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End of October.

“Gold Medal Screenwriter” had reached its final recording session, and BH Media’s screenwriter training course was also coming to an end.

Qin Yuanyuan and Jiang Xiaoqing had just been released from closed training and found that no one was present in their shared house. And it had also become widely known on the Internet that Gu Nian was Mang Zhi.

Qin Yuanyuan had known for a long time that Jiang Xiaoqing was not a good person. Last time she missed the important discovery opportunity due to her slowness and was not mentally prepared. This time she almost came out and was bombarded with overwhelming information which was enough to rebuild her world view.

After going through repeated cycles of being sometimes crazy, sometimes depressed, sometimes excited, sometimes numb, and finally saying “My goddess was actually by my side and I didn’t notice it for two years” with howling words, Qin Yuanyuan couldn’t bear it anymore and she pressed Jiang Xiaoqing onto the sofa.

“You have this time for hysteria, why don’t you ask Gu Nian to come out and meet you?”


Jiang Xiaoqing, who had her face buried in the pillow, looked up with tears in her eyes, and showed Qin Yuanyuan a hot topic on the screen: “The Mang Zhi in “Gold Medal Screenwriter” has launched a new trend of short dramas after “Broken”.”

Qin Yuanyuan glanced at the article with over 100 million reads: “I saw it, then?”

Jiang Xiaoqing: “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Gu Nian is now back as Mang Zhi. She is so hot, she mustn’t want to see us. What should I do?”

Qin Yuanyuan was helpless: “Is this the first time Mang Zhi has become popular?”

“Of course not! Mang Zhi became famous two years ago!” Jiang Xiaoqing immediately cheered up and retorted after hearing that it was related to Mang Zhi’s reputation.

Qin Yuanyuan: “Isn’t that okay? This is not the first time for her to be popular, nor is it her first time being Mang Zhi. Although I don’t understand the specific reason why she has refused to come back in the past two years, as long as she wanted to, it is obvious that she could get her popularity back within the past two years at any time—did she ever not want to see you during this period?”


Jiang Xiaoqing fell into a sluggish expression and did not respond for a long time.

Qin Yuanyuan was worried that she was over-stimulated when she saw Jiang Xiaoqing hugging the pillow, lowering her head, and slowly revealing a shy and demented smile: “Hehehehe.”

Qin Yuanyuan: “…Why are you laughing so abnormally all of a sudden?”

Jiang Xiaoqing: “As soon as you reminded me, I remembered that I have slept with my goddess wife more than once in the past two years, hehehehehe.”

Qin Yuanyuan: “….”

This one may be really perverted.

The three finally made an appointment to meet in a private and excellent coffee shop not far from BH Media company.

Gu Nian came wearing a mask and hat.

Ever since she was recognized after singing the “cover” of “Cross Me” in the National Day special episode of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”, Gu Nian had been praised as the star of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”, and her status in the program’s traffic had soared rapidly.

Two years apart, these two works with different themes had attracted countless fans. In addition, “Gold Medal Screenwriter” had expanded the breadth of traffic at the guest level and with the publicity guided by BH Media, it was even more important to consider it. The screenwriting industry was currently in the limelight, and there was a vague tendency to turn from screenwriter to a star.

As a “star”, Gu Nian had just experienced the frightening experience of being recognized by an enthusiastic fan in a shopping mall parking lot a few days ago and almost getting into an accident.

After taking off her mask, she told Qin Yuanyuan and Jiang Xiaoqing about the incident, Gu Nian was just casually mentioning it, but Jiang Xiaoqing already held her hand, moved to tears: “Did you risk your life to see me?”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian: “?”

While Gu Nian pulled her hand out of Jiang Xiaoqing’s affectionate grasp, she asked Qin Yuanyuan with a dull face: “Did she receive any stimulation in the training class?”

Qin Yuanyuan smiled and watched the fun: “You should stay away from her. She is probably no better than the fanatical fan who attacked you in the parking lot.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Only then did Gu Nian remember that Jiang Xiaoqing still had the label of “Mang Zhi die-hard fan” that had been firmly attached to her for two years.

Then Jiang Xiaoqing tried to bury herself in her arms several times without success, and finally slowly returned to normal with sad eyes. After the two talked about the three months of closed study in the screenwriting training class, they asked about Gu Nian’s situation.

“So your main job now is still to participate in the recording of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”?” Jiang Xiaoqing, a semi-career fan, asked sounding concerned, “It should be over within just a few episodes left, right? What are you going to do next?”

Gu Nian shook her head: “There are only three periods left for the recording of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”. My current work focus is not on this aspect, but on the project of creating a new drama.”

Jiang Xiaoqing was stunned: “Huh?”

Qin Yuanyuan’s mind was spinning much faster, “Xiaoqing, are you stupid? Mang Zhi’s identity has been exposed, and with the popularity and reputation brought by “Broken” before, how could Gu Nian’s identity as a freelance screenwriter not be broken?”

Jiang Xiaoqing’s eyes lit up: “So…”

“Well, the contract is signed.”

“Where are you signed?”

“BH Media.”


Jiang Xiaoqing turned her head in confusion, and even Qin Yuanyuan asked a little out of the blue: “With Mang Zhi’s worth, the best media companies in the industry would have given you an olive branch, right? Why did you sign with BH media?”

Jiang Xiaoqing nodded quickly: “Although BH Media is indeed a dark horse, it has only been established for three years after all. Even if it has a strong background and resources, it is still a little behind compared to the first few established media companies?”

After Gu Nian thought about it, she said hesitantly: “The main reason at first was that they also signed a management contract with Luo Xiu, and then…”

“Ah, are they signing Luo Xiu?” Jiang Xiaoqing interrupted in shock.

Qin Yuanyuan: “For Luo Xiu’s overall situation, it seems that BH Media is indeed the best choice.”

Jiang Xiaoqing geared up: “These guys are too cunning! This time, unlike when they recruited you to join the show, they knew that Luo Xiu was your favorite star, so they took advantage of this to keep you!”


Gu Nian paused and raised her eyes.

Jiang Xiaoqing turned back angrily, staring blankly: “What?”

“…It’s nothing,” Gu Nian looked back, still expressionless, but her tone seemed a bit meaningful, “Thanking you for reminding me, I had forgotten about this matter before.”

Qin Yuanyuan noticed something and asked, “Do you know who used this incident to get you into the show?”

“!” Jiang Xiaoqing turned back to look at Gu Nian.

Gu Nian was silent for a few seconds, then nodded slowly: “I’m pretty sure, there shouldn’t be anyone else.”

“Who is so scheming?”


It was a matter of Luo Xiu’s reputation and identity. In the end, Gu Nian didn’t speak rashly and just let the matter go.

“Ah, yes,” Gu Nian remembered what she had confirmed with BH Media’s agent before, and looked at the two of them, “Are you interested in signing a screenwriting contract with BH Media?”

The two of them were stunned.

Jiang Xiaoqing said bluntly: “What’s the use of us wanting to sign? You didn’t go to the training class, so you don’t know. I think BH Media really wants to do big things. We did a good job in the closed training this time, but there are still better people inside. Those who got signed directly are awesome – but the remaining places are limited, Yuanyuan still has some hope, but I am so frustrated.”

Qin Yuanyuan hesitated and nodded: “Although BH values you very much now, if the two of us borrow your connections to get in, you will be criticized.”

Jiang Xiaoqing’s eyes widened: “I didn’t even expect this – Yuanyuan is right! We absolutely can’t let your glorious resume have black spots!”


Gu Nian was a little bit dumbfounded but was mostly moved: “Don’t get me wrong, the contracts I offered you will not take up the selection quota in the training class.”


“I was willing to sign a contract with BH Media, another important reason was that the remuneration conditions they offer are very generous, which is something that a leading media company with established structures and solidified hierarchies cannot provide to me.”

“Can you recruit us yourself…”

“Well,” Gu Nian smiled and nodded in Jiang Xiaoqing’s expectant eyes, “I can set up a personal studio within BH Media company, and I also have relatively large autonomy in the selection of various personnel in the studio. I can only give you so much salary and benefits, and you may not be able to match mine at the beginning. It will depend on your personal performance later…”

“Don’t say anything! I’m in!” Jiang Xiaoqing pounced on her, “Oh, oh, oh, if I can continue to work with you, Mang Zhi, I’ll work for food, accommodation, and no wages!”

Gu Nian laughed: “No wages? Then I have to disagree first. Fighting for your own reasonable rights and interests is a matter of course, and you must not save wages for your employees. When they let you negotiate salary conditions, you have to be persistent when it comes to salary and benefits, remember?”

“I’ll remember it well,” Jiang Xiaoqing laughed playfully, “I can see that your teeth are itching a lot for that BH boss who plotted against you. He has given you such good conditions, but you still refuse to give in.”


Gu Nian felt so guilty that she rubbed the tip of her nose.

BH Media was truly promising, so Qin Yuanyuan agreed without any hesitation.

After confirming the signing of the screenwriter team, Gu Nian let go of the heavy sense of responsibility in her heart and smiled a lot more relaxedly: “Then we’ll celebrate your joining in advance, I’ll treat you to a big lunch at noon today!”

Jiang Xiaoqing raised her arms: “I want to eat expensive food!”

Gu Nian smiled: “Okay.”

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