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Jiang Yu took Qiu Li into the heated dressing room and asked him to take off his wet clothes to avoid catching a cold.

The dressing room was very spacious, with two side-by-side vanity mirrors. In front of the mirrors were different types of powder puffs placed messily, and eyebrow pencils and eyeliner. On the wardrobe shelves were black and white swan clothes and accessories.

“This is the dressing room that Xi Xi and I share. No one else will come in.” Jiang Yu pushed Qiu Li into the bathroom: “Take a bath, see you are freezing like ice…”

Qiu Li also felt that his appearance was too embarrassing now, so he went into the bathroom and took a hot bath.

Jiang Yu called Xie Yuan’s assistant, Xiao Liu, and within half an hour, assistant Xiao Liu knocked on the door of the dressing room and sent Jiang Yu a clean shirt and suit.

“These are Mr. Xie’s spare clothes to avoid accidents.”

“Thank You.”

Jiang Yu knew that Xie Yuan attended many dinner parties. There would always be women who sprinkled wine, beer and other beverages on his clothes with great precision to get a chance to strike up a conversation, so Assistant Xiao Liu always prepared more than one set of clothes for him.

Qiu Li’s height and posture were the same as Xie Yuan. Wearing his dark high-definition suit, where his white shirt was buttoned to the top of the neckline, he looked slender and meticulous.

His back was leaning against the dressing table, and there was a touch of a high cold male god look to him.

Jiang Yu walked up to him and tied his tie with her own hands: “I’ll let Assistant Liu take you into the front hall to watch the performance later.”

Qiu Li took her slender wrist, pulled her in front of him, and stared at her.

The upper body of the swan skirt was very closely fitted to the body, outlining the girl’s slender figure, with a slender waist and smooth lines, and the scenery in front of him was even more indescribable.

Even if he didn’t do anything, just looking at her, Qiu Li was going to die.

“I have no interest in ballet, only people who dance ballet.”

When Jiang Yu laughed, her eyebrows were like the ink of a traditional Chinese painting, all of a sudden smudging.

“So you came back to Beicheng specifically for me.”


He moved his knees, separated then, let her sit on his thigh, and put his arms around the waist that he was holding.

Jiang Yu wanted to kiss him, but Qiu Li turned his face, avoiding, and said with a breath: “Make-up will be smudged.”

Jiang Yu picked up the lipstick and unscrewed it, and put it on the table: “Then you should be careful and apply it for me later.”

In the next second, Qiu Li could no longer control the intense desire in his heart and kissed her.

There was no such presumptuous and aggressive attempt to eat her whole like in the past. Today he was very gentle, as if he was really afraid of ruining the little girl’s delicate makeup, just like tasting a delicious ice cream cake in small mouthfuls.

Soon, Jiang Yu blushed, pushed him away, and went to the bathroom alone, calming her turbulent heart.

Qiu Li didn’t stop her, just smiled and looked at her flustered back.

Jiang Yu closed the door and looked at her blushing face in the mirror. She was so ashamed that her heart was beating faster.

The **** Qiu Li, his knee had been moving indiscriminately just now, where he looked like he had been injured.

Jiang Yu recovered for a while before letting her embarrassment dissipate and then walked out of the bathroom.

Qiu Li looked at her, the corners of his lips stained with lipstick, still with a thin and evil smile.

Jiang Yu didn’t bother to care about him, and sat at the dressing table, reapplying lipstick on herself.

Qiu Li took the lipstick and said, “I will help you.”

“No need!”

“I want to.”

He unscrewed the lipstick cap stubbornly and said, “Don’t you believe in your boyfriend’s skills?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe in your skills, it’s just that I don’t believe in you!”

Sure enough, this time the same as the previous few times, when she asked him to help put on the lipstick, but in the end, he put on a layer of lipstick and then kissed her. Then half of the lipstick was almost eaten into his stomach again.

This guy seemed to have a lipstick addiction. He especially liked to play like this. He never got tired of it. So Jiang Yu could only buy expensive lipsticks with pure natural ingredients when she bought lipstick.

The two of them ate the lipstick for more than forty minutes until the end of the first act. Bu Xi opened the door crying and sat beside her dressing table.

Jiang Yu was taken aback, and quickly pushed Qiu Li away, but Bu Xi seemed not to be surprised, or did not take it to heart, as she said crying and waving at them: “Don’t worry about me, you continue…”

Jiang Yu quickly pushed Qiu Li away, and drew a tissue to wipe Bu Xi’s face: “What’s the matter? Why are you crying? You see, all your makeup is smudged.”

“I jumped in many wrong places.” Bu Xi broke down and cried: “I was too nervous, so many steps did not keep up with the music, the more I jumped, the more badly I performed…”

Jiang Yu knew that Bu Xi was nervous and did not return until midnight last night, but she didn’t expect Bu Xi to make a mistake.

She was a ballet dancer with rich stage experience.

“Don’t be afraid, others may not have been able to see it.”

“No, it could be seen. I saw grandma shaking her head again and again, she must be very disappointed.” Bu Xi’s voice was trembling: “I let them down, grandma didn’t want me to dance the swan queen, this position…it was originally yours, I couldn’t take it down at all. The queen is not mine. Even if I occupy the heroine, I can’t get the queen.”

Jiang Yu knew that Bu Xi’s self-confidence had been completely destroyed at that old lady’s birthday party.

These days, she had been practicing dancing calmly on the surface, looking like an okay person, but in fact, she was no longer the swan queen who shone on the stage in the past.

“Don’t cry, the halftime is only fifteen minutes.” Jiang Yu anxiously wiped her tears and started to do her make-up: “Calm down.”

“I really can’t, I can’t get the queen anymore, I made a mistake!” She shook her head desperately: “I let my mother and grandma down, and I will never compare to you.”

“Yes, you are right.” Qiu Li looked at Bu Xi and said calmly: “You can never compare to Jiang Yu.”

Bu Xi raised her teary eyes and looked at him in surprise, as if she didn’t expect him to say something like this: “What are you…saying?”

“The Swan Queen should have belonged to Jiang Yu. You robbed her of her place.”

Bu Xi didn’t care about the tears, she pushed away the chair, stood up, and looked at Qiu Li angrily: “Say it again!”

Qiu Li stared at Bu Xi and said, “The Swan Queen should have belonged to her. Esmera’s mentors chose you just because you are from Bu family and her surname is Jiang. There is no fairness in this circle.”

“Nonsense!” She shouted excitedly: “They chose me because I have more stage experience than her. Jiang Yu is too young to support the role of Swan Queen!”

“Don’t deceive yourself anymore, you are just inferior to her, and you will never be able to compare to her.”

“Nonsense! It’s not like this, it’s not like this…”

Jiang Yu originally wanted to stop Qiu Li from adding fuel to the fire, but when she saw Bu Xi’s eyes tightly closed, she suddenly remembered.

Her boyfriend was the best hypnotist in the country.

Wasn’t it what he was best at, resolving and appeasing other people’s emotions?

Jiang Yu restrained herself and did not stop Qiu Li.

But Bu Xi’s panic had been wiped out, and it was replaced by anger: “I was never worse than Jiang Yu! I can do what she can do.”

“What is it, is it being louder than someone else?” Qiu Li raised the corner of his lips and smiled coldly: “If you don’t want to be worse than her, than go on stage to prove yourself now, the Swan Queen will not hide here and cry like a little girl. “

Bu Xi sat down with a trembling hand, drew a tissue to dry her tears, snorted her nose, reapplied her makeup, and said angrily: “I will prove it to you!”

“I’ll help you.” Jiang Yu picked up the powder and spread a concealing powder on the rosy areas of her face.

Bu Xi did not refuse her help, and said loudly, feeling dissatisfied: “Your boyfriend, who looks like a human, I didn’t expect him to be so annoying.”

“Ah, he… just hates it.”

“When the performance is over, I will introduce some boys to you.” Bu Xi gave a sharp look: “Gentle, wild, whichever style you want, which one is not better than him.”

“Well, well, you can perform well first.”

Bu Xi re-entered the stage with anger. Jiang Yu watched behind the scenes for five minutes, feeling that this time she was on stage, she had a lot of momentum, and maybe she was really choked by Qiu Li’s blood.

The queen just needed to be angry, especially in the next few scenes, as she also needed to play the evil black swan.

Jiang Yu heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to say to Qiu Li: “She is the proudest. You said those things to her, poking her heart with every sentence.”

“Then I can’t let my sister be a bad person.”

Jiang Yu patted his chest, smiled and said, “Very considerate of you, boyfriend.”

“But don’t you really care? That’s also your dream.”

Jiang Yu looked at Bu Xi shining on the stage, and then held Qiu Li’s hand: “I used to think that was my dream.”

She once thought that after being born again, her life had only that one goal: to become the sparkling swan queen on the stage.

However, after experiencing so many things, she later realized that her rebirth was never for the queen.

She had come for him after two lives.

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