IHSB Ch. 108

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Today was the second day after arriving on the island. They did not just stay and play near the villa like the first day. They were on an island, so how could they not go to the sea to play.

“It’s a pity that I got up late, otherwise I could have seen the sunrise.”

Bai Mohua held a bun in his mouth blankly, holding chopsticks with his slender fingers and swaying them around in the bowl. His short, fluffy hair looked slightly glowing under the light, almost turning golden.

He seemed to have just woken up, and the hair on his head was sticking up a little like Nuan Nuan. He was chewing on the bun slowly with a bun in his mouth, and his pupils were a little distracted looking at the orange sun that had risen in the horizon.

How beautiful it would be if he could have seen it on the sea. He could have drawn it.

He was suddenly slapped on the back of his head, and the bun in his mouth was slapped back into the bowl. He turned to glare at Gu Mingli, who was walking behind him with a glass of water.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Mingli pulled the chair next to him and sat down. Just as he was about to put his long legs on the table as usual, he suddenly met the cold eyes of Gu Nan opposite him.

He paused while drinking water and retracted his half-raised leg.

This was not his home, he had to bear with it.

“Is it not the same to watch the sunset in the evening when you can’t see the sunrise. I don’t know who got up the earliest, but you still have the nerve to make a fuss.”

Bai Mohua curled his lips and snorted from his nose.

“I just talked about it and I didn’t say that I had to see it.”

Gu Mingyu ate two steamed buns and a bowl of seafood porridge by himself, and spent the rest of the time watching Nuan Nuan eat.

It was really satisfying to watch the little girl finish the food in front of her softly and then let out a little burp.

Of course, it would be more comfortable to pinch her soft little face after eating.

It was just that the little girl’s skin was now as soft and fair as milk pudding. It could leave a fingerprint even if you pinched her lightly. It looked really fragile.

But she was very obedient, had no temper and even let him pinch her. It was really…

“Nuan Nuan, remember, except for your brothers, if anyone dares to pinch your face like this in the future, you must beat them. If you can’t beat them, come to us, brothers will help you beat him.”

Nuan Nuan looked at the third brother with big wet eyes, and after he finished speaking, she nodded obediently and responded softly.

“Oh, Nuan Nuan remembers it.”

She was so good…

This was what the several brothers thought at the same time.

“Let’s go to the beach.”

Gu Mingli stood up and stretched.

“Brother, do you have a surfboard?”

He liked exciting sports, and surfing was one of them.

Gu Nan picked up Nuan Nuan in his arms. The little girl’s lotus-like arms hugged his neck. Her pointed chin gently rested on her big brother’s broad shoulders. While she swayed her little feet slightly, as she looked at her fourth brother with wet, smart eyes.

Gu Nan: “Go and ask Nan Feng yourself.”


Gu Mingli immediately went to find Nan Feng.

With two swimming rings, Rhubarb held a small red bucket in his mouth, wagging his tail and followed the crowd.

Bai Mohua carried his drawing board on his back, and in his hand was a cat nest made in a basket, which contained the mother cat’s two little cats. Mother cat and Little Orange were following him.

As for Briquettes, he followed Gu Nan because he was holding Nuan Nuan.

As Gu An walked, he quarrelled with Doudou, the parrot.

“Short legs, walking the slowest, walking the slowest!”

Gu An was so angry that he waved his arms at it.

“Believe it or not, I will pluck your parrot’s feathers!”

They were sitting on the silver sightseeing car all the way to the beach, so the dog ran down first, dropping the little red bucket he was holding in his mouth, and rushed towards them while wagging his tail. Then he barked in the direction of the waves and ran wildly on the beach. Occasionally, he fell down on the beach and rolled around, as happy as a mad dog.

Nuan Nuan carried the little red bucket with her little hands and went down with Briquettes. The soft flesh pad of the Briquettes stepped on the fine gravel. It was the first time he came to the beach and he was still quite curious about everything here.

Little Orange was the most timid. She kept poking her furry head around the car but was unwilling to get off. In the end, Bai Mohua was the one who carried her off.

As if it had been wronged a lot, it ran to Nuan Nuan and meowed and complained. It pitifully hugged the little girl’s short legs with milky white skin with its two paws, but it still retracted its nails very smartly.

Nuan Nuan squatted down and touched its furry little head as if comforting.

“Don’t be afraid, Little Orange, everyone is here.”

Rhubarb sat on the edge and squinted his eyes, looking at Little Orange with a particularly unkind look. He felt that this cat was a scheming cat…

Its tail swung a few times, and then hit Little Orange’s back.

“Nuan Nuan, come here quickly!”

Gu An ran a little ahead of the little girl, turned around and waved to her.

“Here I come.”

Nuan Nuan ran over carrying the little red bucket.

The fine white gravel shone as beautiful as gems under the sunlight, and… there were many good things hidden in it.

“Look, conch!”

Gu An picked up a conch, raised his chin and waved the contents in his hand towards Nuan Nuan.

“Little brother, you are so amazing!”

Nuan Nuan ran behind him step by step, her eyebrows curved and her eyes full of smiles.

After hearing this, Gu An tried his best to suppress the raised corners of his mouth, and put the conch into his sister’s little red bucket with a proud expression on his face.

You could see that there were several shells inside.

Gu An, who was praised by his sister, continued to take Nuan Nuan around to find things on the beach as if he was beaten to death. Apparently, he forgot that Nuan Nuan had not only said this to him.

But… she had a small vocabulary and couldn’t speak well like him. She could only think of this to praise her brothers, and in her heart, her brothers were all very amazing.

“Nuan Nuan, look at me!”

A roar came from somewhere, the sound was very loud, but after the distance and the sea breeze, very little reached the little girl’s ears.

She still heard the voice of her fourth brother. The little girl looked up and saw Gu Mingli standing in the sea where the water was only waist deep and waving in her direction, with a confident look on his deep and chiselled face.

Then he pressed his body on the surfboard and slid his arms to swim farther into the sea.

As a wave rolled, he jumped up and stood on the surfboard. His body controlled the surfboard and stood on top of the wave. As the wave rolled violently, he conquered the wave with ease.

Under the bright sunshine, Gu Mingli stood on the surfboard, put his index and middle fingers together at his temples and waved at them, looking handsome and sassy.

“Fourth brother!”

The little girl looked at the energetic young man on the surfboard with bright eyes. Her heart skipped a beat when he stood up and started surfing, for fear that fourth brother would be knocked down by the waves.

But now when she saw him standing on the waves, her little face was flushed with excitement. She jumped up and waved softly, calling out for her fourth brother.

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