PPM Ch. 65 Whoever Dares to Help Li Shengxia will Die!!!

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“You—” Li Shengxia became instantly angry when he heard him make the call.

After a while, Li Shengxia’s cell phone rang, with someone crying for help: “God, miss, where are you? I don’t know what’s going on, but suddenly a large group of people came and said they were going to terminate the contract with our company. What to do now?”

Li Shengxia’s mobile phone fell to the ground with a bang, and she looked at Mo Nianchen with mixed feelings.

Why could he casually elevate the quarrel between them to a threatening level! Does playing with her life and playing with the Li Group make him so happy!

She knew he was great! He didn’t have to show off like that!

Didn’t he just want to tell her that she was a toy in his hand, and he could play with her as he wanted?

She had been with him for a long time, even if there was no affection at all, it was still a transaction, right? How could he just stop when he says stop, it’s so unreasonable! Baffling! Super invincible neuropathy!

The prince had such a big temper then he could force thousands of people to jump into the Yellow River with just a single act of anger!

When Mo Nianchen saw her face changing rapidly, he thought it was very interesting, raised his eyebrows and said, “What? Do you want to please me now?”

“Do you know where you are going wrong?”

“I want to see how far you can go for what you want.”

“I don’t think I need to help you?”

Mo Nianchen’s words were tearing apart the strength of her disguise.

What a loss, she actually felt that she could like him last night. She was crazy, stupid, and her brain was flooded!

Listening to his humiliation, she trembled, gritted her teeth and said, “Mo Nianchen, do you know what you lost?”

You lost my heart and my wish to try to get close to you again! You make me feel like a total idiot, delusional about falling in love with a heartless idiot!

Saying that, she wrapped her torn work clothes, bit her lip and ran out! She ran fast, as if everything behind her was rubbish she hated and desperately wanted to throw away.

Mo Nianchen smashed his phone angrily!

Li Shengxia heard the loud voice coming from his office, and didn’t even want to turn her head back. She just felt embarrassed and grief-stricken heartbreak!

At this time, a staff member saw her.

“Shengxia, why did the buttons on your clothes fall off? I just brought the uniform that I washed yesterday. If you don’t dislike it, put it on first.”

“Thank you.” Li Shengxia hugged herself gratefully, her heart seemed to be crushed by someone’s force, and the pain was so extreme that she couldn’t relax.

“No thanks needed.”

After a while, Mo Nianchen’s special assistant Chi Su began to report to Mo Nianchen.

“Prince…Prince, someone has already ordered clothes to be delivered to the Crown Princess.”

No one responded.

Chi Su backed out.

The office was deserted, and there was only Mo Nianchen alone. He never felt that this office was so big, so big that it made people feel so lonely…

Mo Nianchen’s face was buried in his hands weakly.

He was such an idiot!

Why was he trying to expose her lies?

Wouldn’t it be more perfect to live in the illusion?

Wouldn’t it be better to pretend to know nothing?

He tried a lot of people, but he felt sick even when he was close to them.

He tried hard to find the one closest to her, but he couldn’t deceive himself.

He was defeated by her, and he failed miserably, and she did not marry him for love.

He finally married her as he wished but found that he wanted more than he had thought. Just marrying her was not enough.

He wanted her attention and her heart.

How could he love her such that he didn’t lose myself and didn’t hate her?

He used to go against her will in every way, but he failed to attract her attention, and instead got a disgusting sentence.

Therefore, he wanted to follow her heart everywhere.

The results of it?

As a result, she didn’t know how to appreciate it, eating inside and out, destroying all his trust and patience!

He held the red ring, remembering the expression on her lying face just now, his heart was as hard as a rock.

He did give her a chance!

She herself didn’t want this chance!

Why lie to him? He would have believed whatever she said! He had already decided that as long as she told the truth, he would forgive her. Even if she met Yin Tangyi, it was nothing. He would forgive her. But why did she lie to him! !

He waited for her all day, he was thinking that if she came to apologize, he would forgive her.

But she didn’t!

She had always been like this, in his world, she could come and leave, however, she wanted! It was really dragging! Her wings had become hard, and her guts had grown fatter, right? He wanted to see, what else could she do if she didn’t come to beg him!

She was really dragging, now even the life and death of Li’s company didn’t matter? Didn’t she find him for this? Why, this couldn’t stop her?

Then what else did he need to do to trap her!

He was so angry that he kicked the office chair over, but he still couldn’t recover from the rage!

The bodyguard who had just walked to the door was stunned, and then walked in pretending to be calm, and reported to Mo Nianchen’s back: “Prince, tomorrow is the day of the fashion design exhibition, and I have already done everything you ordered before. When it’s done, there will be many well-known designers to support the Crown Princess!”

“No need!” Mo Nianchen said coldly, “You withdraw everyone! Whoever dares to help Li Shengxia will die! It’s over!”


“Go down—”

“Yes, but Prince…”

“Go away—”

He knocked over all the documents on the desk, but the hysterical pain in his heart was still unstoppable.

No one had ever seen such a big fire from the Prince, and they were all too scared to say a word.

What happened to the Prince?

The entire office was empty, but it seemed that the words she had just said were echoing all the time.

You’re done thinking about it, then we’re done!

He just wanted to hear the explanation from her mouth, hear the apology, and hear her say that she won’t dare again next time. She actually told him it was over!

She said it so easily, so casually, so capriciously, who did she think he was? What the hell did she think of him! Was he the garbage she didn’t put away!?

Then she shouldn’t put on an expression of being aggrieved! Who was the victim? She did something wrong and dared to act righteous in front of him. Did she think he had so little temper and would be eaten by her to death?!

Hell, hell, hell! Even the antique vases placed in the office were picked up by him and smashed to pieces!

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