MGSGW Ch. 274

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When the waiter opened the door to serve the food, Lin Mumu seemed to see a familiar figure. She didn’t know if it was an illusion.

“Dong…dong…dong.” There was a knock on the door of the private room.

Qiu Feng thought the waiter was coming to serve another dish, so he casually said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and a woman in black walked in. Her facial features were extremely delicate, and her tall figure gave her a toned and capable look.

Lin Mumu really knew this woman and was not very willing to see her—Noko Inoue from the Inoue family in Sakurajima Province.

“Mr. Yun, long time no see. Mr. Qiu, your magic arrow is very powerful, I admire you very much. Miss Lin, senior brother Yimu and I also enrolled in Yanda University to study Chinese culture this year. Please give us your advice in the future.” after saying that, Noko Inoue bowed politely.

This Sakurajima-style greeting with the utmost etiquette made people feel a little embarrassed to refuse.

The atmosphere was a little stagnant for a while.

Lin Mumu even lost the appetite to eat and just looked at Noko Inoue.

Noko Inoue had a very straightforward personality. She liked Yun Ting and had no intention of giving up, so her eyes stayed on Yun Ting with undisguised appreciation and possessiveness.

Lin Mumu rolled her eyes angrily: “I’m not the president of Yanda University. What does your admission into Yanda University have to do with me? We still have to eat. Miss Inoue, you can do it yourself.”

“Senior brother and I are just two people outside. There are no empty seats. Can we share a table with you? Please!” Noko Inoue said and bowed deeply.

She looked arrogant and rude before, but now she looked so humble and polite, it seemed really hard to refuse.

Yun Ting did not answer, but looked at Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu’s face was tense, and she took Yun Ting’s arm and declared her sovereignty with a face: “Miss Inoue, our Chinese culture is a little different from your Sakurajima nation. I am also quite straightforward. We don’t like to talk to strangers or share the same table with them, so I’m sorry.”

“Mr. Yun, can we really not be friendly?”

“We in China also have a culture: in private time, you have to listen to your wife.” Yun Ting gave Lin Mumu a fond look, continued to open the crab shell for Lin Mumu, and whispered: “Eat it while it’s hot, and ignore the irrelevant people. Xiao Jun, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“Yes!” Qiu Jun was sitting on pins and needles, taking glances from time to time. He glanced at An Xiaoqin and then peeked at Yun Ting, not thinking about eating at all.

Now that he had something to do, it alleviated his embarrassment, and it showed that he had the trust of his second brother. This feeling was completely different!

Qiu Jun left his seat, made an inviting gesture, and forcibly invited Miss Noko Inoue outside who refused to leave, and followed her out.

“Will he be okay?” Lin Mumu didn’t only have food on her mind, she was also worried about whether Qiu Jun could handle Noko Inoue.

Noko Inoue’s identity was sensitive, and if handled improperly, it would affect the diplomacy of the two countries.

“Don’t worry, he is the grandson of the Chairman, wouldn’t he even understand basic diplomatic etiquette? You are a top student at Yanda, and he is also a top student at BGI.” Maybe Yun Ting could speak so many words in one breath during non-working hours, Lin Mumu was the only one.

“I’m going to see him, that vixen! I’m afraid he won’t be able to control her.” An Xiaoqin couldn’t sit still anymore, stood up and walked out.

Lin Mumu stuck out her tongue at Yun Ting and continued to eat her crab.

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