PPM Ch. 87: Why should I go see her?

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“She has medicine on her desk, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Chi Su’s understatement made Mo Nianchen angry.

“What does it mean? If something happens to her, how many heads will you use to accompany her?! Go and ask my personal caregiver to see her.”

Chi Su said weakly, “I think so, if you really…if you care about her, it’s better to go by yourself.”

“Really?” Mo Nianchen’s heart had already flown to the design department, waiting for someone to say this. But he stopped as soon as he was about to take a step.

He clearly remembered that she said that she didn’t want people to know their relationship…

Mo Nianchen frowned. Why did he have to accommodate her? Because he was afraid that if he didn’t accommodate her, she would fly abroad without a word like five years ago, without giving him any news.

Was she seriously ill? Why didn’t she say a word? She was like this, she had been like this since she was a child, her mouth was hard, her wings were hard, and her heart was harder.

Was it so hard for her to think of him as the first person when she needed something? Did she hate him that much?!

Seeing Mo Nianchen stop halfway, Chi Su stopped suddenly, and subconsciously called him tentatively: “Prince…Prince?”

Mo Nianchen turned around and roared at Chi Su angrily: “What kind of shit have you done? Why should I go to see her, make her sick and die! You also go out from here!”

Chi Su was ashamed, and quickly withdrew out of the way. Recently, the number of times the Prince got angry had skyrocketed, and every time it was related to Li Shengxia. It seemed that he had to go and flatter Li Shengxia well.

“Li Shengxia, hello, you are very good! You are the one who messed with me first! If you don’t come to apologize to me, why should I care if you live or die? Don’t you say you hate me? If you hate me, you will be alone and die alone. Let’s go!” Mo Nianchen thought about it, but he felt a little bored in his heart.

Didn’t he wait for her to apologize last time, and what did he wait for? Forget it, it’s never a good idea to sit still. If she didn’t come, he had a way to make her come…

Mo Nianchen finally couldn’t hold it any longer and left the president’s office fully armed.

Except for commuting time, the Crown Prince had almost never walked outside, and no one had seen him…

But this time, the world was messy.

“Look, just now I saw someone coming out of the elevator reserved for the president.”

“That’s the Prince, you are stupid—”

“God, the Prince is so handsome, the Prince is so handsome… I can’t do it… …”

Mo Nianchen was speechless, why were so many people looking at him, was he so recognizable? He really didn’t like people looking at him like that!

Of course, everyone didn’t dare to make trouble, just watched him from a distance…

Seeing him entering the design department, everyone was going crazy and guessing what he was going to do.

Why did the Prince go to the design department? What did he want to do in the design department? Who to look for?

When Pianpian saw the prince entering the office, she immediately stopped her work and arranged her long hair, “President… President…”

“You’re the only one here?” He looked unhappy.

“Today’s things are done, I want to find something to do tomorrow… So…”

Pianpian was extremely excited.

Mo Nianchen didn’t look at her at all, “Where are the others?”

“Well…the manager went to discuss cooperation, Tan Qing and Ling Yarang are off work. Our design department usually gets off work at this time.”

“There is another person?”

Anyone else?

Was the prince asking for her? Did he just ask her out? She almost fainted with excitement.

Pianpian was immediately excited and incoherent, “I’m going to get off work soon after I’m done.”

He meant, Li Shengxia! Was this person transparent, invisible or non-existent?

“Have you eaten, Prince? I heard that there is a very good restaurant called Seven Restaurant nearby. Just now, Ling Yarang went with the newcomer…”

“The newcomer?”

“Li…Li…” Pianpian thought for a while, and finally remembered, “Li Shengxia…” She raised her head suddenly and found that the place in front of her was empty.

The Prince was gone!

He was absolutely gorgeous, but when would she change her stuttering problem whenever she saw someone she liked! She had been pretending to be calm for so long, that she couldn’t speak even when she wanted, why did she still reveal her true shape every time it came to a critical moment!

Pianpian was still resenting herself, and she had no idea how ecstatic the scene was when Mo Nianchen galloped towards the Seventh Restaurant.


Very good!

He was thinking that it rained last night, and it seemed that it was not easy to get a taxi there. Hearing that she had a cold, he wanted to come and take care of her!

As a result, she had already went on a date with someone else for dinner at the restaurant!!

At this moment, Mo Nianchen entered the door of the Seventh Restaurant with murderous intent.



Li Shengxia and Ling Yarang sneezed at the same time, and then they both laughed involuntarily.

The owner of Seventh Restaurant saw that Mo Nianchen had come around the corner, and said with a smile: “Sir, you are also very envious of the two of them for their good looks. I heard that they got wet together yesterday. Doesn’t it sounds romantic? To be honest, I often see you passing by the door of the restaurant alone without a female companion, you look so handsome, it’s time to find a girlfriend…”

Mo Nianchen’s expression became more and more strange.

They were in the rain together last night?

So they both had a cold? Hehe, he saw her very well! Where did she look only a little sick! Thanks to him coming here, it was ridiculous!

His anger was rising, and just as he was about to get angry, he remembered Li Shengxia’s disgusted expression.

Every time he attacked the people around her, she looked at him with so much hatred.

Well, he won’t attack those passers-by this time, but he wanted to see how she could catch him!! Since it was useless to wait for her to apologize, just force her to apologize.

Mo Nianchen thought of this and made a phone call.

“Williams, it’s me. From now on, all the most complicated and tedious work in the design department will be handed over to Li Shengxia.”

“President, this? Li Shengxia has just come to the company, so I’m afraid it won’t be time to hand over the heavy responsibility to her so early. Is everything all right?”

“Heavy tasks? I mean, all the most tedious and unconstructive work.” Mo Nianchen emphasized coldly, deliberately accentuating the words ‘trivial’ and ‘meaningless’.

“President, do you mean…” Was he making things difficult for her? Why? The Prince had given an order before that Li Shengxia was covered by him.

“Don’t you understand? I mean, from now on, immediately, immediately!”

“Yes, President, I understand.”

Mo Nianchen hung up the phone proudly.

Then, Li Shengxia’s phone rang…

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