TBVSR Ch. 107.1: Little Love Story

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“Swan Lake” was scheduled to be performed on New Year’s Eve at the end of December.

Jiang Yu got up at six in the morning, and rehearsed with the girls in the art hall on the outskirts of the city, doing intensive preparations for the four-hour performance in the evening.

Although she was only a substitute for the Swan Queen, she could only be on top if Bu Xi made a mistake. Generally speaking, Bu Xi was not expected to make a mistake, whether it was in training or rehearsal, her condition was very stable.

But Jiang Yu didn’t slacken in the slightest. She kept the swan makeup that the makeup artist had put on her all day long. She could only drink a little porridge with a straw even when she ate, fearing that the makeup would be messed up.

Qiu Li’s postgraduate exam had just ended, and he bought a ticket to return to Beicheng on the afternoon of the 31st.

He once thought that the ticket to Haicheng at the age of 18 was a one-way ticket, and he would never return to this heart-breaking city again.

After three years of absence, when he stepped off the air bridge and stepped on the soil of this city again, he had a strange feeling of returning home.

Perhaps because there was his beloved girl here, and because of her, Qiu Li was willing to love this piece of soil again.

But just after Qiu Li decided to like the city again for less than a minute, he stood outside the terminal building in a suit and leather shoes, holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand, watching the pouring rain outside, feeling deeply…

This city was inconsistent with him.

He glanced at the time. It was 5:40 in the afternoon, and the performance was at 7 o’clock. He didn’t care to eat, so he hired a taxi and rushed to the art hall on the outskirts of the city.

Unfortunately, at this point in time just in time for the rush hour, Qiu Li’s taxi was forced to stop on the main road in the city center.

He looked out the window at the traffic that had been blocking a whole street, looked down at the time, and asked, “Can’t you change to another route? I have something urgent.”

“No way.” The driver looked at the roses in his hand and said helplessly: “At this point, changing to any road is useless because they will be blocked, not to mention that you can’t advance or retreat in a block here, and you can’t switch routes.”

Qiu Li watched the time go by. For twenty minutes, the car had not driven even one kilometre.

He simply got out of the car and swept a bicycle on the side of the road.

The speed of bicycles exceeded the blocked traffic flow.

The heavy rain had never stopped and it was getting bigger and bigger, washing the streets of the city.

The formal suit Qiu Li specially bought for himself was also completely wet and he was embarrassed as he walked through the rain.

In the winter wind and rain, the chill was so cold, and the cold hands were no longer feeling. He took off his suit and wrapped the roses.

He originally planned to appear in front of Jiang Yu looking decent and handsome, with a bunch of romantic flowers, giving her a small surprise.

Now it seemed that the self-defeating self would turn a surprise into fright in all likelihood.

This city was really so annoying!

He hated these city buildings, street lights, and underground manhole covers…

Qiu Li moved forward against the wind, and silently scolded the sights of the city along the way.

He was in a terrible mood.

The bicycle drove out of the most crowded section of the Third Ring Road. Qiu Li tried to solicit a taxi from the side of the road, but it was raining too much and there were passengers in all the passing taxis.

He rode his bicycle in the direction of Science City in the rain, watching the empty cars passing by while walking.

At this moment, a white Honda car slowed down beside him, and Liu Ye in the driver’s seat shouted sharply: “Handsome man, are you going to the art hall?”

The rain flowed tick…tick along the sharp and tall eyebrows. He glanced at the willow leaves, did not answer, and continued to ride forward.

Just… He didn’t like talking to strangers, especially when he encountered someone on the street who took the initiative to strike up a conversation and call him a handsome guy.

When most people saw him ignoring them, they usually just drove away, but Liu Ye didn’t. She slid slowly and at a constant speed on the brakes, she continued to say to him: “Are you going to the art hall?”

Qiu Li said blankly: “Along this road, you’ll be there in another three kilometres.”

“Ah, I’m not asking for directions. I mean, if you want to go to the art hall, I can take you for a ride. It’s too rainy and it’s not easy to ride a bike.”

The woman’s voice was very gentle and kind, and it fell into his heart with a warm feeling.

Qiu Li took a look at the woman and saw that she was not too young, she should be of his own mother’s generation.

He knew that riding a bicycle would definitely delay the performance, so he simply stopped rejecting and got into Liu Ye’s car.

After getting in the car, Liu Ye immediately handed over a tissue to let him wipe the water drops on his face.

“How could you ride a bicycle like this? How dangerous it is to ride a bicycle in such a heavy rain.”

Qiu Li put the tissue on his head and wiped his wet hair: “Coming from the city center, it’s too congested.”

“It’s better to come from the outer ring, that is not so congested.”

“Coming from the airport, you can’t drive through the outer ring.”

Seeing that he was only wearing a thin shirt, Liu Ye turned on the heating in the car and asked him to slow down: “You came to Beicheng to watch ballet from a different place?”

Qiu Li said without hesitation: “I came to watch my girlfriend’s performance.”

Liu Ye smiled lightly when she heard the words: “Even, I’m a super enthusiast of ballet, but it is impossible for me to ride a bike in the rain for a performance… But to see your girlfriend, let alone rain, you must go even if facing a knife too.”

Qiu Li didn’t answer, and carefully wiped his face and hair.

He was really embarrassed on seeing his girlfriend in such a state.

Damn it.

He began to scold this little broken city again in his heart.

Liu Ye seemed to be a cheerful and talkative woman, so she was trying to chat with him all the way: “Are you a University student?”

“What major are you studying?”

“Psychology? So do you hypnotize, the kind that is shown on TV…which can change people’s memory.”

“Is hypnosis really so magical.”

“I don’t believe you can hypnotize me, as long as I keep my eyes open, you will definitely not let me down.”

Qiu Li rubbed the corner of his eyes, really wanting to hypnotize her, so she would immediately shut up.

The level of this woman’s chattering was more than that of his second father-in-law Cheng Ye.

But sitting in the car, Qiu Li finally endured her twittering, closed his eyes and took a nap, leaving her to talk to herself here alone.

“I really envy you young people, falling in love at such a good age.”

“At this aunt’s age, I’m still single. It’s hard to find someone.”

“Little handsome guy, how long have you known each other? Are you still in college? Was it a campus romance?”

Before Qiu Li spoke, Liu Ye asked the question and answered it herself: “It must be a campus romance, such an enviable youth!”

Qiu Li: “…”

He felt that this aunt could talk to herself forever.

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