SLDH Ch. 81: Spring Outing

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Popcorn Kindergarten.

Most of spring had passed in the blink of an eye, but the kindergarten had not yet organized a spring outing for the children. Generally speaking, spring outings organized by kindergartens required parents to accompany the children. Because the children in kindergartens were too young, teachers could not take care of every child outdoors. So after more than a month of hard work, the kindergarten finally made an appointment. Most of the parents arrived and the spring outing started.

Note that most of them meant that there were still some parents who did not have time to accompany their children on spring outings. Among them, the six children who had just transferred to the kindergarten this year did not have their parents accompanying them. For safety reasons, children without their parents were not allowed to participate in the spring outing. However, on the day of the spring outing, each of the six little kids handed a power of attorney letter to the teacher.

It was not like she had never seen a kindergarten principal write a power of attorney, but she had really never seen a parent who would write something like “Teacher, take him away with confidence, my baby won’t die, and the school won’t be held responsible if he dies.”

What crazy parents!

“Xiao Rui, Xiao Hai, Ya Ya…” the principal said earnestly, “Can I ask the security uncle to take you home?”

“Principal, we are going for the spring outing.” The five small frys said in unison, they obviously asked Elder Yu to write a power of attorney, so why did the principal still not let them go?

“We are going to the forest this time. The forest is very big. It is easy to get lost if there are no parents watching.” The principal advised patiently.

“Principal, we will be good, please take us there.” The five little frys begged. When they were in the demon kindergarten, they felt that the teachers in the school didn’t care about anything. Now in the human kindergarten, why did the teachers care so much? It was too much.

“No, the principal is responsible for your safety.” Even if the parents of these six children had written a power of attorney and added such a heartbreaking sentence at the end, she absolutely could not take the risk. Not to mention whether the parents would fall out and cause trouble if something happened to their children, even if they really didn’t, they would not be able to live with it in their own conscience, so they must not take these children on the spring outing.

Seeing that the principal was determined not to agree, the five little frys all turned their heads and looked at the cold-faced little white fox standing on the far right. They softly shouted: “Little white fox brother~~” The corner of the little white fox’s mouth twitched.

He stood, sighing resignedly, and then called the principal. When the principal looked over, he immediately gave him a spring-like smile.

Immediately, the charm attribute of the ninth-grade Sky Fox was activated~~

“Principal, let us go on the spring outing.” The little white fox smiled.

“Okay, everyone goes, everyone goes!” The principal and all the teachers centered on the principal nodded in unison.

“Yeah~~” The little frys were very happy. As expected, there was nothing that the little white fox brother couldn’t solve with a smile.

“It’s just embarrassing for the Fox clan.” At this time, a voice full of disgust came from a female teacher behind the principal. The female teacher was carrying a birdcage in her hand, with a crow squatting inside.

The little white fox glanced at it but ignored it. He returned to his aloof attitude and calmly stepped onto the kindergarten spring outing bus.

“Little Crow, why should Brother Little White Fox be embarrassed? This is a very powerful skill.” Yaya argued disapprovingly. She liked Brother Little White Fox’s skills, but it was a pity that she didn’t have such a skill.

“The majestic ninth-grade Heavenly Fox, a genius of the demon clan, actually used his natural ability to cheat the spring outing quota?” Peng Yan, who was in a crow state, was heartbroken. Had their demon clan fallen to this level?

“It doesn’t matter what his skills are, it’s better to just use them~~” The little frys were pragmatic little frys.

“…” Peng Yan was speechless and choked.

“Little Crow, today we have a spring outing. The teacher said that you would be released, but your injury has not healed yet. What should we do?” Xiao Hai asked worriedly.

In the eyes of other teachers and children in the kindergarten, Little Crow’s injury had healed. This was because Little Crow used the demon clan’s illusion to cover his wound. But in fact, he and his friends could see that the injury on Little Crow’s body was not healed yet.

“I will fly back alone.” He was not a real crow, who couldn’t recognize the way.

The five little ones immediately felt relieved. Although the little crow was too poor to go to Sister Wanwan for treatment, the spiritual energy in the kindergarten was still stronger than elsewhere. Moreover, they could occasionally steal some cultivation elixirs from the clan and give them to the Little Crow.

The little white fox smiled charmingly and temporarily bewitched the kindergarten teachers. By the time the teachers woke up from the charm, the bus had already arrived at the destination of the spring outing. Even if they regretted it at this time, they didn’t have time to send the six little ones back, so they had to take them on the spring outing together.

“Children, we have arrived at the forest, now let’s send the little crow home together.” The first thing to do when they reached their destination was to release the little crow.

“Okay~~” the children all responded, and at the same time, as they wanted to explain to their parents how they rescued the little crow.

“Let’s count down together, three, two, one~~” When the countdown reached one, the teacher opened the cage, but the crow in the cage did not move. It was combing its feathers leisurely and did not have any intention of flying away at all.

Ha~~ Stupid human beings, if you let Gu fly away, will Gu fly away?

“Teacher, is the little crow reluctant to leave us?” one child guessed.

“It seems so. The little crow must be thanking us for saving it, so it is reluctant to leave~~” the teacher agreed.

It’s ridiculous. If he weren’t worried about Fan Chen, he could kill them all with just one claw. How could he be reluctant to leave?

With a “pop” sound, the little crow, which had been combing its feathers lazily just now, suddenly spread its wings and flew away in a whoosh.

“The little crow flew away~~”

“Look, the little crow is so happy to be home.”

The Demon King who didn’t fly too far and could still hear their words: Humans are indeed the most cunning creatures in the world. No matter what you do, they will all have something to say, it’s simply hateful.

After releasing the crow, the kindergarten officially began the spring outing. The so-called spring outing was actually to let the children get close to nature, and the way to get close was to let them play games within the pre-planned range of the kindergarten.

After a few rounds of the game, it was time for lunch. Everyone sat down in a row, took out the food they brought and started sharing. The parents brought a lot of food so that they could share with each other. Even the six demon cubs who didn’t bring lunch were full.

After dinner and telling a few more stories, it was two o’clock in the afternoon. The teacher looked at the time and started the last activity of the day.

“Children, we will end today’s spring outing and go back in an hour. In the last hour, the children can have free activities with their parents.” After the announcement, the teacher walked to the six children who were not accompanied by their parents and said, “Please stay with the teacher for the last hour.”

“Okay.” The five small frys responded obediently, and the little white fox also nodded coldly.

At this moment, a language that only the demon clan could understand reached the ears of the six cubs: “You little cubs, come here and do me a favor.” The little white fox didn’t like the commanding tone of the crow and ignored it.

But the five little frys were very willing to help demons. When they heard that he wanted their help, they all turned their heads excitedly, opened their mouths, and sent out aquatic sound waves: “Little crow, what do you need?”

“Gu found a spirit-gathering stone in the lake not far away. Go and help Gu take it out.” He just flew out and found a place in the forest where the spiritual energy was relatively dense. The effect was not obvious. It would be difficult to detect it if he wasn’t so sensitive. So he curiously went over to check it out, and only then did he realize that there was a spirit-gathering stone buried in a small lake in the forest. Normally, this spirit-gathering stone would be useless to him, but at this time, he needed to seize every means to recover from his injuries. Wearing spirit-gathering stone could help condense spiritual energy and increase the speed of cultivating demonic power.

“In the lake, the little crow can’t swim, so he asked us for help, right? We’ll go right away.” The little frys responded happily. They were fish, and the water was their home court.

“…” Peng Yan was speechless. His true form was Kunpeng[1]. Kunpeng could transform into a fish. It was a piece of cake for him to sink to the bottom of the lake and gather the spirit stone. He actually did this because he wanted to help these weak little frys, because these little frys were so weak that they were an embarrassment to the demon clan.

You know, the Spirit Gathering Stone had been buried in the lake for hundreds of years, and the spiritual power accumulated around it had a body-refining effect on the demon clan. This weak effect was naturally useless to him, but it was useful to these few small frys. So he flew over and let the little frys go fishing for the spiritual stones.

“Brother, little white fox…” The five little frys all looked at the little white fox again.

The little white fox was speechless for a moment, then turned around and called out to the teacher.

“Xiao Rui, what’s wrong?” The teacher turned around with concern, then met the little white fox’s charming smile, and fainted with a silly smile.

“Let’s go!” The five little frys immediately got up and ran into the forest with the little crow. The little white fox was startled, and then ran over.

Not far behind them, a child who was waiting for his father to weave grasshoppers from wild grass spotted the six little ones sneaking around. He immediately became curious and chased after them.

Peng Yan noticed him immediately when he started chasing them, but it was just a human cub. He didn’t care about the other person’s life and death, so he remained silent and continued to lead the way, and soon they reached the lake he was talking about.

“I feel it. The lake here is so comfortable. I want to go swimming.” So the little frys lined up and jumped down.

The little white fox hesitated, and when he was considering whether he should go for a dip too, a chubby little boy suddenly rushed out from behind.

“Brother Xiao Rui, are you swimming?”

As the campus heartthrob, the name of the little white fox was known to everyone in the kindergarten.

“Why are you here?” The little white fox frowned and turned to look at the lake. He found that all five small frys had turned into fish and dived to the bottom of the lake. He was relieved.

Fortunately, they were not discovered when they transformed.

“Ah, where are Yaya and Xiao Hai?” At this time, Xiao Pang suddenly screamed, “Did they sink into the water?”

“…” Oh no, how to explain this? How about a smile?

“Yaya, Xiaohai, don’t be afraid. I have learned how to swim, and I will come to save you right now…”

When the little white fox was still hesitating whether to laugh, there was a splash, and Little Fatty also jumped in.


“Ah, I forgot to bring the swimming ring.” Little Fatty, who had learned to swim, fell into the water and then remembered that he had only learned swimming for two days and could not swim without the swimming ring.

“…” At this level, you still want to save people.

“Gudong, Gudong~~” There was a sound of water filling, and the little fat man sank quickly.

At this time, a small black fish quickly swam up from the bottom of the lake. The small fish was only the size of a child’s palm. It struggled to float against the chubby body, but it couldn’t move.

“Yaya, Duoduo, Xiao Pang, come and help. He is too heavy and I can’t carry it.” This was Xiao Hai’s voice.

As he finished speaking, four more small frys swam over quickly, got behind Little Fatty, and swung their tails vigorously. But even so, they still couldn’t push Little Fatty away.

He was just too heavy.

“Brother Little White Fox, come and help, we can’t push him over.” The little fish frys asked for help again.

At this time, Peng Yan couldn’t stand it any longer. He flew over the small frys, pulled the little fat man out of the water with his claws, and said angrily: “Are you really fish demons? Don’t you know how to control water?”

“No.!” The five little frys shook their heads in unison.

“…” The reputation of the demon clan was about to end.

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[1] Refer to Ch. 78.1 for the explanation.

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