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This was a marriage for the sake of family name, and it had nothing to do with love.

The marriage of Chen Jun Xie’s boy and Longkang Huan’s girl was even more politically motivated. Therefore, the wedding was solemn and not very festive.

Huan Shi was very pleased with Xie Xuan. When Xie Xuan went out, and she saw him, she would throw sachets of flowers towards him[1]. When she heard the elders in the family say that they would marry her to Xie Xuan, God knew how happy she was.

However, the other party did not look happy. She seemed to be the only one looking forward to this wedding. The smiles on the faces of the bridegroom and the crowd of guests were all fake, as if they were wearing a mask.

Huan Shi looked around blankly, panic in her heart.

“Stop—” Chu Quan shouted to stop, dissatisfied: “Chang Ying, what is your expression? You are getting married, not dying.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Chang Ying apologized in a hurry.

Chu Quan sighed and stepped forward again to talk to Chang Ying.

There was no wedding scene during the audition, but instead Xie Xuan’s farewell scene before the expedition. The emotional agitation in that scene was stronger than that of the wedding, and Chang Ying’s expression was more in place. So, Chu Quan and the screenwriter decided on her to come play the role of Huan Shi.

They never thought that she would be stuck in the wedding scene for so long. This scene could be regarded as a big scene. A large group of people had accompanied her several times.

“Teachers, let’s take a break first.” The deputy director came over to help Lin Houzhong, because of kneeling and sitting for a long time, both his legs were numb.

Yu Siyang was okay. As the “groom”, he mainly stood, but he was still very happy to have a rest. He was also very tired after standing for a long time.

As soon as the disbandment was announced, Xue Chengxiu sent warm water to him very intimately. Tang Hang, who was robbed of his work, looked left and right, and decided to treat himself as the first passer-by who had entered the scene indiscriminately.

Chang Ying has been working hard in the entertainment industry for four or five years. The role of Huan Shi was the most important role she had won so far. She attached great importance to this role because she took it too seriously, it was too late for her to find the sense of drama.

Fortunately, Chu Quan was a clear stream in the director circle. If the actors performed poorly, he did not swear easily. He was very patient when talking to the actors. Several extra actors were a little dissatisfied with her alone dragging down the whole progress. But the big names such as Zhan Heng and Lin Houzhong did not appear to be angry. Even if they had great anger, they could only bear it. The real big names did not play big, so how dare they.

Chang Ying also knew that she was dragging down the crew, and she kept apologizing. Seeing her sincere expression, what else could everyone do? They could only forgive her, wait for her to enter the scene and then pass it all at once.

The 18th line actors who were earlier envious and jealous of Chang Ying, all started sneering and ridiculing. Watching Chang Ying’s joke, some people whispered: “This kind of acting can still be chosen, I don’t even know what acting means anymore.” When everyone heard this, they all laughed tacitly.

The wedding scenes were few. The original plan was to finish work at about four in the afternoon. The art scenes and props were then to be dismantled and the wedding scene was to be taken apart to set up another scene. But the NG going back and forth like this, by the time work was over, it was almost eight o’ clock in the evening.

Chang Ying returned to the hotel in frustration and didn’t want to eat dinner anymore. The actress who shared the same room with her hadn’t returned yet. She slumped on the bed, her eyes were empty, thinking about today’s performance, she couldn’t help crying. After coming out, she only felt that she was really bad, she NGed all day just for a few scenes.

The actress didn’t return to the room until ten o’clock. She walked in and saw Chang Ying’s red eyes as she lay on the bed, but she acted as if she hadn’t seen it, she took out her pajamas from the suitcase and turned around and went into the bathroom.

Chang Ying rubbed her face vigorously, got up from the bed, got ready to change clothes and sat and waited for her turn to shower.

It took nearly half an hour for the actress in the bathroom to come out. Chang Ying picked up her clothes and went in. It happened that just then her mobile phone rang, and it was a call from her agent.

She quickly grabbed her mobile phone, took the spare room card, and went out to answer the phone.

“Brother Bin, it’s so late, what’s wrong, why are you calling me?” Chang Ying walked to the balcony at the end of the hotel corridor to answer the phone.

The agent Li Bin’s voice is very serious, “What did you do tonight?”

“I didn’t do anything. I was in a daze when I got back to the hotel.” Chang Ying was a little embarrassed and didn’t dare to let the agent know the matter of the NGs today.

Li Bin sighed: “It was revealed on the Internet that you and Yu Siyang had a lot of interactions on the set, and they also posted the live photos of your filming. It is obvious that someone is trying to suggest that you are unilaterally hyping a scandal.”

“What?” Chang Ying was shocked.

In addition to filming with Yu Siyang today, she said no more than ten sentences to him. This was also called a lot of interaction? And also alluding to her hyping scandal, which was obviously fake, who was going against her.

“Don’t get excited now,” Li Bin said: “Gossip is the second most important thing. The most important thing that the live photos going out. When signing the contract, a non-disclosure agreement was signed at the same time. Without the permission of the crew, nothing should be disclosed. You now go to Director Chu or Mr. Bao to prove that you were not the person who broke the news and ask them to find the person who took the photos.”

Chang Ying nodded hurriedly: “Good, good, I will go now.” She said and ran to the elevator.

Li Bin went on to say: “You clarify to the director that the photo was not sent by you. We will leave it alone for Yu Siyang. He is now popular. We can take advantage of this revelation and increase your attention.”

Chang Ying hesitated and said: “It’s not good, and I’m not familiar with him, if he gets angry or something…”

“It’s not your post, we are just scheming a little. In the entertainment industry, if we don’t even have this courage, then we won’t be able to mix up. “Li Bin said: “Their team can’t blame us, but what we have to deal with is the negative emotions of his fans, so as not to get darker.”

Chang Ying did not speak, still a little disapproving of this kind of thing.

She didn’t have much work that she could get, even if she had gained some attention after this wave of news, and the topic will not disappear soon even without any work, she still hoped that she could become popular through her work, and not by rubbing the heat of popular stars.

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[1] Women’s way of expressing admiration in Ancient China.

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