looked at Yuan Keqing without any panic.

Tan Mo didn’t play tricks like this even a thousand years ago.

Back then, she was the one who won the master’s favour by virtue of her superb tea art skills.

She didn’t pay attention to Yuan Keqing’s low-level methods.

“Brother Keli, don’t get her wrong. My cousin definitely didn’t throw it away on purpose. If I had been quicker, I would have caught it.” Yuan Keqing waved her hand in a hurry, “Besides, this doll wasn’t mine in the first place. My cousin is willing to throw it away rather than give it to me, so it’s already good.”

Wei Keli frowned, and now he became more certain that Tan Mo deliberately threw it away because she didn’t want to give it to her.

Tan Mo quietly watched Yuan Keqing finish her performance, and was about to speak.

“Obviously you didn’t catch it on purpose.” A stern young voice came.

Tan Mo turned her head to look in surprise, and saw a young man standing at the door, who looked a bit like Wei Keli, but was much prettier than Wei Keli.

It should be said that even if Wei Keli drove a Lamborghini in his life, he couldn’t catch up with the kind of good-looking.

“Uncle.” Wei Keli quickly stood up.

The only person who could be called uncle by Wei Keli was Wei Zhiqian.

The heir of the Wei family, the next head of the family.

Tan Mo heard from his parents that Wei Zhiqian was now 15 years old, only 5 years older than Wei Keli.

But Wei Keli was in awe of him.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t bother to talk to a fool like Wei Keli, he went directly to Tan Mo’s side, squatted down and hugged her modestly in his arms.

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