NHSRE Ch. 156.3: The End

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Wisps of black smoke came out from the mouths and noses of the figurines, hovering in the air for a while, and then formed figures one by one, either guards or maids and they bowed respectfully and faced Shen Dongqing to salute him.

Shen Dongqing: “Do you know me?”

These were not living souls, but remnants of thoughts left on human figurines, waiting for the owner to return.

They didn’t answer, but parted ways in silence.

Shen Dongqing pulled Zhou Wenyan and walked in.

On both sides of the path, pretty maids squatted down, and dancers wearing gold rings danced gracefully, making the sound of jingling jewelry as they moved.

The two of them walked side by side, as if they had traveled through thousands of years.

After passing through the human figurines, the road ended at a stone wall with a half-open door carved on it, and a young man placed in the crack of the door. The young man was walking towards the door, but halfway through, he turned around and stared at the people behind him, smiling as if he was greeting them to come in.

Phew— a dark wind blew in the tomb.

The maids and dancers all turned into a wisp of smoke, and the stone door slowly opened, revealing the main tomb chamber behind it.

The funerary objects that Shen Dongqing imagined did not appear. The main tomb looked like a room, with various daily necessities placed in it, except that the place where the bed was placed had turned into a huge coffin, big enough for two people to lie in.

Shen Dongqing touched the edge of the coffin and muttered: “I don’t want to open my own coffin.”

After so many years, the body inside must have turned into a skeleton, which was too ugly. It was better not to let Zhou Wenyan see it.

Zhou Wenyan suddenly said: “This is a joint burial coffin.”

Shen Dongqing’s first reaction was: “Huh? Someone dared to steal my coffin?”

Zhou Wenyan: “How do I know who it is.”

Although it had been thousands of years and it happened in the past, but he still couldn’t help but feel a little…sour.

Shen Dongqing: “Then open it and take a look -“

Zhou Wenyan quickly stopped his “I dig my own grave and open my own coffin” behavior: “There should be records on the murals.”

On the wall of the main tomb chamber, the paintings on the walls were not affected by the air in the tomb, so the murals had not oxidized, and were as bright as ever.

The picture above showed a banquet with guests.

The maids served wine, the dancers danced, and the harpists played music.

But these were not the protagonists. The real protagonists were sitting in the main seat. The two teenagers seemed to have a very close relationship. Their focus was not on singing and dancing, but on lowering their heads and whispering, and even laughing when they were talking.

Zhou Wenyan pointed at one of the teenagers: “This is you.”

The mural was a little distorted, but from the facial features, it could be seen that he looked exactly the same as Shen Dongqing. Yes, he was eighty-ninety percent similar looking to this body.

Shen Dongqing touched his cheek and pointed at the other person: “This looks like you!”

Zhou Wenyan observed carefully, and sure enough, the other boy’s features looked a bit like him.

“Could it be that the other person lying in the coffin is you?” Shen Dongqing’s eyes widened.

Zhou Wenyan walked to the end, where it was written about the life of the tomb owner.

The general content was: The owner of the tomb was a prince. He was born noble and innocent in temperament. He never married a wife or took concubines, but he had a close friend. The two had similar interests and cherished each other. But the prince died unexpectedly one day. His friend was heartbroken and asked a master to talk to ghosts and gods so that they could still be together in the next life. More than ten years later, the friend also passed away, and according to his wishes, they were buried together.

After reading it, Shen Dongqing came to a conclusion: “So that master was unreliable and tricked us?”

So one became a ghost and the other was reincarnated, but in each life, he had a bad fate and died just after adulthood, it wasn’t until this life that the two of them got intimately connected and finally got together.

Zhou Wenyan: “It seems like this.”

Shen Dongqing thought for a while: “Then we are pretty lucky.”

After thousands of years, they could be together again.

After Shen Dongqing sighed, he made a wish: “After we die in this life, we should be buried together! Then we can go back to the game and play as bosses together.”

If the game knew about it, I’m afraid it would be moved to tears: Don’t come here, brother, forget it.

In the end, Shen Dongqing failed to take out the burial objects and become a second generation rich. They left the tomb without taking anything. After leaving, the tomb was closed and the tomb robbers were spit out.

Perhaps it was not the tomb robbers who found the tomb at all, but the tomb itself that deliberately opened when it sensed its owner’s return.

Shen Dongqing looked at the unconscious tomb robbers: “What should we do with them?”

Zhou Wenyan: “Call the police.”

It was already early the next morning when the police came. Because of his strong stamina, the tomb robbers didn’t wake up until now. As soon as they opened their eyes, they saw the kind smile of the policeman.

Some of them were too excited and fainted again, and the rest were not in good condition either. They were mumbling, “There is a ghost in the tomb,” “Help,” and the like. All of them had dull eyes and bloodless expressions.

These tomb robbers all had criminal records, and they used illegal guns. They were immediately handcuffed and taken back to the bureau, and because Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan were the first to discover them, they also went to give a statement together.

The commotion was so loud that the program team living in Shouling Village was also awakened. Brother Glasses realized that this was a good shooting opportunity. So, he immediately called people and ran to the place where the tomb robbers were found to take a picture. After taking the picture, they followed the police to the county station.

Before entering the station, the tomb robbers woke up with a start, maybe because they were too strong. After they finished giving their statement, Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan left the police station. Outside were reporters who came after hearing the news. However, they were not interviewed by reporters, and were directly yelled at by the program team’s microphone.

The internet celebrity asked: “How did you discover the tomb robbers?”

Shen Dongqing: “Uh… I couldn’t sleep at night, so went for a walk.”

The host asked: “But there was no tomb there at all, so why did the tomb robbers appear there?”

Shen Dongqing tilted his head: “Maybe they are not smart?”

The Internet celebrity girl continued: “But those tomb robbers said they saw ghosts in the tomb chamber, so if there is no tomb chamber, how could they go crazy?”

Shen Dongqing blinked and came up with an impeccable answer: “Because there are no ghosts in the world, they have never been to the tomb!” This witty answer received applause from the onlookers.

Shen Dongqing saw the people applauding and couldn’t help laughing. But he quickly reacted and became expressionless for a second: “Any more questions? Continue.”

The host: “Uh….Then why did they say these things?”

Shen Dongqing: “They have bad minds.” Maybe he thought this answer was too perfunctory, so he racked his brains and added, “Maybe they were suffering from food poisoning and saw hallucinations, so they were confused. When you eat mushrooms, you will see a villain.”

Finally, he said seriously: “We must believe in science!”

The host seemed to want to ask more questions, but Shen Dongqing interrupted him: “No more interviews, there is my family member waiting for me here.”

The “family member” stood not far away, with his hands in his pockets and looking at him with a smile.

Shen Dongqing walked out of the interview circle first, then quickened his pace, ran over in two or three steps and threw himself into Zhou Wenyan’s arms.

Zhou Wenyan reached out to catch the person, and the two embraced each other in the morning breeze.

At this time, the sun was new and bright.

[The End]

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