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“Thank you for your concern. Although it was frightening, I was lucky enough to meet Yan Mu.” Lu Chengyu recognized that Mr. Mu was the mysterious man who had talked with him during the start-up ceremony of the “The Universe”. He understood in his heart that he was a big man, even if he really disagreed with Yan Mu being with a man, he would not use money to hit people like those romantic dramas. As for whether he would do anything else, Lu Chengyu believed that even if this old man really wanted to do something, even if he had a net worth of hundreds of billions, it was not enough for him to want to harm him. The reason why he could be so comfortable was also precisely because of the status of this old man, who could stand in such a high position, where he always paid attention to etiquette in his work, and thus was not the type to pressure someone to do what he wanted.

As long as the other party could be reasonable, he would not act unreasonably with them.

Elder Mu nodded, then glanced at the other juniors around him again, and said unhappily, “You’re fine, you all can go back.”

Several juniors wanted to stay and watch the excitement, but because the old man had already spoken, they had to leave the old house of the Mu family, even the two brothers Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong had to leave slowly.

After the few juniors left, only Lu Chengyu, Yan Mu, and Elder Mu were left in the spacious living room, and even the few helpers left the living room silently. Lu Chengyu put down the teacup very lightly, even though the living room was extremely silent, still there was no sound.

“The matter between you two is known all over the country. Have you ever thought about how you will live in the future?” It was Mr. Mu who spoke first. This time he looked at Yan Mu. Lu Chengyu didn’t know if it was his illusion but always felt that the emotions in Mr. Mu’s words were more worry than anger.

“Grandpa, I think it’s very good now,” Yan Mu was silent for a moment. “I live with Xiao Lu very comfortably. Except for him being the same gender, we are no different from everyone else.”

Father Mu listened. He sighed and didn’t ask about Yan Mu’s children or what would he do if the two separated in the future, but meditatively said: “You chose the road yourself, and I hope you won’t regret it.”

This seemed to be a compromise, but he didn’t seem to be optimistic about their relationship. Lu Chengyu saw that the old man really loved Yan Mu, his grandson, so he used this attitude to talk about this relationship that was not recognized by the mainstream society.

“Grandpa, we will live a good life, we will not make you worry.” Yan Mu got up and bowed to Mr. Mu. Lu Chengyu got up and walked to Yan Mu and stood there without speaking.

“Okay, our Mu family doesn’t need to do this,” Mr. Mu grinned reluctantly at Lu Chengyu, “If it wasn’t for this kid you found being reliable, I wouldn’t be rest assured to let you go this way.”

Lu Chengyu laughed when he heard the words, “Thank you, Grandpa Mu for the praise.”

The smile on the corners of his mouth was slightly stiff: “Thick skin is also one of your strengths.”

Lu Chengyu: “…”

Yan Mu coughed dryly, “Grandpa, you! You called us?” As a good partner, he needed to ease the atmosphere at this time.

“I asked you to come here because of this young man’s business,” Mr. Mu became serious. “First of all, I want to apologize for investigating your matter privately, but as a grandfather, even if this is not e right, I can only do this.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, “It’s okay. Maybe someone I know will investigate Brother Mu because of me. The two of us haven’t done anything shameful. It doesn’t matter whether you check it or not.”

The old man raised his eyebrows, nodded, and then pressed a small remote control on the coffee table. After a while, a young guard came in with a portfolio and placed it on the table in front of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu.

“When I was investigating, I found some interesting things. If you are interested, Xiao Lu, take it back and have a look,” Mr. Mu stood up and said, “This person is too old to stay up late. You will stay here tonight. I’ll go back to my room and rest.”

Yan Mu was going to help him back to the room. He waved his hand and said, “Go, I’m not yet old enough to need someone to help me to walk.” After walking for two steps, he suddenly remembered something, so he stopped and turned his head back to Lu Chengyu and said, “I heard that you have the habit of eating late-night snacks. There is a cook at home. Just ask him to cook what you like.”

Lu Chengyu twitched his mouth and smiled. This old man had investigated his habits very clearly. He even knew that he had a habit of snacking at night.

The helper took the two to the guest room. After the helper left, Lu Chengyu looked at the neatly packed double bed and touched his chin and said, “That’s it from your grandpa?”

“Didn’t grandpa tell you that there is a cook at home?” Yan Mu walked to the window and closed the curtains, “He treats you as his own family.”

“This is a little bit different from what I imagined. At any rate, there should be some threats or cold treatment. He just accepted it calmly, it doesn’t seem to be real enough.” Lu Chengyu opened the closet, which contained necessary clothing and pyjamas suitable for the two of them. “He prepared very intimately.”

Yan Mu walked to him and looked at the closet, then took out two sets of pyjamas. He came out and looked at the size. It was really the size of the two people’s usual pyjamas. He handed Lu Chengyu a set, “You go to take a bath, and if you want to have a supper, I’ll ask the cook to make it.” Lu Chengyu took over the pyjamas and checked the time. It was already ten o’clock in the night. He yawned, “If I eat too much, I won’t be able to sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Yan Mu put on slippers, turned and went downstairs. Lu Chengyu looked at the closed door, and glanced at the portfolio that he had put on the table. He smiled, and instead of opening it immediately, he turned and went to the bathroom.

After Yan Mu went downstairs and said to the cook what to make, he turned around and found Grandpa standing in the living room, paused, and then walked in front of Old Man Mu: “Grandpa, haven’t slept yet?”

“Asked someone to make a midnight snack?” Old Mu smiled. As he walked upstairs, Yan Mu followed.

“I remember you didn’t have the habit of eating midnight snacks before, because eating food at night is bad for your health,” Mr. Mu held on to the handrails of the stairs and turned to look at his always stalwart grandson.

“No, I just eat with him occasionally,” Yan Mu was a little embarrassed. “If he doesn’t eat at night, so he can’t sleep well.”

“Well, young people eat more and stay healthy,” Mr. Mu nodded. “Half of his ability to fight can be attributed to eating.”

Yan Mu: “…” He couldn’t help rubbing his nose, “Xiao Lu is also pretty good in other aspects.”

“I know,” Grandfather Mu sighed, “In fact, I really hoped he was a not-so-good young man, so at least I would have a reason to separate the two of you.” He had investigated Lu Chengyu’s files back and forth. He had done well since he was a child in the eyes of both teachers and classmates. A good student, even the neighbours were full of praise for him. There were no bad habits, he had a good character, strong working ability, economic acumen, and ability to deal with others better than ordinary people. He was considerate to himself. Such an excellent boy, let alone his grandson, anybody would want to grab him.

What’s more, it was his own grandson who was the first to provoke others. What position did he have as a grandfather to talk about? No matter how rich and powerful the Mu family was, that couldn’t act in an unjust manner.

Yan Mu was silent, and said: “Grandpa, don’t worry about me, I know what I want since I was a kid.”

Grandfather Mu stopped, and his expression became more complicated when he recalled those things that happened more than ten years ago. In the end he just said helplessly: “I know your temperament. From now on, you two will have a good time, and I will be relieved.” After finishing speaking, he continued to walk upstairs, walked two steps and turned back, “The things affecting the kid are related to the grievances of the previous generation. I will help you settle some things. As for the rest, it is up to you to solve them.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Yan Mu didn’t expect Grandpa to let go so easily. This time the incident did involve a lot of relationships. Grandpa was willing to take action, which greatly increased his confidence in controlling the situation.

“It’s not a big deal,” Mr. Mu waved his hand indifferently. “It’s just two families fighting over and grabbing innocent people. Xiao Lu’s parents were also implicated.”

Yan Mu frowned: “Implicated?”

“Well, haven’t you watched TV? When the bad guys do bad things, they are often accidentally discovered by passers-by. What was the end of passers-by in the end?” Mr. Mu said a bit disgustedly, “You are so uninteresting at a young age. Be careful that Xiao Lu does not dislike you for being boring.” After saying these words, Elder Mu swayed upstairs and with a stern and dazzling back.

Yan Mu sighed helplessly. There was nothing he could do about Grandpa’s behaviour like an old child. After returning to the room, he found that Lu Chengyu was already bathing in the bathroom. He glanced at the portfolio that had not moved on the table, and his expression relaxed slightly. He was worried about Lu Chengyu’s recklessness because of his parents, now it seemed that he was thinking too much.

After taking a shower, Lu Chengyu walked out of the bathroom and saw Yan Mu sitting while working on his computer. He leaned over to sit next to him and said, “Is this the new plan submitted from below?” Yan Mu sat aside and let Lu Chengyu sit down and see it more clearly, “Well, you see if something is wrong.”

Lu Chengyu wiped his hair and said, “This plan only pays attention to the three-dimensional life, but does not consider the Internet? Now, there are endless marketing methods in this area. Let’s not say that it accounts for half of the sales, but at least we can’t give up this one.”

“Well,” Yan Mu nodded, “I have already given the project to another person. This one is better at propaganda.”

“That’s pretty good,” Lu Chengyu yawned and tossed the towel used for wiping his hair aside. “When will the supper be ready?”

“It will be done soon.” Yan Mu closed the computer and wiped off his hair. Putting it aside, he took out the hair dryer to dry Lu Chengyu’s hair. There was a knock on the door. He put down the hair dryer, “Okay, get up.”

Lu Chengyu sat up and watched Yan Mu open the door and take the tray with some small wontons from the helper.

After eating the wontons, Lu Chengyu slowly brushed his teeth and washed his face. When the two lay on the bed, it was almost early in the morning.

Since this was not the place where they usually lived, the two of them did not do discordant exercises that night. When they woke up the next morning, they were faced with a large table of hearty breakfast. In addition to the presence of Mr. Mu, there were also Mu’s family’s brothers.

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