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Half an hour later, the agent received a call from his subordinate, saying that he had found a lot of opioids in Minister Qiao’s house. Should not be a short-term addiction.

Out of an abundance of caution, the men checked her computer again, finding further evidence that she was buying opioids illegally.

In this way, all her anomalies today had been reasonably explained. Thinking about it, during the meeting, her drug addiction must have relapsed, which led to her ignorance towards the questions.

After another half an hour, the agent’s immediate boss personally called and asked him to send Minister Qiao to the hospital for recuperation. Although she had gone the wrong way, the country was not ready to abandon her.

Qiao Yanan lay nestled comfortably on the sofa, covered with the agent’s coat, with a cup of hot water on the coffee table beside her. Two nurses measured her temperature and blood pressure, and then watched over her anxiously.

In just over an hour, she climbed up from the bottom of her life.

248 said with lingering fear: “Host, the crisis has been lifted. When you go to the hospital, I will hack into the medical system and tamper with the test results for you.”

Qiao Yanan touted: “System, I know you are omnipotent.”

“No, I’m not. If I meet someone like Zhuang Li, I’ll be in trouble. I hope the host can remember this lesson and study hard in the future.” 248 persuaded earnestly.

“I see. Help me think about **** that Zhuang Li, I can’t tolerate him continuing to live!” Qiao Yanan said resentfully.

248 nodded with deep sympathy: “Host, I will find a way to get rid of Zhuang Li even without you telling me. He is our biggest obstacle.”

Xuan Ming, who was pushed to the next office by the bodyguard, almost smashed the coffee cup in his hand when he heard this conversation.

The agent recruited a group of professional nursing staff and carefully carried the “comatose” Minister Qiao onto a stretcher and sent her to the hospital.

Xuan Ming walked out of the office next door at the right time and said with a tough attitude: “I have decided to relieve Qiao Yanan from all positions in Haiming, the confidentiality agreement and the non-compete letter, and I will send someone to the hospital later.”

The agent showed a surprised expression, as if he thought his decision was unwise, then he instead thought of Mr. Zhuang whose scientific research level was far superior to Qiao Yanan, and nodded understandingly, “We will not interfere with Haiming Group’s decision-making.”

“The patent applied by Zhuang Li…”

The agent immediately covered everything: “The people above will approve it soon, and they will help him apply for a global patent. His security level is higher than yours, and we will send someone to protect him secretly. Dr. Zhao’s tragedy will never happen again.”

Regarding this promise, Xuan Ming just pouted sarcastically. Even a mentally handicapped like Qiao Yanan could play these so-called elites around, he really dared not pin his hopes on them.

But he didn’t say anything, just waved at the bodyguard in annoyance: “Throw away the sofa that Qiao Yanan lay on for me.”

The agent frowned at him, his face full of incomprehension and disapproval. It was just getting addicted to drugs because of too much pressure, he didn’t need to treat Minister Qiao like a **** of plague, right?

Xuan Ming put the half-smoked cigar between his fingertips and breathed out the smoke casually: “She sweat a lot, I think it’s dirty.”

Thinking of Qiao Yanan’s body twitching in cold sweat, the agent accepted this explanation.

When Qiao Yanan, who was lying on a mobile stretcher surrounded by people, heard this conversation, the resentment in her heart could no longer be suppressed.

“Xuan Ming, this dog man, I want to kill him!”

“He is protected by this world. If you kill him, the world consciousness will also kill us. Unless we take away his luck and make him an ordinary person. Don’t be impulsive, and plan carefully when you go back. We will have to start from scratch.”

“I’m so pissed, I’m really pissed! System, when Xuan Ming falls in love with me, I’m going to let him eat shit…”

More of her vicious words faded behind the elevator doors.

Xuan Ming looked coldly at the direction where these people disappeared and said to Sun Jingshu: “You log on to the company’s website, send out the news of Qiao Yanan’s dismissal, and then hang the photo of Xiao Curly on the position of the head of the R&D department.”

Sun Jingshu hesitated: “Will this make the United States notice Mr. Zhuang?”

“They won’t believe the strength of the Xiao curly. After all, his study experience in the United States can be found out. They won’t believe that I am willing to give up Qiao Yanan. In the shopping mall, the fake is true and the truth is false, the more open we are, the more Americans will think about it. While they can’t figure out our way, we can seize the opportunity to develop rapidly.”

Xuan Ming waved his hand with a firm attitude: “Go and release the news.”

Sun Jingshu immediately went to contact the public relations department.

Xuan Ming, surrounded by bodyguards, went to the R&D department to continue his lectures. When it was time to get off work, Zhuang Li turned off the projector and ended the day’s speech.

The engineers wanted to surround him with questions, but the lawyers brought by Xuan Ming called him next door and had him sign a non-disclosure agreement. Starting today, everyone present was a member of the 5G development team, and relevant technologies must not be leaked to the outside world.

Zhuang Li’s non-disclosure agreement was handed over by Xuan Ming himself, and the two stayed in a separate office, sitting face to face.

“Non-disclosure agreement will be discussed later,” Zhuang Li pressed his mobile phone over the folder with a slightly serious tone: “If President Xuan can’t meet my requirements, I will not take office in Haiming.”

“What’s your request?” Xuan Ming picked up Xiao Curly’s phone and looked at it, his eyebrows raising immediately.

This was a plan to build a private laboratory for Xiao Curly. The budget was about 1 billion, and it was US dollars. Every experimental equipment mentioned in it was the most advanced in the world, but it had nothing to do with the field of communication.

Except for the weird Xiao Curly, probably no one would make such excessive demands.

Xuan Ming stared at the phone and asked knowingly, “I remember Haiming is a communication company and has not set foot in the medical field. All the experimental equipment you want is medical or chemical. What are you going to do?”

Sitting so close, he couldn’t hear Xiao Curly’s voice at all. Only 7480 shouted in his head: “Host, you have closed your consciousness and refused to communicate with me. It seems that you are going to choose death!”

“Host, did you ask Xuan Ming to buy you these devices to get me out? Their technological level is too low, you will not succeed.”

“Host, stop struggling, it’s useless.”

“Host, it seems that you are not that smart either.”

“Host, you will die miserably.”

“Host, I will explode your head and swallow your soul!


Xuan Ming was struck by the noise and vicious threats.

However, Zhuang Li calmly nodded his temple and said frankly: “I want to borrow your funds to solve my little trouble. Of course, I will exchange it with you for something of the same value. What do you think of 6G technology??”

Has 6G been developed before 5G was launched? Xuan Ming was stunned.

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