KHSW Ch. 341

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The delicate and gentle kiss was like floating hair, tickling the tip of Ling Xi’s heart. Ling Xi seemed to be immersed in an endless sea, floating and sinking.

Xu Yizhi raised his head slightly and saw Ling Xi’s red lips that were as delicate as roses when he kissed her. He missed her even more. It seemed that he had not been exposed to “evil food” for a long time.

“Ling Xi, is it okay today?”

Ling Xi slowly opened her eyes, stared into his eyes for a long time, and finally nodded slowly in response to his expectations.

Xu Yizhi suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, no longer looked at those delicate roses, and slowly lifted Ling Xi’s body sideways.

The roses in Ling Xi’s arms were scattered on the ground one by one.

Xu Yizhi carried Ling Xi into their own bedroom and gently placed Ling Xi on the bed.

Xu Yizhi helped Ling Xi unbutton her dress, but he seemed a little hasty. In his haste, a few buttons were left unbuttoned.

Seeing him roaring in such a hurry, Ling Xi suddenly felt very shy. She didn’t know where to place her hands, so she could only nervously clench her hands into fists and place them gently on her sides.

Seeing that Ling Xi’s buttons couldn’t be unbuttoned, Xu Yizhi had no choice but to unbutton his own.

When he took off his sweater, Ling Xi was slightly startled. She seemed to be too nervous last time, so she didn’t pay attention to Yizhi’s muscles. Now that she looked at them, they were indeed very charming and powerful.

She remembered that before going to record “Blue Sky Dream”, Yizhi told her not to have too much contact with the male soldiers in the military camp, and not to look at them too much. When she came back to see him, she didn’t expect him to show off his body to her so quickly.

It seemed that after touching it once or twice, Ling Xi’s ears started to feel hot as soon as this thought came to her mind… No, even her face started to feel hot.

Now she just felt that her mouth was dry and she couldn’t think about anything.

God, how could she become like this now? She had completely become a pervert.

This was wrong…

The more Ling Xi controlled herself, the rosier her face became. Under the light, she looked particularly… charming.

Xu Yizhi noticed Ling Xi’s fiery gaze, leaned down and said seductively in her ear: “Does it look good?”

Ling Xi nodded involuntarily.

“Want to touch?”

The man’s coaxing was like a magical sound, lingering in Ling Xi’s ears.

Ling Xi seemed to be possessed, and couldn’t help but put her hands on it. The touch was exactly as she imagined, super powerful.

The skin was smooth and the meat felt comfortable. It actually reminded her of a tender steak… very chewy.

When the man saw that she actually licked her red lips with her lilac tongue, the string in his mind suddenly broke.

A little rudely, he turned the sweater on Ling Xi’s body from the bottom, interrupting Ling Xi’s touch and twist…

Ling Xi groaned a little dissatisfiedly, “Oh…get out of the way and don’t interrupt me.”

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly, but quickly took off Ling Xi’s sweater, only to see that she was still wearing a piece of thermal underwear.

Soon, there was only a small underwear left on Ling Xi’s body, and the man’s eyes became deeper and deeper…

Ling Xi could only look at Xu Yizhi’s strong and muscular muscles. Suddenly she felt cold, and then she lowered her head to look… Suddenly, her face turned red, she shyly pulled the quilt aside, and wrapped herself into a rice dumpling. An extremely plump meat dumpling.

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