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Guan Li had traveled all this way in the entertainment industry, and except as a newcomer, she had never been reprimanded by the director, and had never encountered such an embarrassing and humiliating situation as today. She instinctively glanced at Si Huang, then turned her eyes away, and calmly admitted her mistake: “I didn’t pay attention and was brought into the play by Si Huang.”

Si Huang, who had just gotten out of the wheelchair, looked at Guan Li unexpectedly. As a senior, it was rare to admit mistakes in front of newcomers so boldly, especially with the meaning of Guan Li’s words, which was a great appreciation and recognition of Si Huang’s acting skills.

Director Liu’s face improved a lot, “You know it! As a senior, you were brought into the play by your junior, and you still appeared to be in the play at the end. You should reflect on it.”

Guan Li replied: “I see.”

Tie Lao’s heavy voice sounded suddenly, “Shui Lingxin only regards A Qiong as his younger brother from the bottom of her heart.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention. As the protagonist being talked about, Guan Li’s face turned red and white, and it was difficult to look directly at Tie Lao. He seemed to see everything clearly, “Thank you for reminding, Tie Lao, I won’t make such a mistake again, and I will definitely do it well next time.”

Si Huang also came over and smiled: “I can make Sister Guan see me as Brother, it is my blessing.”

Her relaxed words enlivened the atmosphere, and Guan Li’s heart flashed with a trace of gratitude and complexity, as she also joked with Si Huang: “With such a handsome brother as you, I don’t know how many people would envy me.”

The person standing in front of her now was still dressed as Young Master Qianji, but he had returned to the young boy she had first met, and no longer stared at her with the kind of focused eyes that belonged to her alone, nor would he help her selflessly when she was in trouble, making her feel that as long as he was there, nobody in the world could make things difficult for her.

Inexplicably, Guan Li felt a sense of loss in her heart, which was too heavy to ignore.

She knew that this was the sequelae of being in the play, but she didn’t expect that she who never experienced it with the old actors, would be so trapped by a newcomer!

There was no doubt that Si Huang’s performance this time was affirmed by Tie Lao. After Tie Lao left, Director Liu led Si Huang and Yu Xi to the office.

As soon as they sat down, Director Liu praised Si Huang without hesitation, “You have done a good job. After this time, I promise that no one will dare to say anything about you.”

Si Huang nodded and then gestured to Yu Xi with his eyes.

Director Liu also noticed this young man who looked shrewd and steady, “Who is he?”

Yu Xi nodded to Director Liu, “I’m Si Huang’s manager, Yu Xi. Director Liu can call me Xiaoyu.”

Upon hearing this, Director Liu’s whole person became Spartan, and he looked to Si Huang to confirm with his eyes.

Si Huang’s expression was calm.

Director Liu really didn’t know what to say. Young people today couldn’t be understood with common sense.

Next, Si Huang completely gave Yu Xi free rein, but he did not disappoint, and successfully negotiated the terms of the contract with Director Liu. From Si Huang’s point of view, the conditions he negotiated were already quite good, and it wouldn’t be much better if she came on her own.

This made Si Huang feel a bit happy. With Yu Xi by her side, she would definitely be able to relax a lot in the future.

Before leaving, Director Liu once again said that the current youngsters were incredible, and the back waves of the Yangtze River pushed the front waves[1], and then again exhorted: “Remember to handle the school affairs well, Tie Lao has spoken, the shooting of “The Emperor’s Path” should be ahead of schedule and would be done elsewhere. Even if you don’t have many scenes, you have to stay in that place for a month, so you have to prepare everything you need to prepare.”

Si Huang nodded: “I see.”

When she returned to the dressing room, the make-up artist inside had not left. As soon as she saw Si Huang, she immediately shouted: “Your Majesty! I joined your knight order! Can you let me take a few more pictures?”

What knight order? Si Huang’s surprise did not show on his face, but he apologized: “Before he stills, my costume photos can’t be circulated too much. After the official release of the stills, you can take as much as you like.”

After working in the industry for so long, the make-up artist certainly understood the reasoning, and secretly scolded herself for being dazed by beauty, but looking at the beautiful majesty, she still really wanted it!

“Then, Your Majesty, I just won’t post it, I will just keep it to myself to lick the screen, okay? Your Majesty~ look at the sincere heart of this minister! Your Majesty~!”

Sister, is it really okay for you to be so coquettish? Yu Xi turned his head to look at Si Huang but saw a smile on the other side’s brows. That smile was real and was as warm as the sun’s light sprinkled by the trees in summer. The already beautiful face had become breathtaking, and it made people unable to look away.

Yu Xi felt that at this moment, he was not pretending, but really loved the woman who supported him, patiently and indulgently. Which woman could resist his gaze? Even as a man, he felt that Si Huang with this demeanor was like radiating light, warm and round like jade, and wanted to get closer.

“Okay.” Si Huang agreed with a smile.

The make-up artist blushed and took three pictures in a row. She didn’t take any more pictures, and asked Si Huang nervously, “Your Majesty! Can you let me do makeup for you next time?”

Si Huang: “Thank you.”

“No, no. No! This is the honor of this minister!” The make-up artist waved her hands excitedly, and finally her face was serious.

Si Huang smiled again, went to the cubicle to change out of the costume, then took a shower and removed his makeup before leaving.

In the car.

Yu Xi looked at Si Huang who was driving with a relaxed expression, and asked softly, “Do you like that woman very much?”

Si Huang was stunned for a while, and then he realized what he was talking about, so he smiled dumbly, and said softly, “They are the only ones who truly love me without purpose.”

In her previous life, acting was the only holy place where she could escape reality and find spiritual solace. And those fans who didn’t know the truth just brought her a touch of warmth in her cold and dark life. They were passionate, watching her all the time, expressing their love to their heart’s content, letting her know that there were so many people in this world who needed and loved her deeply.

Si Huang was selfish and cautious, and was unwilling to give her feelings first, but she would always treat her fans who really loved her deeply, well.

Yu Xi was dumbfounded for a while, staring at Si Huang’s soft brows, and suddenly a trace of envy for that woman appeared, which was quickly erased by force.

The make-up artist posted a Weibo again.

[Your Majesty is really gentle! I really want to turn into a kitten and act like a spoiled brat in His Majesty’s arms, please let me go! His Majesty said that before the film crew posted photos, so many photos could not be circulated outside, but people were selling meng, so he still took them for me! [Love] [Love] I have decided that in the future, the mobile phone screen will only be for your majesty! lick lick lick!]

Penguin Dandan: “What the hell is that person!? From an aunt to a kitten in one day? Godly turns!”

Calm Mimosa: “The blogger is muddy! Shameful!”

A cabbage called me: “Don’t open the forest! Don’t open the forest! Fruit photos! Fruit photos! [Huh]”

Caramel pudding: “The blogger is holding his claw! Your Majesty is so gentle, people have known it for a long time! [Love] [laughs]”

The make-up artist who posted the Weibo was delighted and stared at the mobile screen with Si Huang’s photo to enjoy it. Suddenly, a ‘ding dong’ sounded, it was Weibo’s notification sound which meant that she had received a private message.

She clicked it and found that it was sent by the girl with ID Caramel Pudding.

Caramel Pudding: “Dear, we welcome you to join His Majesty’s First Knight Order, Penguin Group Number: 261824808.”

The make-up artist opened the Penguin number without hesitation and entered. There were not many people inside, but everyone there gave her a warm welcome.

Caramel pudding: “Dangdang! Welcome to the newcomer! As a new knight, please swear!”

The group quieted down, and the make-up artist felt a solemn atmosphere inexplicably, which made her mood settle.

This kind of emotion slowly permeated her, causing her to evoke an excited smile. This feeling of chasing someone had really been gone for a long time. Then she thought of Si Huang’s figure, and the feeling of getting along with each other just a few times.

The fingers quickly pressed on the keyboard of the mobile phone, as she typed.

Rose with thorns: “I swear to be kind to the weak;

I swear to be brave against rape;

I swear to fight against all wrongs;

I swear to fight for Your Majesty;

I swear to help my sister knights;

I swear to be sincere to my comrades;

I swear to fight against all, my love for Your Majesty will last forever!”


[Your Majesty! His Majesty! Gold glitter added again! 】

The driving Si Huang’s eyelids twitched, and the corner of his mouth was turned up.

Er Shui: Your Majesty, it’s all my fault that I was locked in a small dark room and made you arrive an hour late!

Feng Huang: It’s okay.

Er Shui: Your Majesty, you are so gentle! Even I fan you!

Feng Huang: Hmm.

Er Shui: Your gentle majesty, can you give everyone a blessing?

Feng Huang: Everyone should be healthy, I love you.

Ershui: Ahhhhhhhh Love you! Love you! love you!

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[1] Younger generation surpassed the older generation.

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