TBLF Ch. 87.2

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Haicheng City News Channel had been broadcasting news about the KTV in the Entertainment Street that caught fire due to a short circuit of wires, and then the spread of the fire due to inadequate fire-fighting facilities.

Fortunately, the fire did not cause any deaths, but an anti-narcotics policeman was injured by criminals who gathered to take drugs, while he was undercover to search for clues. Fortunately, he escaped in the end and rescued a high school student who was trapped in a toilet.

In order to protect the privacy of the victim, Qi Ying’s situation was not disclosed to the media.

No outsider knew what she experienced in the box.

The undercover anti-narcotics policeman was called Han Yang. It had been a long time since Feng Xiao and the wealthy children had been gathering to take drugs. This group of people had too many dens and were as slippery as loaches. And there was a huge and mature drug supply chain behind it, and Han Yang had been following this case for a long time.

This time he received information from the informant and immediately issued the task. The colleagues of the anti-drug brigade had actually surrounded the bar for a long time. He pretended to be a waiter, put on a monitor and went in to check the situation, and he was about to kill the group of people in one go.

However, he saw Qi Ying.

The little girl was injured so badly that he couldn’t wait for a colleague to come in to treat her, so he could only save her first.

Fortunately, the colleagues understood the situation on the scene through the dialogue from the monitor, and immediately sent out to arrest the people, and arrested all the criminals who wanted to take advantage of the fire to kill people.

These were all evidence, and apart from gathering people to take drugs, there was also an attempted rape and an attempted murder. When Feng Xiao woke up completely, what was waiting for him was a ruthless legal trial.

After Han Yang recovered from his injury, he went to the hospital to see Qi Ying several times.

But the little girl had not woken up.

The coma was caused by the concussion, and even the doctor could not tell when she would wake up.

Han Yang heard from her classmate who had visited her that this little girl had just finished the college entrance examination and had very good grades. She was a seedling of Peking University and Tsinghua University. She should have a beautiful and brilliant university life waiting for her.

He also saw the tall and thin teenager who was guarding outside the ward day and night.

When the colleagues talked about this boy named Ji Rang, he couldn’t help being stunned: “He was really crazy, and he didn’t even want his life. But as soon as that little girl appeared, he immediately regained his senses. Alas, seeing it really made me feel sad.”

The boy had dark circles under his eyes and a grown beard. He looked haggard and helpless. He was nothing more than a walking dead.

Han Yang thought for a while, sat down beside him, and comforted him in a low voice, “Child, don’t waste yourself like this, don’t wait for her to wake up, and then for you to fall sick. Go home and rest, sleep, and eat something. Maybe she will wake up after you rest and come back?”

Ji Rang ignored everyone during this period, as if he had shut down all his facial features. He could not hear any sound, nor did he perceive anything.

His only relief was that the ECG monitor beside the bed was still fluctuating.

His little girl was still alive.

She should just stay alive.

If she could wake up, he was willing to give her everything. If she couldn’t wake up, it didn’t matter, he would just guard her like this for the rest of his life.

But he heard Han Yang’s words.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the worried policeman beside him. After a long time, his dry and cracked voice said a few hoarse syllables: “Thank you for saving her.”

Han Yang smiled and touched his messy hair kindly. “This is what we should do. Don’t be sad, child, we will do our best to catch all the bad guys in this society and give you a safe and beautiful growth environment. I believe that the little girl will wake up, and she still needs you. To go to college with her. Go home and rest, take a bath and sleep, change your clothes, and when she wakes up, let her see a clean and handsome guy, okay?”

Ji Rang looked at Han Yang next to him and suddenly remembered the black-and-white photo of Father Qi with a firm gaze in a police uniform on the tombstone.

The evil in this world would never disappear, but there would always be a group of people rushing to the front, desperately blocking the darkness in front of them, leaving the people behind them only with light and warmth.

Ji Rang nodded and said, “Okay.”

He took a taxi and went home.

The window hadn’t been opened for a long time at home, and there was a damp, musty smell. He went to open all the windows to let light in, then went to take a bath, shaved his beard, listened to Han Yang’s words, and cleaned himself up.

But he still couldn’t sleep or eat.

He was worried that the little girl would wake up suddenly and would be afraid if she couldn’t see him at first glance.

He had to go back to the hospital; he had to go back immediately.

He pulled out a schoolbag, stuffed two sets of change of clothes in it, and flicked it on his shoulder to leave.

When the school bag swept across the bedside table, he knocked the glass bottle filled with small stars on it to the ground. With a bang, the glass bottle fell to pieces, and nine hundred and ninety-nine stars spread out on the ground.

Ji Rang was angry and anxious, like a kid who did something wrong, he kneeled on the ground to pick up the little stars.

The broken glass cut his palm, and the blood dripped all over the floor, but he did not pay it any attention.

He squashed a few small stars, and when he picked them up and pinched them with fingers to restore them, he suddenly found that there seemed to be words on the small paper with folded stars.

Ji Rang was stunned.

He knelt on the ground, hesitating, and took the little star apart.

There were really words on the small note, in a familiar handwriting, neat and graceful: ——Ji Rang who took apart this little star wants to eat a chocolate cake.

His fingers trembled, as if mad, he went to open another:

——Ji Rang who took apart this little star wants to sleep beautifully.

——Ji Rang, who opened this little star, wants a glass of milk.

——Ji Rang, who opened this little star, has to smile more.

——Ji Rang, who opened this little star, wants to kiss Ying Ying’s eyes.

——Ji Rang, who opened this little star, will give Yingying a strawberry candy.


He couldn’t bear to open anymore stars.

Holding these small pieces of paper, covering his face and lowering his head, he cried silently.

It turned out that his baby gave him nine hundred and ninety-nine wishes.

He had to listen to her.

Ji Rang stood up, went to the bathroom to wash his hands, put on a band-aid, and then lay down on the bed.

He wanted to listen to her, so he tried to sleep.

He was so tired. After lying in bed, his breathing soon calmed down, and he slept until the evening before waking up.

Outside the window was a scene of sunset and rolling clouds.

He got up from the bed, went to the kitchen to warm a glass of milk, and then went downstairs to the hospital with his schoolbag. When he arrived at the hospital, he saw Yu Cheng standing by the bed.

Seeing him coming in, he smiled tiredly: “Came already? The nurse said you went home to rest, why didn’t you take more of a break.”

Ji Rang shook his head and walked inside in silence.

Yu Cheng stood up and took the water cup: “I’ll get some hot water and buy you some dinner by the way. What do you want to eat?”

Ji Rang said, “Chocolate cake.” Yu Cheng was taken aback, nodded and said ok.

The ward was quiet and cool.

The little girl on the bed breathed smoothly and looked like she was asleep.

Ji Rang leaned down, and lightly kissed her closed eyes with his chapped lips, then took a strawberry candy from her pocket and placed it in her palm.

He whispered: “Yingying, give you candy.”

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