RCFS Ch. 236

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Back home, Ye Junpo was still immersed in excitement.

“Yunxi, it’s all over now, haha, even the elder brother admires me so much, he said that we opened the door of this circle in one fell swoop! And it opened so smoothly! It’s like winning over the entertainment circle in this city. I did it again!! It’s amazing, it’s amazing! I thought it would be nice to meet a few people, but now it’s the whole circle!!”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

“By the way, how did you know that deputy bureau?”

Ye Junpo found it inconceivable, how did his daughter know such a powerful person?

“Oh, I helped report a bad guy.”

Was that all?

Ye Junpo thought it was incredible, but he was also very happy, hahaha, his daughter was his lucky star!

Big lucky star!

Ye Junpo happily went upstairs, leaving Ye Yunxi looking down at the tea cake in her hand.

“Longtuan Shenxue?”

Ye Jianxing’s voice was filled with untraceable excitement.

This was good tea!

The production of this precious tea was low, there was no market for it, and there was no market to sell it!

The little girl didn’t know where she got Longtuan Shengxue to honor him?

What a good girl!

Just as Ye Jianxing was about to reach out, Ye Yunxi put away the tea leaves: “Well, it’s for the people in the club.”

After speaking, she turned around and went upstairs, leaving Ye Jianxing in a mess in the wind.

Actually, it wasn’t for him to drink?

“Yunxi, Yunxi, I am your grandfather, and I am also the head of the Ye family!”

However, Ye Yunxi didn’t turn her head back, and went directly to her room to rest and sleep.

She still had to go to school, next week was the campus festival!

They were going to detonate the campus festival.

Seeing Ye Yunxi ignoring him so much, Mr. Ye was very sad.

But soon he was comforted by Ye Yunxi.

When he got up in the morning, Butler Wen handed over a mouthful of tea cake, which was obviously left after breaking open.

“Master, Miss Yunxi said, this thing is rare, if you have more, just take this one.”

Ye Jianxing rekindled his hope for life.

One bite would do! One bite was fine!

The tea cakes were about the size of a palm, which was quite a mouthful!

“Hurry up! Seal it up for me, don’t entertain guests, just drink it by yourself!”

Even the stern and selfless Patriarch couldn’t help being selfish in front of Longtuan Shengxue. This was the best tea, wasn’t it!

The old man was happy, and by the way contributed 20 Awesomeness XP to Ye Yunxi.

No way, he thought he couldn’t get it, but suddenly got it again, surprise, surprise!

This kid Yunxi was really good!

The campus festival was coming soon, and everyone was immersed in the preparations for the campus festival.

Each class had to decorate its own class and do handiwork for its own club.

Gao Shuying’s class bought a batch of cartons, thinking that everyone would brainstorm and do some interesting handicrafts to enrich the classroom.

Everyone was divided into groups, and Ye Yunxi and a few people from her club got together and got some cardboard by the way.

Mo Yuxiang didn’t like this very much.

He was a man, what kind of handiwork?

And the young master used to hold a knife, so he was not used to scissors!

So things were pushed towards Ye Yunxi, then Mo Yuxiang said: “I’ll go check on the enemy and see what they’re doing.”

After speaking, he ran away without a trace.

“Hey, why is this person like this?”

Fang You was speechless: “Goddess…Goddess…Goddess, just the two of us, what can we do? Will we be laughed at?”


Ye Yunxi picked up the cardboard and smiled: “Don’t worry, follow me, we are the only ones who will laugh at others!”

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