SLDH Ch. 82.1: Water Control Technique

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When the human cub fell into the lake, Peng Yan had been watching with cold eyes. As a demon king who hated humans, what did the life and death of the human cub have to do with him? Although the human cub had contributed a little to the healing of his injuries and often stuffed his birdcage with goodies.

But when it came to stuffing delicious food, Peng Yan can’t help but hate this little fat guy even more, because this little fat guy was stingy and stupid. He only stuffed a little bit every time, and was always caught by the teacher, and then the delicious food was gone. They would be confiscated by the teacher. Such stupidity, he could only say that if it were the cub of his demon tribe, he would have killed him with one paw.

Just as he was thinking this, the sounds of five small frys calling for help came from the lake. The content of the cry for help turned out to be that the little fat dumpling was too heavy, and the five small frys could not push him even with the help of the buoyancy of the water.

Peng Yan didn’t care whether Little Fatty was saved or not, but could fish demons say this kind of request for help?

You are fish demons. But you can’t even catch a person in the water, so what use are you?

He flew over the lake in disbelief and found that these five small frys really couldn’t push the human cub. He suddenly became angry and grabbed the little fat man from the water with his paw.

“Are you really fish demons? Don’t you know how to control water?” The slap in the face came so unexpectedly.

“No!” Five small frys emerged from the water uniformly, and then shook their heads uniformly.

“…” Peng Yan felt so desperate. He simply didn’t want to admit that the five little frys on the lake with their mouths open and spitting bubbles were demons. It was so shameful~~ Could it be that Fan Chen had always advocated peace and the harmonious coexistence of human beings as a result of actually finding that the current demons were too poor in qualifications and could not be relied on, so he had no choice but to do so? So, Gu actually misunderstood Fan Chen?

“Little Crow, we were poisoned by demon poison when we were born, and we were not cured until some time ago, so until now, we have not had the opportunity to learn the magic of the demon clan.” The little frys were very sensitive, and they noticed the crow’s disappointment with them and hurriedly explained.

“Yes, yes, we are not stupid, we just haven’t learned yet.” Yaya quickly agreed.

“Isn’t water control a natural talent for the water tribe?” Peng Yan asked.

“No, those who are talented are extremely powerful geniuses.” Duoduo replied.

“We are just ordinary smart people.” Little Fat Fish added.

“Yes, ordinary cleverness.” An Ren emphasized.

“…” You are all like this, and you still dare to call yourself smart. Do you know how smart you are to use it like this?

Peng Yan turned his head and looked at the little white fox on the shore, and suddenly felt a little comfort in his heart: Fortunately, among the new generation of demon clan, there were still existences of the level of the ninth-grade celestial fox.

The little white fox noticed the crow spirit’s strange gaze, frowned in confusion, and then reminded: “Little crow, please put the little fat man back on the shore first.”

“That’s right, little crow, please put the little fat man back on the shore quickly. Don’t let him fall down again soon.” Although the little crow seemed to be able to handle it with ease, the little crow was only as big as a palm, and it was carrying a “huge” chubby mound in one tiny paw, which really worried the fish frys.

“If he falls again, the rescue will be in vain.”

Rescue? Who was going to save the human cub?

Peng Yan loosened his paws and threw the little fat man back into the water mercilessly, and then the little fat man sank into the water again.

“Ah ah ah, it fell down again.” The five little frys swung their tails wildly and swam over to pick up the person.

“I will teach you water control now. If you can’t learn it in ten seconds, just wait until the little fat guy drowns.” That’s right, he, the demon king, would not save human cubs. Not only would he not save them, he would let this cub serve as a tool for educating his descendants before he died. If it was useless, then he would die. If it was useful, then it was not impossible to keep him alive.

After saying that, Peng Yan explained the use of water control in the language of the demon clan, and then began to count down: “Ten, nine, eight…”

“Ah, how can you learn it in ten seconds!” Yaya’s scales had lost their luster because of anxiety.

“I didn’t even write down the magic formula.” Little Fat Fish was about to cry.

“Is Little Fatty going to die?” Duoduo’s eyes turned red.

“I’ll blow a bubble first and wrap it around the little fat guy’s head.” An Ren said wisely in a hurry.

“Get up~~” At this time, there was a wave of demonic power. Suddenly, a powerful current surged out from the bottom of the lake, rolling up Little Fatty’s body and rushing out of the water, making him fall towards the shore.

The little white fox immediately transformed his tail. The long white tail rolled up and easily caught the flying little fat man. Then he slowly put him on the ground, and then slapped the little fat man’s chest hard with his tail, squeezing out the lake water from his chest.

“Ahem… Hey, brother Xiao Rui, why do you have a tail?” Little Fatty woke up.

The little white fox smiled slightly: “You saw it wrong.”

Then… the little fat man fell asleep again in a daze.

On the lake, four small frys stared with round eyes, surrounding a small black fry in the center, with a look of surprise on their faces: “Xiao Hai, you already learned.”

“Yes.” Xiao Hai nodded shyly. Then he looked at the little crow with a grateful face, “Little crow, thank you for teaching us spells.”

“Why don’t you go get the spirit gathering stones for Gu?” Peng Yan said with disdain. Among these five little frys, there was this little black fish who was the only one who could be considered ordinarily smart. Sure enough, the black demons were always smarter.

“Yes~~” The five small frys happily swam to the bottom of the lake. When they were close to the Spirit gathering Stone, they felt a warm current. This warm current made them not help but swim two more times around it, and then they brought the Spirit gathering Stone back to the shore.

After landing on the shore, the several small frys transformed into human bodies, and then there was a wave of demonic power, and the clothes that had gotten wet because of them going into the water immediately became dry. This was a necessary trick for drying clothes when the aquatic tribe came ashore.

Peng Yan raised his eyebrows, they knew this little magic well.

Xiao Hai went over to dry Little Fatty’s clothes, then the little white fox unlocked Little Fatty’s charm, and then the naughty children walked back together. Halfway through, they met the teachers and parents who had come out to look for them. The expressions of the teachers and parents were very bad. At this time, the little white fox once again used the trick of smiling, and then calmly passed the test.

Little Fatty watched this scene with admiration. It turned out that a smile could make his fierce father immediately become gentle. He decided that he would never cry again when his father beat him. He would learn from brother Xiao Rui and become a boy who loved to smile.

At the end of the spring outing, everyone went back to their homes. The other children were taken away directly by their accompanying parents. The five small frys were also waiting at the entrance of the kindergarten, and the Loach Demon who was especially responsible for picking them up also came to pick them up at the entrance of the kindergarten.

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