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Su Yu’s words were exactly what the servant wanted to hear, but he did not dare to show it too obviously, so he could only rub his hands and persuade him: “Why would Mr. Su want to leave here?? Mr. Li is very kind to you. You are the first person Mr. Li brought here.”

“Hmph, he completely ignored my wishes and forcibly imprisoned me here. Is this treating me well?” Su Yu snorted coldly, his tone full of resentment and unwillingness, “I am a person with my own thoughts, not a toy or a pet. Why does he lock me here? And treat me like that!”

At this point, Su Yu deliberately supported his waist, showing an expression of shame (mei) that could bear (xin) humiliation (man) and (yi) burden (zu): “Li Yuan is a complete pervert!”

Li Yuan, who was sitting in the office, thinking about who his lover would run away with and how he should catch him back, sneezed inexplicably. Could it be that A Yu missed him?

The servant glanced at Su Yu’s waist and felt a little sour for some reason: “Does Mr. Su really not like Mr. Li at all? Mr. Li is handsome and has a successful career. He is the president of a large company. Is Mr. Su really not moved at all?”

The servant’s words contained deep jealousy and unwillingness. If Mr. Li fell in love with him, he would definitely clean himself up and put himself on Mr. Li’s bed. It was a pity that he had been a servant here for two years, but Mr. Li didn’t even look at him.

Su Yu curled his lips and continued to express hatred: “Why should I be attracted to someone who r**es me? No matter how good his objective conditions are, no matter how handsome he is, no matter how successful his career is, he is still forcibly imprisoning me. I don’t like people who have s*x with me all night long! Do you know what he did to me last night? He even tied me up, and my hands were touched by him…”

“Su…Mr. Su…” The servant’s face turned green upon hearing this, and he quickly interrupted Su Yu’s restricted description, “So, Mr. Su really wants to leave here?”

“Of course.” Su Yu nodded firmly in cooperation.

The servant adjusted his mentality, and the expression on his face gradually became worried and struggling. Su Yu couldn’t bear to look at such fake acting skills, but after thinking about it, he still resisted exposing it, and said with a pitiful look: “If anyone can help me get out of here, I will be very grateful to him.”

The servant’s eyes lit up, but he pretended to be embarrassed and said: “I was actually very sad when I heard Mr. Su say this. I want to help you, but I am just a servant hired by Mr. Li. If I really do this, I will definitely be fired by Mr. Li.”

After hearing this, Su Yu was slightly stunned at first, and then his expression gradually became full of expectation. And with the underlying excitement, he said: “Yes, you are a servant here. You will definitely be able to pass the gate. As long as you are willing to help me, I can leave here smoothly!”

“But… I can’t…”

The servant shook his head in panic, but there was an obvious look of hesitation on his face. It seemed that he wanted to help Su Yu, but he was also worried that he would be punished for this matter, which seemed particularly contradictory.

Su Yu didn’t care about that and went directly to him and said eagerly: “Please help me, last night, I almost couldn’t stand it anymore. If it happens a few more times, my life may be on the line. And I really hate that self-righteous guy Li Yuan. Even if I die, I will never be with him. Do you really have the heart to make me suffer like this?”

Li Yuan who had left the office secretly, in order to catch X, sneezed again. Could it be that his lover missed him again?

After being begged by Su Yu, the servant’s attitude wavered a little: “I really want to help you, but if Mr. Li really knows about this matter…”

“Don’t worry, the servants of the Li family are here again. You’re not the only one. As long as you and I don’t tell, it’s impossible for Li Yuan to know who let me go. You’ve helped me so much, and there’s no way I’ll betray you!” That’s weird, Su Yu said it with such guarantee.

The servant pretended to hesitate for a while, and then made up his mind: “Okay, since you are so pitiful, I will help you this time.”

“Thank you so much!” Su Yu thanked him happily.

“But I have to go back to the room to get ready first. You can wait for me here for a while.” The servant thought for a while, got up and prepared to go back to the room.

Of course Su Yu knew what he was going to do when he went back to his room, but he didn’t ask much. He just waited patiently in the living room. About ten minutes later, the servant came back.

“Are you ready?” Su Yu asked eagerly as he stood up from the sofa.

The servant nodded, as if he was worried about arousing Su Yu’s suspicion, and did not dare to act too eagerly, but the light in his eyes was too obvious: “I will send you away right now.”

After saying that, he tiptoed out first.

However, in Su Yu’s view, his actions were simply eye-catching. Li Yuan was not at home, what were you doing acting with such caution?

Su Yu wiped his face, followed the servant helplessly, and successfully walked out of the villa door.

“Thanks to you, I was able to escape. Thank you so much!” Su Yu thanked him excitedly. Thinking about the drama of someone catching someone that was about to take place later, his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

The servant also looked relieved: “I also feel that Mr. Su is too pitiful, so I can’t help but help you. Then I can only help you up to this point. Mr. Su will have to walk the rest of the way alone. Yes, you must take care of yourself!”

“Don’t worry, I will do it, and you must take care of yourself too!” Su Yu nodded seriously, then turned around and left coolly.

As they left, Su Yu did not forget to send a message to Li Yuan: “The elopement is ready. Please be ready to respond at any time. Please reply when you receive this message.”

Half a minute later, Li Yuan said: “…the coordination work has been fully done. Get ready, the forced play is about to start, please be physically prepared.”

Su Yu: “…As a professional, I have to remind you that the most important thing in the forced play is acting.”

Li Yuan: “Physique and acting are indispensable, in other words, I hope you can maintain your excellent acting skills under the touch of love.”

Su Yu: “…Goodbye!”

Qin Xing’s people were very mobile. Su Yu just left the villa area when he was surrounded by several men in black.

Su Yu looked at the few people with fear, and said in a tone of not fearing death: “Who are you? Did Li Yuan send you here? I’m telling you, even if I die, I will not go back to Li Yuan!”

The four men who didn’t know who Li Yuan was: “…”

“Stop talking nonsense and come with us!” The leading man was the first to react.

“You are not sent by Li Yuan?” Su Yu’s expression gradually changed from vigilance to suspicion, “If you are not sent by Li Yuan, I will go with you.”

The four men who did not expect that things would go so smoothly: “…”

“We are not sent by Li Yuan.” The leading man almost didn’t know what expression to put on.

Su Yu nodded happily: “Then I’ll go with you.”

It wasn’t until Su Yu followed them into the car that a few people came back to their senses. When did the task of robbing people become so simple?

Su Yu followed the four men to a hotel. It seemed that the environment was not bad. After going to the tenth floor, the four men took Su Yu to the door of a luxurious suite.

Su Yu blinked: “Are we going to stay here tonight? But I don’t have any money with me now, so I can’t afford to stay in this kind of hotel.”

The four men squeezed Su Yu at the door of the room: “Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and get in!”

Su Yu didn’t resist, shrugged helplessly, opened the door and walked in.

As soon as he entered the room, Su Yu heard the sound of water rushing from the bathroom. He didn’t even close the door while taking a shower, wasn’t he afraid of hurting other people’s eyes.

Su Yu didn’t have a habit of spying on others taking baths. The “others” here included everyone except Li Yuan, so he went directly to the sofa in the living room and sat down and continued to send messages and talk about love with his old friend.

Su Yu: “I’m already in the hotel, and that person is taking a shower. Do you want me to peep in on him?”

Li Yuan: “Besides me, do you want to peep on other people? Qin Xing has already contacted me. I will be there soon.”

Although he was just sending a message, Su Yu still felt that Li Yuan’s tone was a bit unpleasant, but he was very willing to continue to commit suicide: “How about I take a look first, maybe I will be interested?”

This time Li Yuan didn’t send a message, but a phone call. Su Yu was afraid of disturbing someone who was taking a shower, so he hung up the phone quickly and continued to send messages with a smile: “So you have to hurry up, otherwise if I accidentally saw something I shouldn’t have seen, you can’t blame me.”

Li Yuan quickly replied: “Little goblin, you don’t think about getting out of bed tomorrow!”

Su Yu smiled and put away the phone.

About five minutes later, the sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped. After another three minutes, a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance and a round figure walked out of the bathroom. When he saw Su Yu sitting on the sofa, he immediately walked over in a hurry.

After looking at Su Yu, the short, fat and ugly man said with green eyes: “You look pretty good, are you a virgin?”

Su Yu rolled his eyes: “That wasn’t the case hundreds of years ago.”

“Is that right? It doesn’t matter, as long as you taste good, I can let it go.” The man’s mouth was almost drooling.

Since the man who had just taken a shower had simply put on a bath towel, Su Yu’s eyes didn’t even fall on him: “As long as it’s someone I like, I’m usually quite relaxed, but this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.”

“You look pretty hot-tempered. I like people like this.” The man drooled and tried to come closer, but as soon as he raised his feet, he fell to the ground with a thud and was chewed by a dog.

Immediately afterwards, the door of the luxury suite was kicked open by someone from the outside. Li Yuan strode in with the momentum of clinging to the bed. He saw his lover sitting quietly on the sofa, with someone lying on the ground next to him. Such an embarrassing picture of an elegant man.

The next moment, the sweet and quiet lover jumped up from the sofa and ran to the bedroom on the back of the man on the ground: “Li Yuan, I will never go back with you!”

Li Yuan: “…”

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