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Children were the most sensitive. Shen Xitong was only nine years old when she first came to this home. She spent several years in an orphanage, which made her very sensitive to people’s emotions and the best at observing people’s emotions. She had never come to this home. From the first day, she knew that Grandma Shen didn’t like her. Not only did she not like her, but she was also disgusted with her. It was just that this old woman pretended to be very good on weekdays, making outsiders think how good she was to her.

Mr. Shen looked at Shen Xitong coldly, “Since you feel that the Shen family has treated you badly and made you feel hard, and since you feel that the Shen family has treated you badly, and now your biological parents are always looking for you, then just follow them and live together. They are your blood relatives, and they will definitely treat you better than the Shen family. The Shen family has raised you so well, and we have already fulfilled our responsibilities. Don’t you think the Shen family is not close enough to you? Then leave the Shen family.”

He would just pretend that he had never raised such a person.

Shen Xitong’s face was pale as she looked at Mr. Shen in disbelief, “Grandpa, are you driving me away at this time?”

Leaving the Shen family at this time, was it not pushing her into the fire. She had always thought that Mr. Shen was never as kind as he seemed on the surface, but she never expected that he could be so ruthless.

She turned to look at Chu Yunrong and prayed, “Mom, I don’t want to leave the Shen family.”

Chu Yunrong’s expression was indistinguishable. She didn’t have the same love in her eyes as before when she looked at Shen Xitong. Shen Xitong’s words just now really hurt her heart. She remembered what her mother-in-law had said to her before she died, saying that this child was a white-eyed wolf. At that time, she thought her mother-in-law was biased against Shen Xitong, but now it seemed that she was living too confusedly, and no one in the family could see it clearly than herself.

“Tongtong, your grandfather is right. Rumours are spreading now that you don’t support your biological parents. The best solution is for you to move in with them to put the rumours to rest. This will also be good for your future development.” Chu Yunrong said gently, but her eyes looking at Shen Xitong lacked the past love.

Seeing that even Chu Yunrong didn’t help her, Shen Xitong was greatly shocked and took a few steps back. Her face was as pale as paper. She looked at Mr. Shen, then at Chu Yunrong, and smiled, and her laughter became louder and louder, “Haha, you hypocritical people, what you say about love is all fake. Don’t you just want to drive me out of the Shen family? I’m afraid you have wanted to do this for a long time. Did you all want to do this since Shen Qinglan came back? You’ve been wanting to do this since the beginning, and now you finally found the opportunity, so you can’t wait?”

“And you, my dearest mother, who usually behaves like you love me the most are you not like pushing me away. Shen Qinglan can marry Fu Hengyi, but I can’t. I can’t even think about it. In order to stop my thoughts, you even want me to marry those poor people who have nothing. This, is this the love you are talking about? It is so hypocritical.”

“Shen Xitong, what nonsense are you talking about?” Shen Junyu happened to arrive home, and his face turned cold when he heard these words.

Shen Xitong was originally afraid of Shen Junyu, but at this moment, she didn’t feel afraid at all. She looked coldly at every Shen family member present, “Did I say something wrong? Again, if Shen Qinglan was in my place today, would you let her move out if something like this happened?”

Of course not, the answer was yes. But this could not be said.

“What about a wealthy and aristocratic family? It’s all hypocrisy. Since this family can’t accommodate me, then I can just leave without you chasing me away.”

Shen Xitong straightened her back and raised her head slightly, maintaining her pride. She glanced at the people present and walked out of Shen family house gracefully.

When she reached the gate, she looked back at the place where she had lived for more than ten years, her eyes filled with hatred.

Everyone in the Shen family looked bad at the moment, especially Chu Yunrong, whose face was pale and transparent. While Shen Junyu looked a little worried, “Mom, are you okay?”

Chu Yunrong seemed not to have heard her son’s words, and turned to look at her father-in-law. The old man asked, “Dad, have I done something wrong all this time?”

Mr. Shen looked at his daughter-in-law and sighed deeply, “You are not to blame for this matter at all.” Some people were like this in nature. You could be ninety-nine percent good to them, but as long as you were even a little bit bad, they would hate you for the rest of their life. Shen Xitong was obviously such a person.

“Junyu, help your mother go up and have a rest. Regarding Shen Xitong’s matter, you should explain it to the outside world tomorrow. This matter cannot be allowed to develop. In addition, give her the renovated three-bedroom and one-living house in the city center. Our Shen family has been extremely kind to her.”

The house was originally going to be reserved for Shen Qinglan, but Shen Junyu didn’t say anything against it and nodded. If this could buy out the relationship between the Shen family and Shen Xitong, he would be very happy. As for the house, he could just buy another one.

Chu Yunrong stood up and went upstairs.

“Junyu, do you think your mother really did something wrong?”

Shen Junyu couldn’t bear to hit his mother, but he didn’t want her to continue to make mistakes, so he said cruelly, “Mom, Shen Xitong was never as harmless as she showed. She fell down the stairs herself because she wanted to frame Lanlan and make you think that Lanlan was evil-minded and prevent her from being with Hengyi. Last time Lanlan held a book signing for her album, some reporters came out to make trouble. She was the instigator. Fortunately, Lanlan discovered this matter early and suppressed it, otherwise Shen Xitong would not be the only one caught in the rumour storm.”

The more Shen Junyu talked, the paler Chu Yunrong’s face became and her eyes widened. She didn’t believe that her adopted daughter, who had always been sweet, sensible and considerate in front of her, could turn out to be such a vicious person.

“Mom, I admit that I am partial to Lanlan, not only because she is my sister but also because I feel guilty for her, but the most important thing is that she is kind. Although she looks a little cold, her heart is soft.”

Chu Yunrong lowered her head and said nothing, but tears fell down and hit the back of her hand. Shen Junyu reached out and wiped away the tears for his mother. He looked at his mother very tenderly. He also accidentally discovered that Chu Yunrong was taking treatment for depression recently which meant that his mother’s illness had not actually improved over the years.

“Qinglan will never forgive me again, right?” Chu Yunrong looked at her son and was very sad. Shen Xitong broke her heart today, but what her son said to her stabbed her heart. Use the knife to crush her heart. Thinking of all the past events, Chu Yunrong was suddenly very scared. Was she going to lose Qinglan forever?

“No, Lanlan knows that you love her, and she has never blamed you.” Shen Junyu comforted his mother. When he realized that his mother’s mood was wrong, he already regretted it. Even knowing that his mother could not bear the stimulation, he had just said those words that stimulated her.

“Junyu, go out and leave mom alone for a while.” Chu Yunrong chased people away.

After Shen Junyu left, she immediately opened the drawer, poured out a few pills, and stuffed them into her mouth. She didn’t even drink water. She lay on the bed, feeling pain in her heart.

After Shen Xitong left the Shen family, she did not find anyone from the Li family. Instead, she found a hotel to stay. The next day, she received a text message from Shen Junyu, finding that the house in the city center now belonged to her. She did not refuse. This was originally, what the Shen family owed her, so she took it with a clear conscience.

She quickly moved into the apartment and moved the Li family over reluctantly. Then Shen Xitong immediately held a press conference to clarify the current online rumours: “First, I am the adopted daughter of the Shen family, but I have not failed to support my biological parents, and now I live with my biological parents; Second, the recording online is fake and someone wanted to frame her.”

The Li family couple had been very happy these days because they had moved into a big house. Moreover, Shen Xitong also said that if her reputation became bad, they would never get a penny again, so today’s reporter’s meeting with the Li family couple also came.

When Shen Xitong introduced them, Li Datou said that Shen Xitong was very kind to them on weekdays, and she paid for all the living expenses. She rented a house before because Shen Xitong wanted to buy them a house but they rejected it. Those on the Internet never said anything, it was all a misunderstanding.

Li Datou looked honest, and he was older. His words seemed particularly credible. For a moment, no one knew whether they were true or false.

“This woman is really full of drama.” Jin Enxi looked at the comments on the Internet and said to Sisly.

Sisly glanced at her and said, “Do you think we should help her from behind?” There was a wicked smile on her lips, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this gang was definitely not really helping.

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