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Xunyang Lake was located in the suburbs, with few people and many farmlands. At night, there was a vast darkness all around. The only source of light was the full moon in the sky.

The jade disk-like moon was projected on the bottom of the lake, coating the lake surface with a layer of fine waves.

At this time, the peaceful waves were shattered by a thick snake’s tail. Ying Qiao manipulated the snake’s tail with ease, and whipped the Jinpo who came from behind towards the direction of Chen Hua.

Chen Hua narrowly avoided them, and with his five fingers together, his sharp-edged palm instantly penetrated the Jinpo’s chest, and the dirty blood spattered away, covering his head and face.

His white skeleton was stained with stinking blood. The Painted Skin Demon cursed in his heart, turned around, then tore off the head of another Jinpo.

Amidst the turbulence of the water, the angry screams of the Jinpo echoed in the silent field. These monsters were ferocious and brutal in nature, but their thinking was very simple. When enraged, they all rushed towards the two of them.

The white egg floating quietly on the lake was thus ignored.

The silvery white moonlight shone on the white egg, making it more transparent like jade, and more and more… appetizing.

At this time, Jiang Lan had quietly sneaked under the white egg. Ying Qiao and Chen Hua steadily pulled the Jinpo’s hatred value, and the Jinpo who were ignited by anger did not notice him at all.

Jiang Lan poked the big white egg with his finger.

Soft and squishy.

It was very similar to the glutinous rice cakes he had eaten before.

Jiang Lan’s heart was beating nervously but he was looking forward to it. He quietly looked back at Ying Qiao and Chen Hua, who were fighting fiercely, and carefully held the big white egg, preparing to move further away before taking action.

There was also an unhatched Jinpo in the big white egg, but its weight was very light. It floated lightly on the water, and Jiang Lan didn’t make any sound when he moved it.

He held the egg while swimming in the opposite direction. While paying attention to the fierce battle, he didn’t notice that the Jinpo in the white Egg, who had her eyes closed, slowly opened her eyes.

A pair of pure black eyes stared at him quietly.

Then, it moved slowly.

The slender snow-white arms easily passed through the eggs wrapped around it and rested on Jiang Lan’s shoulders.

First the arms, then the snow-white and beautiful face… Its upper body was pressed against Jiang Lan’s back, its raven-black hair fell down with the movement, and it slowly twisted under the water. Its neck was stretched very long, and in a posture that was absolutely impossible for humans, it turned its face to look at Jiang Lan: “Where are you taking me?”

It had a nice sound, and the tail sound was long and upward, as if it had a small hook.

Jiang Lan turned his face slightly and looked at it silently.

It looked at Jiang Lan’s tender skin and couldn’t help but lick its lips, and its tone became even more tactful: “I’m hungry…”

Jiang Lan also looked at it, his Adam’s apple rolling slightly, as he smiled: “I’m hungry too.”

The Jinpo was stunned, and there was a trace of confusion on her beautiful face.

Things seemed to be developing completely differently than what she expected.

This food was not afraid of it.

Jiang Lan glanced at the battle situation in the distance again, and seeing that no one was paying attention, he quickly tore the Jinpo off his back with his backhand and quickly stuffed it back into the big white egg.

The Jinpo still wanted to resist but found that she could not break free from the egg that supported it. Her twisting black hair could only attack in vain on the soft egg wall. Her sharp teeth and claws tried to tear through the fastening but failed to even leave even half a trace behind.

There was fear in its dark eyes.

Afterwards, she realized that the food it chose seemed to be more powerful than it.

Jiang Lan sneaked to the bottom of the lake with the big white egg. When no one was noticing, he quickly rounded up the big white egg, then opened his mouth and swallowed it whole.

Sure enough, the texture was similar to what he imagined, like milk-flavored glutinous rice cakes, soft and chewy, with a great texture.

It was just that the situation was urgent, and he was really not allowed to chew slowly and taste carefully.

Jiang Lan burped happily, half-squinting his eyes as he savored this rare delicacy.

He was immersed in the aftertaste of the delicious food when he suddenly heard an anxious cry.

“Jiang Lan——”

That was Ying Qiao’s voice. There were splashes of water in the lake. Ying Qiao must have discovered that he was missing and was looking for him everywhere.

Jiang Lan was startled and immediately stopped thinking about it. He hurriedly took out the fire charm given by Chen Hua and ignited it. The blue flame exploded under the water instantly, lighting up the entire lake.

Under the light of the fire, Ying Qiao finally saw Jiang Lan floating up from the bottom of the lake.

The little monster was completely naked, and his face looked extremely pale under the blue light of the fire. His heart tightened, and he was at Jiang Lan’s side almost instantly, pulling him up from the water, wrapping his tail around him, as he asked nervously: “You’re not hurt, are you?”

Jiang Lan was surrounded by him, and he was still a little confused.

Ying Qiao’s speed was too fast. He was stunned for a moment before he reacted and shook his head: “It’s okay.”

At this time, Ying Qiao had already checked him and confirmed that he was not injured, and then his heart fell back.

He glanced at the fading firelight at the bottom of the lake and frowned: “What’s going on?”

The situation was so chaotic just now that he didn’t notice the little monster running so far away.

Jiang Lan felt guilty, but on the surface he was calm. He even said with a slightly proud look, “I burned that strange egg!”

While he was talking, he kept carefully observing Ying Qiao’s expression, and seeing that he did not question it, he continued: “The Jinpo inside the egg was alive. It wanted to run away, so I followed it secretly, taking advantage of it not noticing me, I used the talisman given by Boss Chen to light it with fire from heaven.”

He was still a little dissatisfied as he spoke: “But Boss Chen didn’t say this talisman was so powerful. I almost got burned too!”

Ying Qiao was amused by his arrogant look. The snake’s tail wrapped around his waist gently lifted him up, and praised: “That’s really awesome.”

Jiang Lan pursed his lips and smiled. Just as he was about to ask Ying Qiao to let him go, he opened his mouth and burped again.

His eyes widened and he covered his mouth hastily, his clear eyes showing guilt.

Ying Qiao looked at him doubtfully: “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Lan shook his head and made sure he wouldn’t hiccup again before letting go of his hand and hesitantly said: “You just made me angry.”

Ying Qiao had no doubt that he was saying the truth, so he loosened his tail a little, wrapped it around his waist, and led him to the shore.

Jiang Lan was eager to change the subject, pointed at Chen Hua and said, “Aren’t we going to help Boss Chen?”

Ying Qiao said: “The boss said he hasn’t been active for too long and wants to practice his skills. He asked us not to worry about him.”

Jiang Lan: “Is that so?”

Ying Qiao: “Yeah.”

So the two of them went ashore, leaving Chen Hua alone to deal with the last two Jinpo.

He took his hand out of the Jinpo’s chest in disgust and rinsed it in the lake water. As a result, the lake was polluted by the Jinpo’s blood. It was fishy, smelly, and the entire lake was black. The snow-white bones were rinsed inside and turned black when picked up.

Chen Hua dared not speak out in anger, so he could only pick up the Jinpo’s body and pile it on the shore, and then run further to wash himself clean.

He didn’t know what was going on with these Jinpo. Their blood was like ink, fishy and smelly, and it was not easy to wash off if it got stained.

After cleaning himself for a long time, Chen Hua climbed ashore and saw Ying Qiao drying the little monster’s hair.


I’m really not sour.

Chen Hua shook his skin like a resentful woman.

But Boss Ying had no heart at all.

His heart only cared about the little monster!

Seeing that Ying Qiao didn’t even look at him for a long time, Chen Hua could only put on the skin without giving up. Then he called the bureau and asked someone to come and clean up the battlefield.

Boss Ying finally gave the poor employee a look this time, but he said nothing human: “If the bureau is sending someone here, can Jiang Lan go back first? He has to go to work tomorrow.”

Chen Hua:……

He tried his best to put on a fake smile and said, “Then Jiang Lan can go back first. Xiao Ying, you can see him off on the way. I’ll wait here for someone from the bureau.”

After a pause, he said to Jiang Lan: “I will help you apply for the bonus.”

There were late-night snacks and bonuses.

Jiang Lan was so happy and to express his gratitude, he felt very embarrassed and wanted to stay with Chen Hua.

Because of this, Chen Hua was thrown dozens of looks by Ying Qiao, and finally the young ancestor was asked to leave.

Ying Qiao drove Jiang Lan back to his community.

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