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Half a month later.

H City Hilltop Club.

The third episode of “Red Moon” was going to be filmed here. According to the plot, Ding Hong participated in a party organized by classmates and had a picnic adventure in the mountains.

At that time, everyone picked several locations but they were not satisfactory. Si Huang remembered that the natural environment of the Hilltop Club just met the requirements of the shooting location, and the people here happened to be known to her, so it saved a lot of trouble.

Su Yu and the others naturally would not refuse Si Huang’s request. Not only did they suspend the back mountain membership activities for half a month, leaving the entire scene to them, they also offered help.

With the help of a group of people, the filming of the third episode was successful, and today was the final touch.

In fact, based on their shooting progress, they could have finished filming a long time ago, but they could not wait for the most suitable shooting environment until today – heavy snowfall.

After putting on makeup and costume, Si Huang made sure everything was fine and started running through the mountains and forests.

“Holy shit! Isn’t Mr. Si a special forces soldier? He’s really running on a tree!”

“At such a speed, if it weren’t for the high-tech help of the big brother in the club, it would be really difficult for us to shoot.”

Su Yu and the other people heard the exclamations and compliments of this group of students, smiled and said: “The special forces can’t just run on trees, but Master Si is indeed very powerful, and his speed and agility are improved compared to last time. He is indeed a little monster taught by a bigger monster.”

“Ah? What kind of monster?” someone among the students heard.

Su Yu bumped into Yang Xian and replied to the student, “Nothing.”

Huo Yuzhi in the crowd suddenly shouted: “I remember! The last Weibo His Majesty posted, the photo in camouflage uniforms, was taken here, right!? In other words, His Majesty had been training here that week? You are His Majesty’s teachers?” When she said the last sentence, she turned to look at Su Yu and the others.

Yang Xian shook his head quickly, “No, we don’t deserve it!” We really don’t deserve it! It’s embarrassing to admit that this little monster defeated them after just six days of training!

A few of them chatted, while Xu Wanjun and others watched the shooting results seriously.


Yue, who was running, relied on his sense of smell to find Ding Hong, who was dying in the cave and almost fainted from the cold.

He walked over step by step, looked down at the girl squatting in a corner, curled up in a ball, and said coldly and sarcastically: “Can you not give me any trouble for a day?”

Ding Hong moved slowly, but her eyelashes were all knotted. She looked up, opened them a crack slightly, and looked at him blankly with eyes that had lost their luster, “Yue?” The voice was as small as the purring of a milk cat.

“Tsk.” The man took off his windbreaker and wrapped the girl’s body in the loose clothes. Then he bent down and carried her on his back.


“Don’t talk nonsense.”

As he walked out of the cave step by step, the wind and snow in front of him became stronger and stronger. Every step he took would step into the snow, submerging half of his shoes.

As time passed, Ding Hong’s body gradually recovered its temperature. She opened her eyes and saw a fair and graceful neck, which was a little slender, and soft black hair.

Her eyes were a little confused and even dull at first, and she didn’t know where she had wandered off. It took about four or five seconds before she came back to her senses. Her eyes were clear again and she was staring at the person in front of her.

“Si Huang…”

With this low call, Yue… or should I say Si Huang, who was brought out of the drama by her, paused, but his expression remained flawless, and he responded in the same low tone: “You, there’s a drama.”

However, in this scene, the two of them did whisper something, but they deliberately left the suspense so that the audience would not know, so it was okay for them to talk now, as long as their expressions were right, it won’t be NG.

At this time, she was no longer Ding Hong in “Red Moon”, but Jiang Yajing. She suddenly grabbed the clothes on Si Huang’s shoulders and asked: “Have you ever encountered such a situation when you were a child? Being trapped in a snowy cave, and carrying a girl on your back…” Her voice became quieter as she spoke, and by the end she could no longer hear it. However, her obsession with getting the real answer had become stronger.

“Huh?” Si Huang didn’t bother to think about it. Once he thought about it deeply, his expression would inevitably show flaws, and the filming of this scene would be NG.

This attitude made Jiang Yajing silent for another second. Her fingers clenched tighter and tighter. The throbbing and doubt in her heart did not disappear but became stronger and stronger.

Maybe it was because this scene was so familiar that even the feeling on this person’s back had become familiar. They were obviously completely different. How could the backs of a child and a teenager be the same!

It’s just…just…

Jiang Yajing buried her face in his back. Since she couldn’t see anything, her other senses were even more acute.

“Si Huang, who is your favorite singer?”

“Li Lisi.”

Jiang Yajing trembled, “Why?”

“Her singing voice is beautiful and always full of hope.”

Tears welled up in Jiang Yajing’s tightly closed eyes, her voice trembling, “Then I will also be a singer in the future.”

“…What’s wrong with you?” Si Huang heard something strange in her voice.

Jiang Yajing still didn’t look up, “Do you think I can be as good as Li Lisi?”

“You can try.”


The shooting ended perfectly.

As soon as Jiang Yajing landed, she grabbed Si Huang’s sleeve tightly and stared at her with piercing eyes. Her lips were still trembling, but with determination not to give up, she prayed: “Pull the sleeve of your left hand to your shoulders, can I take a look?”

Yu Xi and others who came around looked confused.

The atmosphere was a bit weird. Fu Xi whistled deliberately, “Hey, looking at the arms is so boring, looking at the chest and legs is more fun!” trying to liven up the atmosphere.

As a result, everyone ignored him and Fu Xi smiled awkwardly.

“What do you want to see?” Si Huang asked.

Jiang Yajing: “Scar, a scar from the upper arm to the elbow.”

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and he was a little surprised. He calmly turned up his left sleeve, only to find that it was white and smooth, with nothing on it.

Jiang Yajing’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help but take a step back, “I got it wrong?” This murmur was heard by Si Huang and several other people.

“What did you feel? Do you feel that His Majesty is your true destiny?”

Jiang Yajing ignored the others’ teasing and suddenly raised her head to stare at Si Huang again. She stared at her silently for three seconds, then turned around and ran away without saying a word.

“What’s wrong with her?” Yu Xi asked Si Huang in confusion.

Si Huang looked at Jiang Yajing’s back and said, “Nothing.” He put down his sleeves and looked down at his arms.

It turned out that she did have a scar on her left arm. In her previous life, she used Bai’s medicine and skin treatments to make it almost invisible, just like the scars on her back. In this life, when the body was strengthened for the first time, any scars on the body could not help but be healed.

How did Jiang Yajing know? She looked very concerned about it.

Si Huang remembered what she had asked during the previous filming: wind and snow, cave, being trapped, carrying a little girl on your back? She could remember very few things from her childhood. Too many things had happened to her as an adult, and she spent her energy on various things every day, so her childhood memories were almost all blurred.

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