RCFS Ch. 237

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Mo Yuxiang wandered back and forth in the classroom, because he was too old, so the students tried their best to block him when they saw him coming.

“Look what’s wrong?”

Mo Yuxiang stretched his neck: “You’re so stingy, why don’t you let me see?”

“Who knows if you came to steal our idea!”

“That’s why the three of you couldn’t figure it out. Come and take a peek!”

“Don’t show it, let’s go, isn’t Ye Yunxi very powerful, do it yourself!”


Everyone didn’t want to show Mo Yuxiang, for fear of being caught by Ye Yunxi’s group, and them stealing their idea.

Although this thing was not for competition, it was still taken out for viewing. They didn’t want Ye Yunxi to make it better than their own!

Mo Yuxiang was so angry that he felt half dead, were all children like this now?

In a rage, Mo Yuxiang went back straight away, sat down and began to complain: “I say Yunxi, these kids are so annoying, they look down on us, who would copy theirs, who the hell are they!

“Copy ours, if you have the ability to make something powerful, you can kill us in seconds!”

“That’s it!”

Several students shouted, obviously looking down on them.

They really looked down on them, except for Ye Yunxi who was the number one scholar, these people had uneven studies, what could they do!

“Tired of living!” Qin Yuyi was annoyed, and was about to raise his fist, but was pulled back by Ye Yunxi: “It’s okay, I’ll just kill them in seconds.”

As she said, she handed over a picture that had already been drawn on the cardboard: “Cut it out according to my drawing.”

Ye Yunxi began to divide the work and explain: “Fang You, you and Mo Yuxiang will buy everything according to this list, Ren Qiao, you and Yiyi will cut it together.”

Several people looked at each other, Ye Yunxi looked determined now, Qin Yuyi couldn’t help asking: “President, what are you going to do?”

“A good thing that can crush all of them!”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth.

Hearing this, the eyes of a few people lit up, and then they looked at the students around them who were guarding against them like chickens and refusing to give a glance, and couldn’t help but roll their eyes: “It’s rare to see! What we do is absolutely crushing you guys!”

“You’re talking nonsense!”

“Yes, you’re talking nonsense, you’ll see the truth when you make it out!”

“It’s hell if you can do better than us!”

Amidst the clamour, Ye Yunxi rolled her eyelids lazily and smiled slightly: “Then what if what we do is better than you?”

A few students froze for a moment, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Better than us?”

Was it possible?

“What do you say!”

Ye Yunxi finished the last stroke calmly, and smiled: “I won’t make it difficult for you, if we do well, all of you can use the remaining cardboard to make a support fan. You have to come and cheer for Yehuang!”

“Okay! Come on, just go! Anyway, you can’t do anything good!”

With the stakes on, everyone became more motivated.

And Fang You and Mo Yuxiang also came with their things very quickly, and they worked even harder.

Look down on them?

Wait a while to make it, crush you all!

Haha, just thinking about it was so cool!

After a while, Mo Yuxiang and Fang You bought the things back. Ye Yunxi had already glued the cut cardboard together, and the handwork of other students was almost completed.

Qin Yuyi and the others suddenly became a little nervous.

What should she do, others seemed to be doing it faster than herself!

“President, come on!”

“Yunxi, come on!”

“What do we need to do?”

Ye Yunxi curled his lips and smiled calmly: “I want you to sit still and don’t be scared!”

Everyone couldn’t bear it. Stop laughing, president, can you be more crazy!

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