KHSW Ch. 340

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But before Ling Xi said anything, the two puppies at home came to ruin the atmosphere, and immediately jumped into the roses and rolled around.

Everything happened so unexpectedly that Xu Yizhi’s face darkened and he almost melted into the dark night.

“Okay, hubby, don’t be angry, I like the roses you gave me very much!”

Xu Yizhi remained silent and stared at “Nian Nian” and “Yue Yue” angrily.

“Woof woof——”


“Dad, ‘Nian Nian’ and ‘Yue Yue’ also like roses very much! They didn’t do it on purpose.”

Xu Yizhi’s expression remained unchanged. He finally came up with this trick to please Ling Xi, but it was ruined by these two dogs.

Ling Xi quickly said: “Xiao Nuo, take them both to bed first.”

After Xiao Nuo took them away, Ling Xi looked at the messy roses on the ground and couldn’t help but laugh, “Honey, can I tell you a story?”

Xu Yizhi remained silent.

“In ancient Greece, it is said that Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess in the world. Even Zeus, the king of gods, fell in love with her, but Aphrodite fell in love with a beautiful boy, so Zeus turned love into hatred, making Aphrodite and the ugliest girl, and then married her to The God of Fire. One day, the beautiful boy went out hunting, but was seriously injured and bleeding. The Goddess of Love went to the mountain to save him but did not arrive in time. The stones and thorns she passed by scratched her feet. On the hand, blood dripped all the way, and clusters of bright red and beautiful red roses bloomed all the way behind her.”

“Red roses symbolize undying love, and this pink rose symbolizes first love. Husband, I understand what you mean.”

Xu Yizhi’s heart gradually softened.

With a hint of cunning in her eyes, Ling Xi picked up a red rose from the ground, walked over slowly, took Xu Yizhi’s hand, and put the rose into his palm, “This first one, you are mine, only.”

Xu Yizhi’s heart trembled.

Then she picked up a large handful from the ground, walked to Xu Yizhi, took out one, and stretched out his hand, “The second one means that there are only you and me in the world!”

Xu Yizhi was already overwhelmed by her words. Although he also knew these flowery words, when they came from Ling Xi’s mouth, he felt that they were particularly beautiful and he couldn’t get enough of them.

“The third flower, “I Love You”; The fourth flower… I promise to only love you; The fifth flower, I will not regret marrying you; The sixth flower, I will love you wholeheartedly; The tenth flower, I will protect you in this life.”

The gloom on Xu Yizhi’s face had long since disappeared, and there was only a smile on his lips. It was a pity that Ling Xi couldn’t see how seductive his expression was when he smiled.

Although Ling Xi couldn’t see Xu Yizhi’s look clearly in her eyes, she knew that he was in a good mood at this time.

This was the charm of roses…

Xu Yizhi already had a bunch of roses in his arms, and then he stood up and stuffed them all into Ling Xi’s arms. Ling Xi looked at him doubtfully, did he not like her way of expressing her love?

Although he bought these roses.

After they looked at each other quietly for five seconds, Xu Yizhi took her into his arms and fell down with her on the sofa. Worried that his weight would crush Ling Xi, he let Ling Xi lie on top of him.

“Ouch!” Ling Xi exclaimed. Just when she raised her head and wanted to ask “What do you want to do?”, Xu Yizhi captured her lips. Ling Xi only felt a moist feeling on her lips.

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