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In their family, it was the men who cooked.

“This young man is pretty good.” Mother Zhai whispered, “He’s different from what he looked like on TV. I thought he was an extra drag, but unexpectedly he is very polite. He is also more handsome than on TV, is it all editing, deliberately editing him like that?”

Father Zhai said: “It’s different from what you see on TV. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone whose complexion can match our son’s.”

It just looked like he had a lot of energy, and he was very healthy and strong.

After a while, mother Zhai said again: “It’s really good.”

“Stop it,” Father Zhai said, “Do you know what their family does?”

Mother Zhai said: “What do they do?”

“I have searched their backgrounds before. You know Hua Jiang Building? You dare not even enter that shopping mall. That belongs to them.”

Who in Nancheng didn’t know Hua Jiang?

There was no need to think about it.

Pei Xu took a sip of water and slowly calmed down. He stood up with the water glass and looked around Zhai Xingchen’s room.

Zhai Xingchen’s room was tidied up very warmly.

He saw the shells he had given to Zhai Xingchen on his table.

“I am painting shells.” Zhai Xingchen said, “I will give them to everyone as gifts in the future.”

Pei Xu lowered his head and looked at the pattern on it and said, “Draw me a Bugs Bunny.”

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment: “Bugs Bunny?”

Pei Xu pointed at the Bugs Bunny pillow on his bed.

Zhai Xingchen said: “Why do you want Bugs Bunny?”

“I think it is quite cute.” Pei Xu said, stretching out his hand and dividing the shells into two groups with his slender fingers. He separated out the ones he gave to Zhai Xingchen: “Give the others as you like, you can either keep these for yourself, or give them to me after you’ve painted them.”

Zhai Xingchen also felt that it was not good for him to give the gifts he had received from someone to others, so he said: “I will give the gifts that I picked up myself. I will keep the gifts that you and Yan Zhi gave to myself.”

Pei Xu took a look at the shells sent by Yan Zhi.

“Forget it, just give it all away.” Pei Xu said, “It’s yours once we gave it to you, you can distribute it as you wish.”

He took a sip of water and frowned. He felt that the lemonade Zhai Xingchen drank at home was a bit too sour.

Pei Xu had lunch at Zhai Xingchen’s house.

He finally understood why Zhai Xingchen’s cooking was so delicious.

This was all ancestral craftsmanship.

Pei Xu ate so much that Zhai Xingchen was afraid that he would be too full.

“Eat less,” he said.

“Uncle’s cooking is delicious.” Pei Xu said politely.

He didn’t look like someone who could speak politely, so he came across as sincere.

Father Zhai smiled brightly, but he still pretended to be polite: “We all eat at home, and it is definitely not comparable to what you usually eat.”

When Zhai Xingchen heard this, he glanced at his father. He felt that his father’s eyes were almost bursting with smiles.

As if it was a big compliment for a rich young man to like eating the food he cooked so much.

Pei Xu didn’t stay at Zhai family house for too long. He sat for a while after eating and then left.

Father Zhai asked Zhai Xingchen to see him off. When he went out, he happened to meet their neighbour across the door. The neighbour aunt smiled and asked, “You have a guest at home?”

“Xingchen, his friend, came to play at home.”

The neighbour didn’t know about “Red and Blue Signal”, so she couldn’t help but praise: “The young man is so handsome.”

Zhai Xingchen felt a little embarrassed when he saw Pei Xu being praised so much.

So many people used to praise him, but he had a bad face, and was not embarrassed at all.

He should be used to others praising him for being handsome.

When the two of them came out of Zhai family house, Pei Xu looked back at the building.

It was a white five-story building. Zhai Xingchen lived on the fourth floor, at the east end.

Would remember it next time he came back.

He suddenly saw father Zhai and mother Zhai still standing at the stairs on the fourth floor, looking down. Seeing father Zhai waving to him, Pei Xu hurriedly bowed again.

“That young man is so polite.” Father Zhai said to mother Zhai with a smile.

He made a pretty good impression.

Zhai Xingchen asked Pei Xu: “Didn’t you drive?”

Pei Xu said: “The car is parked outside your school.”

Zhai Xingchen sent him to the south gate of Zhongwu.

“You go back.” Pei Xu said.

“Thank you for coming to see me.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu glanced at Zhai Xingchen with a smile: “What are you going to do tomorrow?”

Zhai Xingchen said: “Stay at home, doesn’t the program team not allow us to go out casually?”

He felt that it was best to listen to the program team and not cause trouble for them. After all, there were so many of them, it was not easy to make this show, and the guests still had to cooperate.

“Are all the thick clothes ready?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen nodded: “I searched. It’s so cold where we are going, it’s dozens of degrees below zero.”

“Prepare two more warm down jackets.” Pei Xu said.

Zhai Xingchen smiled and nodded.

The Zhai family lived in Changping Village near Zhongwu. This was a huge urban village. It took more than 40 minutes to walk from south to north, and more than 30 minutes to walk from east to west. This village, which had gradually developed through Zhongwu, had begun to build buildings in recent years. However, due to unreasonable planning, the roads had twists and turns, and tenants accounted for the majority occupants. Even if you knew someone lived in this village, it would be difficult to find them.

Huo Cheng had been looking for him for a long time.

Huo Cheng thought he was very smart.

The program team did not allow them to exchange their contact information or tell each other their home addresses, but they all knew that Zhai Xingchen lived in Changping Village.

Although he didn’t know exactly which street he lived on.

But it didn’t matter, he could find it himself.

He quickly finished all his work abroad, didn’t even get jet-lagged, and came here with dark circles under his eyes.

He was very anxious. He was always impatient, and he had been very anxious these past two days.

Before going to Beicheng again, the more chance he had, the more he would feel at ease.

As a result, he asked people from street to street, but no one knew Zhai Xingchen.

People in the city were just indifferent. Unlike their village, the people in the east end of the village even knew what the people in the west end of the village had for lunch today.

But his hard work paid off, and he finally asked at a small store near Zhai Xingchen’s home.

“Zhai Xingchen, I know him, I know him.” The old lady looked at Huo Cheng’s luxury car: “Who are you?”

“Friend.” Huo Cheng said in surprise, “Can you tell me where his home is?”

Huo Cheng said and bought another pack of cigarettes at the old lady’s shop.

This made the old lady very happy and said: “I will take you there, it is very close.”

Father Zhai had just cleared the dining table and come out to throw away the trash when he heard someone calling him: “Old Zhai!”

Father Zhai turned around and saw the proprietress of the canteen near their home waving to him with a smile. Next to her was a handsome man with short hair, more than 1.9 meters tall, standing next to her, carrying a bunch of things in his hand.

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