IHSB Ch. 107.2

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The day was spent leisurely, while some people in other cities were still working overtime with bald heads.

In Gu Nan’s studio, a man drank a can of Red Bull and pulled out a handful of hair. There were two strands of hair between his fingers.

He collapsed, lying on the table and shouting, “I miss Mr. Gu on the first day he left!”

These words immediately resonated with many people.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…, I miss the boss too, so when will he come back…”

Because they missed him so much, they estimated the time and Gu Nan received the harassment video call at six o’clock.

Gu Nan, wearing black striped silk pyjamas, leaned on the bed and connected the video call expressionlessly.

“Boss, look at the dark circles under our eyes!”

These people had been with Gu Nan for several years. They had worked together for a long time. They also understood Gu Nan’s temper to a certain extent, although he was really as cold as an iceberg. But his expressionless look was particularly stressful.

But they had been trained to withstand pressure very well. As long as Mr. Gu was not angry, they could still say a few words with a shy face.

Gu Nan looked at the dark circles under the man’s eyes expressionlessly, and hummed coldly.

The young man pulled away with a stern expression, and a young man about the same age as Gu Nan came closer.

“Boss, when will you come back?”

Seeing that Gu Nan’s skin was in good condition, there were no dark circles under his eyes, and he seemed to have just woken up and was in good spirits, he was deeply envious. When would he be able to go on vacation…

“In the evening.”

Gu Nan’s deep voice was robotic as he replied without emotion. Then he opened his thin lips and spit out a series of professional terms in electronic programming. It was considered to be a small impromptu meeting. The person opposite quickly sat down in front of the computer, fluttered his fingers and started typing on the keyboard quickly.

Gu Nan was afraid of disturbing the sleeping Nuan Nuan, so he took his mobile phone and went to the balcony outside. The sea breeze blew on him, but his posture was as tall as a pine tree.

Nuan Nuan woke up with sleepy eyes, and moved her little hand to the side in a daze. There was no big brother in the bed anymore.

The cute and confused Nuan Nuan slowly sat up and sat blankly with her short legs crossed. After about a minute, her dark pupils gradually began to focus.

She yawned, and her already watery eyes became even more watery, and physiological tears fell from the corners of her eyes like pearls.

The little one rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, and began to look around for her brother. Her little ears moved, and she heard a low voice coming from the balcony. The little girl didn’t understand a word of what was said.

She clambered out of bed, without even wearing slippers, and ran over with her white and soft little feet clicking on the floor.

However, she did not immediately go over to disturb her elder brother. Instead, she hid her small body behind the curtain, pulled open the floor-to-ceiling window and slowly revealed the small half of her furry head, looking over cautiously with her big wet eyes.

She couldn’t understand what her brother said. He seemed to be in a meeting. Should she go there?

Just when the little girl was struggling, Gu Nan had already discovered the sneaky little girl, and for a moment, the corners of his mouth raised and he smiled lightly.

All the subordinates on the opposite side of the videocall  were stunned, and some even couldn’t hold the tea cup in their hands, and it fell to the ground with a clang.

“Come here.”

The voice was so gentle… The group of people on the opposite side of the video call had goosebumps all over their bodies and their hairs stood up.

However, no one cared about whose cup was broken at this time.

When Nuan Nuan had a video chat with Gu Nan before, he basically avoided the group of people and went to a quiet place to pick it up. Although they were curious, no one had the courage to eavesdrop.

And maybe it wasn’t so obvious when answering the phone and video, but the tone of their boss’s voice when he was with his sister was just so doting!

This made them all doubt for a moment whether their boss had been possessed.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know how complicated the people on the opposite side of her elder brother’s video were feeling. When she heard her elder brother calling her, the little girl walked out from behind the curtain with a pink face and some embarrassment.

The white and tender little feet stepped on the clean floor, and they were so white and cute.

She walked up to her eldest brother with brisk steps on her bare feet, looking up at him longingly with her delicate little face carved in pink and jade.

“I’m sorry, big brother, Nuan Nuan didn’t mean to disturb you. Nuan Nuan wanted to come over and say good morning to you.”

The little girl put her hands behind her back and apologized softly in a sweet little voice.

This little milky voice reached the ears of another group of people through the mobile phone, which really made people’s hearts soften.

Who could blame such a cutie?

That must be impossible…

They didn’t hear the boss speak, and couldn’t see her in the video. Everyone was guessing whether the boss was angry.

They all wanted to boldly persuade the boss.

However, what they didn’t see was Gu Nan putting his broad palm on the little girl’s fluffy and messy hair and rubbing it. Many of Nuan Nuan’s little hairs stood up, especially those on the top of her head.

She lookedd like a cute and adorable person.

“It’s okay, what I said to them is irrelevant.”

The irrelevant person on the other side of the video call: “…”


They were still trying to persuade him! Boss, you have changed and you are not honest at all!

Nuan Nuan didn’t doubt her elder brother, but she sat there obediently, tilted her little head and rubbed her head into the palm of her elder brother’s hand. It was so soft and furry and so cute.

“Big brother Nuan Nuan is going to change clothes.”

“Go ahead, remember to put on your slippers.”

The little girl smiled at the young man with crooked eyebrows and nodded obediently, “Well, Nuan Nuan knows.”

After saying that, she stepped on her little feet and left.

When Gu Nan picked up the phone and faced the video again, he was met with several pairs of resentful eyes.

Being looked at by so many pairs of such eyes, Gu Nan’s expression didn’t change at all. It could be said that he was very powerful.

“Let’s sort out the data for the time being. I’ll go back and deal with the rest.”

He entered working mode for a second, and then hung up the video call without giving everyone time to react.

Everyone: “…”

What are double standards… This is it!


“Ah…, the voice of the boss’s sister is really sweet and soft.”

“And she is really well-behaved. How can someone like boss… have such a sweet and soft sister? This is unscientific!”

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