CFCS Ch. 184.2: Anyang Saga (5)

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Xue Chengyu specially prepared a carriage for Jing Yang. The carriage looked simple on the outside, but it was very spacious and very comfortable inside. Because it took more than 20 days to return to the imperial capital, so it was impossible for Jing Yang to go back to the imperial capital on horseback. Xue Chengyu didn’t want to make him suffer on the road, so he specially prepared this carriage for him to ride while driving. He could also sleep in it, so he would suffer less on the road.

Jing Yang wore a veil hat and got on the carriage with the help of Zhu Xin. Seeing the layout of the carriage, Jing Yang felt very satisfied. Of course, he didn’t want to suffer when he could enjoy himself.

Jing Yang leaned back and sat in the wide carriage that looked like a big bed. Zhu Xin took out the snacks and preserved fruits from the food box and put them on the low table, poured half a cup of tea and set them aside, and went to sit outside.

Jing Yang held his chin, thinking about what he would do after arriving in the imperial capital to fulfill the original owner’s wish. The original owner hated the Su family the most, so he had to do something to punish everyone in the Su family. He also needed to get back the throne that had been taken away from the Ans in order to fulfill all the original owner’s wishes.

Speaking of which, Jing Yang felt that he had been earnestly fulfilling the original owner’s wishes in every life. After so many lives, he often forgot why he had to be so conscientious. Only when he went back in his memory, would he remember what the King of Hell had said to him. The general content of the words that the King of Hell said was that he must have a happy ending in every life, and he must deal with the original owner to complete the unfinished business. Then, he could move beyond the ninety-nine worlds.

He thought, what kind of place would it be beyond the ninety-nine worlds? If he did go back there one day, what kind of people and what kind of things would be waiting for him? Was it happier to be reincarnated incessantly, or was it happier to go beyond the ninety-nine worlds to seek a final result?

After thinking about it, Jing Yang lay down and fell asleep, Zhu Xin came in and helped cover him with the quilt, put away the tea and snacks, and then went out of the door.

Jing Yang fell asleep, but he suddenly felt that his body had begun to get hot, and his lower abdomen felt very empty, and there was a feeling that he needed to be filled.

Jing Yang opened his eyes and put his hands between his legs. At first, he thought it might be over, but the desire that erupted in his body became stronger and stronger. He felt something was wrong, so he turned on the system to check his physical condition, and the result was that he was actually drugged.

“Bamboo Heart!” Jing Yang shouted loudly.

When Zhu Xin heard Jing Yang’s cry, she immediately pushed open the door and walked closer, “What is your command?”

“Go and call your general in, I have something to ask him.” Jing Yang endured the restlessness of his body and tried his best to speak calmly.

Zhu Xin walked out again according to Jing Yang’s instructions, and soon Xue Chengyu entered the carriage.

“What’s the matter? What do you want to tell me?” Xue Chengyu observed Jing Yang’s expression, and he already understood what was going on.

“Did you give me the medicine?” Jing Yang looked at him and asked.

“…Yes.” Xue Chengyu was silent for a while and then admitted.

“You bastard!” Jing Yang took the pillow and threw it at him.

Xue Chengyu took the pillow lightly, “If you had told me your identity from the beginning, I would not have given you the medicine. The medicine was given before I knew your identity.”

Xue Chengyu was quite puzzled, why at the beginning, when he kept asking Jing Yang’s identity, he just didn’t say it. After he came back from Nanman, he had done everything he shouldn’t have done before he revealed his identity. The medicine was given to him on the night he forced Jing Yang. It was not fed to him from the upper mouth but stuffed into him from the lower mouth.

The medicine that Xue Chengyu gave Jing Yang was not harmful to his body, but made it so that his body needed to deal with his desires every few days, because Xue Chengyu thought Jing Yang was sent to seduce him at first, so he gave him the medicine and wanted to seduce him in return.

“Where’s the antidote?” Jing Yang asked, not wanting to talk nonsense, staring at him.

Jing Yang had already started to sweat, and his face was red as if he had applied rouge, which made him look extraordinarily charming and moving. Xue Chengyu was fascinated by it, but when he saw Jing Yang was about to smash him with something, he finally recovered.

Xue Chengyu sat on Jing Yang’s bed, opened one of the five-story low cabinets next to it, took out a wooden box and placed it in front of Jing Yang, “This is the antidote.”

Jing Yang immediately grabbed the wooden box and opened it, but saw a certain shape made of white jade inside, Jing Yang quickly closed the box, and his face turned even redder “I don’t want this, please give me the antidote quickly!”

“This is the antidote, this Leng Yu is made to deal with this medicine, after putting it in, it will slowly heal after a while, otherwise I can only help you.” Xue Chengyu really wanted to hear Jing Yang ask him to help.

Jing Yang closed his eyes and used the system to search, this thing was actually really an antidote. Although he didn’t want to put something cold and hard in his body, he didn’t want Xue Chengyu to help. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it with Xue Chengyu, but he didn’t want to do it in the carriage, because the carriage was moving and there were soldiers outside. Even though it had wooden windows and doors, as long as his voice was a little louder, he would definitely be heard by people outside. Therefore, among the two choices, if he must choose one, he would rather choose that Leng Yu.

Jing Yang’s desire was getting stronger and stronger, his bottoms were soaked through, and he could only lie there and say “help me put it in.”

Xue Chengyu took off his shoes and went to bed, lifted Jing Yang’s robe, then he took off his outer pants, and slowly helped him take off his underpants, holding the wet underpants in his hands, he looked at them.

Jing Yang was too embarrassed to raise his head, so he turned his back to him, buried his face in his arm and urged, “Come on!”

Xue Chengyu lifted his leg up, took out the jade thing in the wooden box, and placed it on his leg. After a while, he didn’t rush to put it in.

Jing Yang clasped his lips and did not dare to speak, he was afraid that he would make a shameful moan when he opened his mouth.

Xue Chengyu pushed the jade in a little bit, and Jing Yang just felt a cool feeling in the hot and dry interior, but he pulled the jade out again.

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