RCFS Ch. 238

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All the other students had finished, only Ye Yunxi was left, still working hard.

So, many people gathered around and laughed at them.

“Hey, aren’t you going to crush us?”

“That’s right, we haven’t done it yet, what a crush!”

“Will it be impossible to make it in the end!”

“Haha, that’s the bottom one, it’s time to be crushed by us!”

“Hey, can you say a few words less!”

Ren Qiao couldn’t help but angrily say.

“Why, you were the ones who said so arrogantly to crush us back then!”

“No, but, the thing made by Ye Yunxi looks familiar!”

She didn’t know who said it, but everyone looked over subconsciously. Ye Yunxi was actually not slow in doing it, but because this thing was much more complicated than what the whole class did, it took a lot of time. When the whole Yehuang club cooperated to the end, it was assembled, everyone’s eyes got bigger and bigger. They did know this thing, it was the one they had not only seen, but also played with!

“Damn, shit! She actually made this!”

“Claw machine! She actually made a claw machine!!”

When the last parts were assembled, everyone went crazy! It was a claw machine with a height of half a person. It was not big and needed to be placed on a table to play, but still it was also a claw machine! It was much better than the origami art, the little house, and the garden they made!

They all had no technological content, just put them together!

When she made it, it was a serious piece of equipment, a claw machine!


Ye Yunxi, do you have to be so awesome!

You can make claw machines out of paper shells!!

The whole class was blown up!

Ye Yunxi, it’s too powerful!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

The Awesomeness XP continued to rise, and the system was extremely excited.

Hahaha, there is nothing in this world that my host can’t do!

The claw machine is a piece of wool!!!

Ye Yunxi wiped the sweat off her head, took a deep breath, and turned her head with a smile: “How about it, is it enough to crush you?”

Was there even a need to ask?

The students looked depressed, this was more than enough, they had been properly crushed, okay?

“No, can you use this? It’s not just for looking good, is it?”

If you clamp the model of the claw machine, they will also make it!

Mobility was the real chapter!

“Want to know?”

Ye Yunxi chuckled, walked to the claw machine, and manipulated it skilfully.

Except that it was not made of metal and plastic, and had no lights, this claw machine was exactly the same as the one in the mall.

The gripper came down, picked up a doll, moved to the exit and dropped it, the doll rolled out of the machine and was caught by Ye Yunxi.

“Is it okay to move?”

Ye Yunxi smiled and asked.

Now, everyone was speechless!

What a joke!

This was a real claw machine! It was not just a good-looking vase at all!

Okay, okay, Ye Yunxi, you are amazing!!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP + 10 + 10 +…

Awesomeness XP continued to explode, and everyone was completely convinced of Ye Yunxi.

There was no one who actually made a moving claw machine by hand. This would definitely become the biggest legend in the history of Junyao!

You are great!

Hey, I’m really stuck.

Why didn’t they compare to the time when they accused Yunxi before?

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