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In the dilapidated house, a layer of dust had accumulated on the ground, and it looked like it had not been cleaned for a while.

Ding Hong walked cautiously inside, asking in a low voice if anyone was there, and looking for the black cat. But at this moment, a low cough broke the silence in the house.

“A Hu?” A man’s hoarse voice came from the room.

Just this voice made people’s hearts tighten, because the voice was so weak, as if it was wandering between life and death.

Fu Xi and others watching the show remembered that when choosing the protagonist for the second episode, the most important requirement was not acting skills, but control of voice and color. Because the main character in the second episode was said to be a human, but it was actually this tabby cat. The character in this episode had very few scenes, less than three minutes.

According to the development of the plot, this cough attracted Ding Hong’s attention. Under the deliberate guidance of the tabby cat, she pushed the door open and entered the room.

The room was dark, heavy with moisture, and smelled of something*. Ding Hong, who suddenly came in, was shocked by the smell, “Ahem.”

“Who?” asked the weak voice, without any surprise or emotion of panic, as if an outsider entering his home was nothing to him.

“I…” Ding Hong was about to speak when a sudden change occurred.

The tabby cat let out a shrill cry, and in the darkness this seemingly harmless tabby cat began to undergo startling changes.

“Cut——” The shooting of this scene ended.

Everyone immediately entered the venue and gave each actor a touch-up and water.

The next important task of filming would fall on Si Huang again.

Although he was very confident in Si Huang, Xu Wanjun still asked her: “Do you want to find out the feeling first? After all, you have to feel something when performing for something that doesn’t exist.”

“No need.” Si Huang said.

In the past life, with the advancement of science and technology, there were more and more science and technology filled movies. Not only abroad, but also in China, computers could be used to make fakes look real. She had filmed such movies more than once or twice, and she had already become familiar with them.

Xu Wanjun was relieved when he thought of the fact that his role as Young Master Qianji had surpassed all newcomers in the same period in popularity, and even some popular stars were no match for her.

Everyone touched up their makeup and then started shooting the scene just now – Ding Hong, played by Jiang Yajing, was attacked by the transformed tabby cat and fell to the ground. She stared ahead with wide eyes in disbelief, as if she saw something incredible.

Next was Si Huang’s play.

This was a martial arts scene. The difficulty was that there was no real opponent in front of Si Huang. Her movements and postures must be like that of facing an opponent, and this opponent was not a person. According to the design, it was a half-human half-animal. A tall, two-meter-long transformed cat demon.

They did not hire a professional martial arts coach, they just relied on Si Huang to express himself freely.

Everyone watched attentively. As preparations were made, Si Huang jumped down from the green tiled roof where she was sitting. She had no wires attached to her body, so all her agile and handsome movements were done by herself.

This was not the first time that they had seen Si Huang’s agile and sharp skills, but the girls who were watching it couldn’t help but have their faces flush and their eyes fill with red hearts. They felt that they couldn’t get enough of it. Sure enough, His Majesty was so handsome!

Then in the room that was not wide enough, everyone truly experienced a feast for the senses, and understood what real acting skills were and what real strength was!

Every move of the man with black hair and black clothes was smooth and unrestrained. He punched, kicked and jumped without any hesitation. He carried a direct chill and made fierce moves. What was he holding in his hand? What did he lift up hard and then throw it to the ground? Immediately afterwards, his fist hit it, and when he swung it with force, there was a sound of wind… His opponent seemed to fight back, but he easily dodged it with a backward leap.

Different from his rough and wild attacks, his body posture always felt elegant, and his expression had not changed at all. The blood gem eyes without any fluctuations were more lustrous and attractive in the dim light, and the corners of his mouth were soft. He tugged at it, seeming bored and disdainful.

From the moment he started, everyone’s eyes lost their function and were deceived by their senses. It seemed as if there really was such a vague monster in front of them, being played with by this stunning evildoer while being applauded, who was easily hit and fell to the ground!

The person who could see it most clearly was Xu Wanjun. He was the author of this play, and he could imagine everything in the play in his mind. Before this scene was filmed, he already had a vague sense of the scene in his mind. However, looking at Si Huang’s performance, he suddenly felt that all the original imagination in his mind had come to nothing, and he was captured by the scenes before him, things that were supposed to be illusions had become reality, the demonized tabby cat really appeared in the sight, and every battle move they made was infinitely substantial.

“Brother Xu? Director Xu! Hey! Xu Wanjun——!”

A loud shout woke Xu Wanjun up, and he looked blankly at Fu Xi beside him.

Fu Xi stared at his face and joked: “Looking at how you look now, you must have also fallen in love with Mr. Si? Oh my God! Is Mr. Si going to conquer the world? Forget about making women obsessed, not even men are spared!”

Everyone around laughed when they heard this.

Xu Wanjun glared at him. Only then did he feel the abnormal heat in his body, and his heart finally calmed down.

“What’s wrong?” When he spoke, his voice was hoarse as if he was dehydrated.

“Master Si has finished filming, and you didn’t even tell him to stop,” Fu Xi said.

Xu Wanjun looked up and saw Si Huang standing there and not moving again.

Zhang Nianmeng also joked: “You won’t be fascinated by His Majesty, right? Come on, it’s very difficult to compete with the same sex, without including the opposite sex!”

Xu Wanjun deliberately ignored them with a straight face, being fascinated by Si Huang? Yes, that’s right! He was indeed smitten! But it wasn’t an obsession in that sense. What he was obsessed with was Si Huang’s acting skills. At that moment, he felt that Si Huang had completely restored all the fantasies in his mind. An idea flashed in his mind. A character was born because of Si Huang’s skills, but it was interrupted before it was fully fleshed out!

Xu Wanjun was not angry when someone interrupted his inspiration. He believed that if he continued to stay by Si Huang’s side, sooner or later he would get his newly inspired inspiration back and complete his story.

“How is it?” Si Huang walked towards this side and asked casually.

At this moment, Xu Wanjun went to see the results of the shooting. Fortunately, he was distracted at that time but the other students did not forget their work. They captured the photos very well in all aspects and did not let Si Huang’s wonderful performance go to waste.

“Very good!” Xu Wanjun smiled.

This bright smile coupled with his rosy face that had not recovered yet caused the group of girls to whisper again.

Today’s filming lasted until about 6 p.m., and the final ending continued the characteristics of the first episode. Before dying, the cat demon talked about his own life, or in other words, the life of his owner.

His parents died in a car accident, leaving him alone with leukemia. He stayed in his house every day and hardly went out, with only a tabby cat by his side.

On December 1st, the day when the blood moon appeared, the tabby cat woke up and found that its owner had been suffering from a fever and cold for a long time. He was lying in bed with no one to take care of him. All he could think of was to find Ding Hong and use her heart to save his owner.

“If I can save him with my heart, I will give it to him without hesitation.”

“Please do one thing. When he wakes up, tell him that A Hu ran away because he was hungry.”

At least, let him know that A Hu is still alive, but he ran away ungratefully. A gentle person like him would definitely prefer A Hu to run away than to starve to death.

The tabby cat lost its breath, and the black cat came over and licked its cheek.

Yue still had an impersonal expression, his eyes looked at Ding Hong’s chest, and then he stretched out his hand to press it with lightning speed.

“Ah! What are you doing!” Ding Hong screamed, her face turning red.

Yue put down his hand, without any sense of disrespect to the other party, and his tone was calm but dangerous, “Is this heart really that magical?”

Ding Hong’s red cheeks instantly turned white again, and the other party’s words gave people the feeling… that they wanted to dig it out and take a look!


The filming of the second episode had officially ended.

The actors left the stage, and a group of people screamed in various ways. The men teased about how it felt to touch a girl’s breasts, and the women screamed that if you were Your Majesty, it would be easy for them to let him touch! Some people even booed and said that Si Huang was quick and direct, without any embarrassment at all, and that he might have rich experience and so on.

Si Huang didn’t bother to explain anything to these teases. He sat on the chair and let Yu Ling remove her makeup.

Jiang Yajing came over. The makeup was still on her face and she was still wearing the same clothes as before. However, as a girl filming a modern urban fantasy film, her dress was very ordinary, even if she was walking on the street like this, it would be nothing much.

“Si Huang, I want to ask you something.”


Jiang Yajing stood in front of her, staring into her eyes, “Is Uncle Si okay now?”

Si Huang smiled and said, “Well, he’s taking it easy. He is relaxed and recuperating in the resort.”

Jiang Yajing, who couldn’t see any falsehood in her eyes, also laughed. Once she laughed sincerely, she was always full of sunshine and vitality, “Well, that’s great.”

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