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Jin Enxi’s eyes lit up, “This is possible. Now that Ann is looking after her man, she definitely won’t have time to care about these things. As friends, we can’t watch her being bullied in vain.” Sisly was more afraid of the world than Jin Enxi.

Sisly smiled seductively, “Oh, I like this kind of game the most, but how can I help Ann get revenge? What do you think of catching her and enjoying our little cuties? I haven’t tasted this for a long time. Now it’s time to ‘serve’ someone.”

Sisly stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. Her eyes were very excited. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this idea was quite good. She should take action when it was time to take action against those shameless bit**es. Ann just had such a good temper, that’s why she let this bi**h dance around for so long.

“This won’t work. I advise you to give up on this idea as soon as possible.” Jin Enxi immediately rejected the proposal.

“Why?” Sisly was puzzled.

“This is country Z. We can’t cause trouble for Ann, otherwise she will be angry.” Jin Enxi said.

Sisly understood it as soon as she thought about it, shrugged, and said with some regret, “If I can’t use those little cuties, then I can always use my fists.” Her fists were also very hard, and she would definitely make the one named Shen Xitong taste it, it was absolutely wonderful.

“Sisly, you are a celebrity after all. Can you please stop being so violent? I really doubt how Andre could tolerate your tigress-like temper.” Jin Enxi was disgusted with her suggestion. We are civilized people, do you understand being civilized?

“Then this one doesn’t work, that one doesn’t work, what do you think we should do?” Sisly had always advocated violence and fighting violence with violence, so her fighting skills had always been excellent.

“We want to be civilized,” Jin Enxi said.

Sisly rolled her eyes, she was a big-headed idiot, she was not happy with this procrastinating at all.

“Let me show you something good.” Jin Enxi said, and Sisly curiously leaned over to take a look. Seeing the video on the computer, Sisly’s eyes finally flashed with interest, “Oh, this pure and beautiful girl also has such an explosive side?”

Jin Enxi chuckled, “I once investigated her. This woman likes to go to Charming Bar, so I hacked into their surveillance system, and then I found out. How about this, I still have some good stuff here.”

After saying that, she clicked on a recording file, and what came out was a conversation between Shen Xitong and a man, and a conversation between this man and another man. One of the men was obviously the reporter who caused trouble at Shen Qinglan’s book signing.

“I snatched this from that reporter. What do you think? Come on, let me tell you, if these things are posted, will the saliva of those people drown this woman. Do we still need to do it ourselves?”

Sisly: “?”

She couldn’t help but nod, “That’s a good idea, just do it. If you have so many good things, why didn’t you expose them earlier? If it were exposed earlier, would that woman still be able to act like this?”

Jin Enxi smiled mysteriously, “What about it? I don’t know. In the words of country Z, the higher you stand, the harder you fall. Who knew who Shen Xitong was before? Even if it was revealed, she would have been forgotten about after a while. The effect would not be as good as now. Ann said, let her get what she wants the most, let her stand at the highest point, and then make her fall into the clouds. Thinking about that feeling, it is really wonderful.”

“That’s right, it’s definitely Ann’s idea. It’s so good to pay attention.” Sisly looked excited and urged Jin Enxi to quickly post things online.

That afternoon, the internet storm that had subsided started to blow up again, even more violent than before, there was a lot of yelling and curses on Shen Xitong’s Weibo.

I am a passer-by: “Oh, you are a pure and beautiful girl, this is more slutty than some others.”

Fenghua Xueyue is ruthless: “The Shen family has raised a white-eyed wolf. The adopted daughter actually conspired against the real daughter. What if? If it were my family, I will definitely strangle her to death.”

ABCD: “On the outside, she looks like a lady, but on the inside she’s a snake-hearted woman. This woman is incredible.”

I can’t forget you: “I think the previous press reception was probably just for hype. Such a woman would give up on the Shen family and go to support her parents? I don’t believe it, do you believe it?”

“You’re so sharp, look at these public comments, it’s so cute.” Jin Enxi was chewing an apple in her mouth, and she and Sisly looked at them with gusto, and laughed out loud from time to time.

Shen Xitong was so angry that she almost smashed the whole house. Tian Cuifang stood aside and shouted: “Xitong, please stop smashing. Even if you are angry, you can’t smash things. These are all bought with money. It’s so expensive.”

Seeing another crystal vase smashed into pieces by Shen Xitong, Tian Cuifang’s heart throbbed with pain.

“If you ask me I would say what are you angry about, what they said is also true.” Li Yong sat on the sofa and said calmly, with a look of gloating on his face.

Shen Xitong, this d**n woman, was so rich but she still refused to buy him a house. He had hated her for a long time. If the house hadn’t been in her name, he would have applauded here.

“Li Yong, shut up.” Shen Xitong glared at Li Yong hatefully. These were the people. If it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be in this situation at all. The Shen family had kicked her out. She was sure she won’t be able to just go back like this.

But she didn’t know what to do with the videos and audios on the Internet. She knew a few people, but her connections were incomparable to those of Shen Junyu and the others. For those people she knew, it would be nice not to cause trouble. She thought of one person who was the biggest sponsor of that concert.

Shen Xitong took out her mobile phone and made a mental draft. Shen Xitong dialled the man’s phone number, but the man’s phone showed that it was turned off. Shen Xitong’s heart sank suddenly. Did he block her or…

A trace of ridicule flashed in her eyes, you see, this was the man. He was having dinner with her two days ago and calling her Xitong affectionately, but now he didn’t even answer the phone.

“Hey, people are ignoring you. If I were a man, I would also ignore you. Looking at you like this. Who knows if the hat on your head will change color if he marries you back.” Li Yong said sarcastic words and Tian Cuifang pretended not to hear this. Without the Shen family, Shen Xitong didn’t let them have the final say. If she still dared to be aggressive, he would dare to beat her.

Li Yong was a bast**d, an unreasonable bast**d. He dared to beat anyone except his parents. Shen Xitong was beaten once last time.

Shen Xitong was originally upset, but when Li Yong said this, she picked up the vase at hand and threw it at Li Yong. If he was hit, it would be strange if Li Yong didn’t get a bloody head.

Li Yong dodged quickly, and Shen Xitong’s accuracy was not good enough, but the vase still hit Li Yong, who immediately let out a scream. “Mom, she hit me, she wanted to beat me to death.”

Tian Cuifang was also shocked. Li Datou was originally sitting aside to watch the show. He couldn’t control this matter anyway. Shen Xitong’s money was not given to him. Before she agreed to say at the press conference that it was all a misunderstanding and that she would transfer the house to her when she came back, but she regretted it as soon as she came back.

Just seeing his precious son being beaten, Li Datou couldn’t sit still. He took off his shoes and hit Shen Xitong with it, “He is your brother. How dare you beat him? You have started rebelling. If you beat him, you should pay the penalty. Are you up for it?”

“Dad, my foot hurts so much. I don’t know if it’s broken.” Li Yong added fuel to the fire. The pain in his foot was real, but him wanting to watch a show was also real.

Shen Xitong resisted, but her strength was not comparable to that of a big man like Li Datou. She could only be beaten. When Li Datou heard his son’s words, he was merciless.

After Shen Xitong arrived, he simply stopped resisting. She sat on the ground and looked at Li Datou coldly, “If you can, just beat me to death. If you beat me to death, you won’t even get a penny. I asked you to give it all to me, so now get lost.”

Li Datou paused in his movements and hesitated. Now their family was relying on Shen Xitong. If Shen Xitong left them alone, they would indeed have nowhere to go.

Shen Xitong sneered, these vampires.

Li Yong couldn’t see Shen Xitong looking at them like they were rubbish. Shen Xitong and them were blood relatives and she still thought that they were rubbish. How could she be so noble? Did she really think that with the surname Shen, she would still be the eldest lady of the Shen family?

“Dad, don’t listen to her nonsense. Her reputation is ruined now. How can she have any money? It is estimated that this house is all she has left. We will sell the house and leave the capital. Hasn’t she always wanted not to acknowledge us? Well, let’s just go.”

When Li Datou heard this, he immediately felt that it made sense, but the real estate certificate was in Shen Xitong’s hands, and it was registered in her name, so they had no right to buy or sell at all.

The sneer on Shen Xitong’s face did not diminish at all, and she was suddenly glad that time was short. She had not had time to go through the transfer procedures with Shen Junyu, and the house was still registered in Shen Junyu’s name.

“Haha, you still want the house. Just go ahead and dream about it. Even if I die, I won’t leave this house to you.”

When Li Yong heard this, he immediately became angry. He picked up the vase that Shen Xitong had just smashed at him and smashed it at Shen Xitong.

Shen Xitong’s luck was not very good. The vase fell and hit her on the forehead. Her vision went dark and she fainted immediately.

Bright red blood flowed from her forehead, and she fell on the floor. The three people present panicked instantly. Li Yong’s face turned pale. He just wanted to teach Shen Xitong a lesson, but he never thought about killing her.

“Mom…” Li Yong’s voice trembled, “Is she dead?”

Murder must be paid with life. He was still so young, and he didn’t want to die yet.

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