CRA Ch. 91

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For this Laili cub, Xie Luan asked Morrison to be its parent. In this cub’s heart, Xie Luan was the second most omnipotent adult.

So, when Morrison showed pain, the Laili cub immediately ran to pull Xie Luan over. The cub felt that as long as Xie Luan was brought over, Morrison would be better.

However, Xie Luan’s limited ability to “make wishes come true” was not able to complete the treatment and transform Morrison’s left arm back. He could only use mental power to help the other party suppress the pain and let the other party’s perception of pain be weakened.

After completing the guidance with mental energy, he could see that the face of the person on the sofa was much better than before, and Xie Luan was a little relieved.


The cub also found that his parent was getting better. The Laili cub moved around Xie Luan’s legs twice, waved his small fins and made a crisp cry, his smoky eyes were also lit up, completely different from the depressed look he had when he went to find Xie Luan just now.

Xie Luan bent down and picked up the Laili cub, who was waving his small fins up and down, touched the cub’s back, and said gently, “Don’t worry baby, he will get better.”

“叽~ Guji!”

The fluttering little fins slapped the young man twice. The Laili cub had no doubt about what Xie Luan said, and suddenly became very energetic.

Xie Luan hugged the Laili cub with his eyes lit up and placed him on Morrison’s lap. Knowing that the parent was uncomfortable, the cub was very sensible and just waited peacefully without moving.

The word “Laili” had the meaning of wisdom in the Laili race, so Xie Luan thought that the biological parents of this cub should have high expectations for the cub.

A race that claimed to be wise, Xie Luan remembered that this race has indeed produced several outstanding people who had contributed to the overall development of the interstellar space in scientific research, and in front of Xie Luan, this Laili cub was sensible, from another aspect, this could be said to be a kind of early wisdom.

The pain was suppressed, and Morrison almost looked like a healthy person. Looking down at the cub on his lap, Morrison thanked Xie Luan.

“You don’t have to be polite when you should ask me for help. You don’t want Laili to worry about you.” Xie Luan shook his head, responding pointedly.

This sentence really hit the opponent’s weakness. Looking at the Laili cub who was waving a pair of small fins to him on his lap, Morrison nodded after a slight pause for two seconds.

The sequelae of the wounds caused by the special weapons developed by the criminal gangs in the interstellar space could not be solved by the medical department of the Star Alliance. It had been proved that this was a very difficult situation, but as the president of the Yunbao Branch, Xie Luan certainly had to care about the physical health problems of his employees.

Xie Luan released employment information to the Physician’s Guild through Starnet. Before someone could cure Morrison’s sequelae, he would use his mental power to help the other party to stabilize.

“I will give you a vacation today, and you have a rest.” Before leaving the lounge, Xie Luan said these words.

It just so happened that there would be a heavy rain this afternoon, so it was okay to let the other party accompany the Laili cub.

Since Morrison adopted the Laili cub and admitted that he was the parent in front of the cub, as Xie Luan expected, with the protection and comfort of the parent, the Laili cub had gradually become less afraid of thunder.

Although when he heard thunder now, this little Laili cub would still dive into the adult’s arms, but when he buried his head in the adult’s arms, his body would no longer tremble with fear as before.

He believed that after a while, this Laili cub would be able to overcome his own psychological barriers just like the little mermaid.

For the next more than a week, no one took over the job, but with Xie Luan’s help, Morrison didn’t need to endure the pain.

In addition to this matter, Xie Luan was also considering another matter in recent days.

To increase entertainment activities for the cubs, Xie Luan planned to build a special playground for the cubs in the branch.

Some cub raising clubs would have playgrounds built for cubs. Xie Luan had thought about it a long time ago. When their club has enough funds, they would also build this entertainment facility in the club.

If it was to build a higher specification cub playground, then a large area of open space was first required.

When Xie Luan mentioned this plan to the others in the branch, Lin Yi was the first to express his thoughts: “The vacant land on the east side can be used, and then the old lcub house can be demolished. The space should be enough. Right?”

Hearing these words, Xia Qi and Zheng Zhou also nodded in agreement.

The old cub house was no longer able to accommodate the cubs anyway, it was just right to demolish it and give up the space to the new facility.

“But what kind of…?” Xia Qi said hesitantly. The only time she saw a special cub playground in her memory was when she visited the Aier branch many years ago. Now she couldn’t even remember it clearly.

This problem really stumped Xie Luan. He thought for a while and said: “I will look at the template drawings designed by the engineering team before I decide.”

The old cub house was quickly demolished, and Xie Luan did as expected. After looking at a few template samples, he decided to go to a branch at the Gaia Star to see a playground in person.

It was this club’s initiative to send out a friendly message to Yunbao branch. Since Yunbao branch entered the top three thousand list of Starnet, Yunbao had become one of the clubs that garnered attention among its peers. The circle that had been entered was now not the same as before.

The Felon branch, which sent a friendly greeting to Yunbao branch, was originally the only cub raising club on Gaia Star to appear in the rankings, but now it was not the only one.

After responding to the greetings, Xie Luan proposed to visit the branch, and his request was quickly agreed to by the other party.

The Felon branch was only a few cities away from the Yunbao branch, and it was easy to reach. When Xie Luan arrived at the Felon branch, he was warmly welcomed.

It was very common for two cub raising branches to have friendly exchanges to promote mutual progress. Although Xie Luan did not communicate with them in the past, the staff of Felon branch still attached great importance to him.

Xie Luan was led by a staff member to visit the branch. When he visited the playground, Xie Luan clearly showed his interest.

At this time, all the cubs staying in Felon branch happened to be brought to the playground by the caretakers, so Xie Luan now saw these cubs entertaining themselves in the playground.

The playground covered a large area. Xie Luan carefully observed the amusement facilities specially designed for young children. Many of the facilities could be controlled by brain waves.

For example, Xie Luan saw the high-tech version of a bumper car. This was a flying saucer that could be floated. The cubs had no difficulty in playing with it.

“To build this playground, our branch had hired a superb team.” The senior staff in charge of receiving Xie Luan saw Xie Luan’s extraordinarily serious observation and couldn’t help assuming a bragging tone. “Needless to say, the most important thing is that the safety factor of all facilities is…”

Before finishing speaking, a clear crash sounded on the spot, and Xie Luan saw the facility parts crumbling in mid-air.

The voice of the receptionist stopped abruptly, and then he fell silent.

Below the facility component that was about to fall, there was a young cub who raised his head ignorantly and stayed there.

Before he could think, Xie Luan’s body had already run over. He ran over at a very fast speed and quickly picked up the cub, but at the same time, the heavy object in the sky began to fall down.

Xie Luan guarded the picked-up cub in his arms and jumped to the right to complete the escape in a thrilling manner.

“Hiss…” There were a few scratches on his body, and Xie Luan took a reflexive breath in pain, but he still lowered his head to see if the cub he was holding had any injuries.

The physical quality of the human race was not comparable to those of the alien race. Given the offensive abilities of some race cubs, it was actually a miraculous thing for a human being to be a childcare worker in the cub raising branch.

However, there were people who were able to save the cub in a faster and better manner than the youth at the scene, but they didn’t react to it in sufficient time. This made the people who were aware of the problem feel a little ashamed.

“Squeak.” The cub held by Xie Luan was like a black furball, with round eyes like glass balls. The cub was staring at the youth who was holding it.

It was a cub of the Woma clan.

Feeling that this cub was very small, Xie Luan felt that this cub should not have even reached a year of age.

Although he was an unfamiliar person, he instinctively felt a warm atmosphere from the youth that he could get close to, and this woma cub, like a black furball, nestled into Xie Luan’s arms.

There was an accident in the club. Although the cub was not injured, the parents had the right to know.

Xie Luan’s visit was also terminated by this accident. It didn’t take long to hear that the cub’s parents came, so Xie Luan helped hug the obedient black furball in his arms over to its parents.

He saw that the cub’s parent was an old woman. Xie Luan hugged the cub to the old woman who was worried about her grandson. He comforted her and said: “The cub is not injured; you don’t have to worry.”

Bella looked at Xie Luan gratefully. At a glance, it was confirmed that the cub was not injured, and of course she also saw several bruises on the young man in front of her. The staff in the branch had just told her that the other party had rescued the cub.

To express gratitude to the youth, the old woman holding the cub used her supernatural powers to quickly heal several minor injuries on Xie Luan’s body. The whole process only took less than a few seconds.

The slight pain in his body disappeared, Xie Luan was surprised to see his uninjured arm and didn’t react much for a while.

After she had personally confirmed the cub’s condition, she was ready to leave. Xie Luan took another look at his injury, and immediately decided to chase after Bella. He thought he might have found someone who could treat Morrison’s arm.

“Treat an injured arm…” After hearing the young man’s description of the situation, Bella agreed to Xie Luan’s request after a while.

Although she had not been a doctor for many years, Bella had no reason not to agree to a request from someone who had saved a cub in her family.

It was because she hasn’t used her healing power for a long time, and it may take a little longer to heal this kind of injury caused by a special weapon.

But there was no doubt that it could be cured.

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