KHSW Ch. 339

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Hearing what Yang Huilin said, Ou Mengxue began to wonder, could it be Wang Suping who did something?

“Aunt Lin, please continue.”

“A Bin questioned me and asked me why I did that to his child. I was confused at the time and had no idea what he meant. I only learned about it from the servant afterwards. At that time, I felt like I was going crazy. He was yelling and swearing, and he said that I pushed Wang Suping to the ground and tried to strangle her child to death, and that scene happened to be seen by A Bin, so I couldn’t defend myself.”

“Aunt Lin, can you still recall what was strange about that time?”

Yang Huilin closed her eyes. Although it was more than twenty years ago, the impression left on her was too deep. “When I poured water for Wang Suping, I also poured a cup for myself. After that, I also went to the toilet once.”

Ou Mengxue understood now, “Maybe my mother-in-law put some hallucinogenic drugs in your water glass, Aunt Lin.”

Yang Huilin slowly opened her eyes. When she told Ling Xi about this, Ling Xi said the same thing, but she had no evidence, so she asked her to spend a lot of time on Ou Mengxue and Wang Suping.

But Ling Xi didn’t let her tell Jingyu about this matter.

“Well, that’s right. After that, A Bin began to alienate me. Perhaps after comparison, he felt that Wang Suping was gentler and more virtuous! Later, the same thing happened again. At that time, I had just given birth. Jingyu was in the hospital for confinement, but Wang Suping brought her baby. I was really angry at that time, so I told her to get out, and I didn’t need her to come and see me pretentiously. But I didn’t expect that she would almost threw her child off a tall building with her trick. No matter how jealous I was, I would never do such a cruel thing.”

Ou Mengxue finally understood why Wang Suping was so afraid of the media investigating her affairs.

It turned out there really was such an interesting story behind her.

“Aunt Lin, don’t worry. The only person in this family who treats me well is you. Your matters are my matters. I will definitely help you expose this matter.”

A trace of worry appeared on Yang Huilin’s face, “But Wang Suping is your mother-in-law after all. If Wang Suping knew, she might do something to you.”

Hearing that Yang Huilin was thinking about her so much, Ou Mengxue trusted her even more, “Don’t worry, Aunt Lin. To be honest, I would rather want you to be Jiayang’s mother and my mother-in-law.”

When Ling Xi and Xiao Nuo returned home, the night was getting dark.

Seeing the darkness in the room, Ling Xi asked doubtfully: “Huh? Could it be that he went out?”

When she opened the door and walked in, she pressed the light switch, but it was still dark.

“Mom, is there a power outage?”

“Probably not. There should be no power outage in our villa! And why is the fragrance of roses in this house so strong?”

When Ling Xi was about to turn on the “flashlight” function on her phone, there was light in the living room.

“Wow, mom, look, it’s so beautiful!”

She saw that the ground was filled with roses, and a long string of “pulled lanterns” were placed around the roses.

Ling Xi felt a little shocked when she saw a figure on the other side of the roses, “Yizhi?”

“Mrs. Xu, do you feel surprised?”

Hearing Yizhi’s voice, the corners of Ling Xi’s lips raised wildly.

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