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February 17th.

Recently, schools across the country had been busy registering students for admission, and even the most famous institution in the capital, Jinghua University, was no exception.

It was just that the atmosphere in Jinghua University was a bit weird today. Usually, seniors came to the registration point diligently, just to meet beautiful junior girls and try to leave a good first impression, so that they could develop a closer relationship in the future – you know how it is. However, today this group of seniors discovered that a group of girls in the school were more active than they were. They actually gathered in groups at the registration point at the school gate, not knowing who they were waiting for.

Among this group of girls, there were many famous class beauties in the school. There were all kinds of beauties. The group of seniors couldn’t help but feel jealous, thinking who was so famous?

“What are they doing around here? Is there a very handsome guy here?” A senior who didn’t understand the situation asked the classmates around him.

The classmate responded sourly, “You are right, this time our Jinghua really recruited a handsome guy!”

“No way, how handsome is he?” the senior was surprised.

The classmate’s tone became even more sour, “He’s so handsome that he can be admired. Not only is he handsome, he’s also the favorite of the wolf girls. He’s also a genius!”

“It’s so amazing. How come I didn’t know there was this person joining this time?” The senior thought he was joking.

“He is a special admissions student who passed the exam by skipping a grade. Do you know his grades? I heard that he got perfect scores in math, foreign languages, art, and physical education!”

“No way!? This is a rhythm of going against the sky. That guy, who is he?” the senior asked excitedly.

The classmate was about to answer when he suddenly heard a huge scream coming from the girl’s side. It was so intense that it drowned out all other sounds and attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone wanted to move closer to see what was going on at the school gate. You push me and I push you, and in this way, they quickly became a crowd.

The pair of seniors who had been talking to each other got a seat in the front row, and saw a car parked at the school gate. The front driver’s seat door opened, and a young man wearing a crisp suit, glasses, fair skin, and an elite appearance stepped out.

Some seniors who didn’t know the truth of the matter were still guessing that maybe this person was the source of the sensation? It seemed that he was already past the age of college!

“Xiao Xi! I looked forward to the stars and the moon, and finally you are here! Hurry and welcome His Majesty!” Until a loud scream came from the crowd of female college students.

A group of people suddenly realized, Xiao Xi? Correct! Anyone who had a Weibo knew a few celebrities who had become very popular on Weibos recently. Xiao Yu, wasn’t he Si Huang’s manager?

The so-called Your Majesty must be Si Huang!

As if in response to their guess, the back door opened and a slender figure stepped out.

The first thing everyone saw in their eyes was a pair of straight long legs. Then they moved their eyes upwards and saw that the man was wearing spring casual clothes. He was so clean that he didn’t seem to have a trace of dust. The most amazing thing was that there was no trace of the sun shining on his face. The face without any blemishes was indeed as beautiful and handsome as on TV, so exquisite and perfect that it transcended the boundaries between men and women.

When you see this person with your own eyes, you would have the idea that ‘there is a person who is born to be favored by God and should be born to be shining and charming’.


Then the seniors of Jinghua University discovered that the talented women of Jinghua University, who were usually as proud as flowers on the high mountains, no longer cared about their own reserve and greeted Si Huang one by one.

As advanced students at Jinghua University, they were quite polite and well-qualified, so they did not squeeze into Si Huang’s body when they greeted him. Instead, they surrounded her in a tacit understanding, led by several of the most beautiful beauties, asking questions softly.

Would you listen to what they were saying?

“Your Majesty, are you tired from riding in the car? I have water here. I just bought it and it hasn’t been opened yet!”

A well-known domineering beauty in the music department, you can also be so considerate, everyone didn’t think so?

“Brother Si Huang, this sister is a junior in the Foreign Languages Department. I heard that you got perfect marks in the foreign language exam. In the future, this sister will ask you for tutoring. You must not refuse.”

The arrogant sister of the Foreign Languages Department, calling out brother like this, who are you trying to seduce? Don’t you know Si Huang is underage? Who else doesn’t know that you are so good at foreign languages, do you still need someone to tutor you? What a liar!

“Master Si, let me… let me show you the way? This is the registration point, and then you will be assigned to the dormitory building.”

The dull bespectacled girl from the Chinese Department, you, you, you, you are actually blushing!? Where is the ferocity in beating boys with no expression on weekdays!? Where did it go! You say!

The seniors were all grief-stricken, on the verge of tears and heartbroken, their eyes were full of scarlet, as they stared at the big star surrounded by beauties… but they did not lose their color at all. Seeing them smiling innocently, they were stunned for a moment. They were holding it in their heart, unable to get up and suppress it, and finally found out sadly: they couldn’t even be jealous of some people.

“It doesn’t matter, we still have pink and tender junior girls! Come and be cute and soft to heal brother’s body and mind!” A senior scanned the whole place with hope, looking for the new junior girls, “Eh? Where are the juniors? Why didn’t I see any of them?”

A brother at the same level pointed in the direction of Si Huang with a numb face, “They all ran away.”

“F**k!” The senior looked at it and was furious, and then unable to bear it, he picked up the loudspeaker on the table, stepped on the table and shouted loudly: “Everyone who signed up should quickly line up and come to register! Anyone who actively disrupts the order should get out of here!”

With the increase of the volume because of the loudspeaker, this sound rang in everyone’s ears like thunder, making the lively scene quiet, and everyone’s attention shifted to the senior.

The senior had only been in a daze for a few minutes when he started trembling with fright at the unkindness in the eyes of the girls.

“Senior sisters, go and do your own business. If you keep accompanying me like this, what will I do if the senior doesn’t register me?” Si Huang said jokingly and walked towards the registration point.

This time none of the seniors stopped her. Although the tone was joking, the words this person said were hard to refute.

“Senior.” Si Huang stood in front of the senior who was holding the loudspeaker.

Facing this face at close range that even people of the same s*x could find no flaws in, the senior blushed and pretended to be calm: “Yeah, let me take a look, Si Huang, right? This is your number plate, go by yourself and pay the tuition in the administrative building… uh.” He then remembered that he was a special admissions school, so he didn’t have to pay tuition at all. “Forget it, your dormitory is Room 301, No. 3, you can find it yourself.” The senior had no intention of helping her lead the way.

Si Huang raised his eyebrows. It seemed that the high-profile scene of being surrounded by beautiful women when he first arrived was indeed resented by these men.

She pursed her lips and showed a meaningful smile. Was this college life? It was definitely not the same as high school, so it was worth looking forward to!

“Master Si, let me lead the way for you.” There were no seniors to lead the way, so the senior sisters became very active.

The senior with the loudspeaker immediately shouted: “Women are not allowed in the boys’ dormitory!”

“Tsk! Who wants to go in? Just sending His Majesty to Building 3.” The senior who spoke raised her head and stared.

Under the glare of a group of girls, the senior was defeated miserably, only to realize that there was no brother around him to help him. In the blink of an eye, he looked around: Aigoo! You bunch of heartless people are actually enjoying watching the show! Shooting the first bird, that’s how it is! What a waste of friends!

Since someone was willing to lead the way, Si Huang naturally did not refuse. In fact, Jinghua University covered a very large area, including not only the campus shopping street, but also a restaurant street. It was worthy of being the number one university in the capital. It was difficult to get into but also represented the highest teaching quality and living environment.

This time, the senior students discussed things and no longer walked around in a group, they just selected two people to lead Si Huang.

Si Huang’s luggage was not much, just one suitcase and one bag, which she and Yu Xi carried separately.

Along the way, the two senior sisters walked responsibly and introduced her to the regional distribution of Jinghua University and the role of each building. During this period, they also took a battery car on campus and walked for another six or seven minutes before arriving at No. 3 building of the boys’ dormitory.

Under the gaze of the dormitory guard, the two seniors had to stop and watch Si Huang leave.

Dormitory Building No. 3 was considered a very good privately built dormitory building in Jinghua University. The students living here were either students with good grades who were assigned here for free, or a group of second-generation people from wealthy families.

Si Huang found Room 301. The door was unlocked, indicating that someone was already inside.

She opened the door and saw a figure being busy in the living room.

When the man heard the sound of opening the door, he stopped and looked over, and the two of them saw each other’s faces clearly.

The other person seemed to be only twenty years old. He had an unobtrusive and innocent face. He was the kind of person who was not handsome at first glance but made people feel comfortable. He had light eyebrows, light eye color and a light lip color, seeming clean and comfortable. Si Huang nodded at this and took the initiative to say hello when the other person said, “I didn’t expect to be in the same dormitory with you. Hello, this is the first time we met. My name is Yuan Liang. I am 19 years old and I am a freshman.”

From the beginning, she felt that this boy looked a bit familiar, and when she heard his name, Si Huang’s heartbeat couldn’t help but pause.

Could this Yuan Liang be the Yuan Liang she knew in her previous life?

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