TBVSR Ch. 107.2: Little Love Story

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The car stopped in the underground garage of the Art Hall, and Liu Ye took a paper towel to wipe Qiu Li’s face: “When you see your girlfriend, you have to look like a good boyfriend. You look too unqualified now. But it doesn’t matter. Just for your urge to rush forward in the rain, your girlfriend will also forgive you.”

At first, Qiu Li really thought she was annoying, but when she leaned over and wiped his wet hair, Qiu Li suddenly felt a long-lost warmth.

That kind of feeling was like the tenderness that came out of his heart when he thought of Ren Xian in the past. It was the tenderness that was reserved only for his mother.

“Thank you sister,” he said.

“Who is your sister? I am obviously a generation older than you. You should call me Aunt Liu.”

“You look very young.”

Liu Ye took out a folding umbrella from the co-pilot’s cabinet and handed it to Qiu Li. Then she smiled and said, “Go and see your girlfriend.”

“Thank you.”

The appearance of the art hall was an irregular huge six-diamond shape, standing on the open plains of the Science City, it had a very unique texture.

Despite the pouring rain today, it did not stop the enthusiasm of ballet fans, and there were still a steady stream of vehicles driving into the art center.

Twenty minutes before the start of the performance.

Qiu Li hurriedly entered the hall and took out the prepared ticket from his suit pocket. However, when he saw himself looking embarrassed in the floor-to-ceiling glass, he finally put the ticket stub back into his pocket.

The men and women present all looked glamorous and beautiful.

Only him, his whole body was soaked, but the rose bouquet in his hand was well preserved, attracting a lot of people’s attention.

Qiu Li left the entrance hall and came to the side hall of the unmanned corridor, sitting on the horizontal chair by the floor-to-ceiling windows, listening to the symphony ensemble before the opening of “Swan Lake” from the main hall.

Perhaps, this city really did not welcome him.

But what about it, he never cared.

Jiang Yu was the only person he cared about in this world. He could travel all the way to witness her glory.

Before the opening, Jiang Yu called Qiu Li: “Where are you?”

Qiu Li looked at the banana tree tossed by the wind outside the French window, and said, “I’m at the library, to prepare for the final exam.”

“Tonight’s performance is about to begin, I’m so nervous.”

Qiu Li could hear that when the little girl talked, her voice was trembling, she was really nervous.

“Anyway, you won’t perform.” He said casually: “You’re just a substitute, don’t be too nervous.”

“What if! There are so many people out there!”

He smiled faintly: “The heroine should be more nervous than you now.”

“She has a very stable mind and won’t be nervous.”

As Jiang Yu said, she walked out of the dressing room and slipped into the side hall: “Fortunately, I’m just a substitute. If no accidents occur. I will be able to escape.”

“Don’t worry, in all the ballet performances I have seen, there have been almost no accidents that let the substitute perform instead the main heroine.”

Qiu Li calmly calmed the girl’s nervous emotions: “You just stay in the background and play mobile games for a while.”

“How can it be so easy? I have to follow up on stage progress at any time and be prepared.” Jiang Yu came to the side hall and said with grief: “Oh, so you knew from the beginning that I won’t go on stage. It took so long after the exam. That’s why you didn’t say that you would come back to watch the performance.”

“The main reason is that I don’t have money to buy air tickets.”

“Liar, you just don’t want to come back to North City.”

“Well, Xiao Yu understands me.”

Jiang Yu leaned on the side of the column in the side hall, with her toes touching the ground and drawing circles, when she suddenly saw a familiar black figure standing beside the French window in the distance.

She walked quietly behind the man, just looking at his back.

Her heart jumped and her heartbeat sped up.

Her breathing also became hurried.

“A Li?”

Qiu Li heard the girl’s soft voice outside the phone. He turned around and saw the girl’s bright face.

Bright red lips, fair skin, clear eyebrows, swan feathers clinging to her temples, she looked so beautiful as to be in a dream, it was like seeing the most beautiful psychedelic scenery.

Qiu Li turned his eyes slightly, a little panicked with the light in his eyes.

He actually felt a little shy.

He looked around pretending calm, and then with extremely clumsy acting skills, he said: “Huh, I crossed?”


The two of them held their mobile phones and looked at each other speechlessly for a long time.

The dullness and helplessness of the girl’s eyes disappeared instantly. Gradually, an incomparable surprise and smile appeared on her face: “Nervous! Boyfriend!”

“I was still in the library just now.” Qiu Li continued to act calmly: “Strange, where did these roses come from?”

Jiang Yu looked at him and finally laughed.

Qiu Li looked at the two sweet dimples on the girl’s cheeks, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“Boyfriend, come and let me hug.”

Jiang Yu hung up the phone and was about to hug him with open arms. Qiu Li immediately took two steps back, not allowing his wet clothes to come in contact with her stage costume.

“Keep your distance.” He said sensibly: “Wait until your performance is over.”

“I won’t perform.”

“What if.”

Knowing the man’s temper, Jiang Yu reluctantly kept a distance of two meters from him and looked at him from far away.

The eyes of the two people were intertwined, both filled with impatient desire and urgency.

Jiang Yu tried to take another step towards him, stood in front of him, gently raised her toes, and delivered Qiu Li’s face to her eyes.

The man’s breathing was obviously heavier and he turned his eyes sideways.

Qiu Li was afraid to mess her exquisite makeup, so he could only touch her ears lightly in this way, gently smelling the fragrance that belonged to her.

He didn’t even dare to drop a soft kiss on her forehead.

“The performance has started?”

“Seems like it…”

“How long till it ends?”

“It will be over by ten o’clock.”

The girl gently clung to his neck, snuggling, and breathing softly on the skin of his neck, making him itchy.

The pouring rain outside the French windows covered his confusion, and every minute of the passage of time was a long torture.

“Boyfriend, did you miss me?”

The girl’s coquettish little love words were like snakes, slowly crawling into his ears, spitting out letters and teasing every sensitive end of his nerves: “Anyway, I missed you so much.”

His Adam’s apple rolled, making a slight swallowing sound: “Shut up, don’t say such a thing.”


“There is no why.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes slowly moved down, “Yeah!”

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