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Ji Juechuan didn’t spend much time at home, so the gym was simply decorated. There were only a few sports equipment in the bright and spacious room. The equipment faced a floor-to-ceiling window, and on the other side of the room was a bathroom separated by frosted glass.

Yan Yan sat down on the bench and looked up at Ji Juechuan, waiting for his next instruction.

The bench was placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. It was pitch dark outside. When he turned around, he could see the shadow reflected on the glass and the shadowy trees outside.

Ji Juechuan looked down at him for a while, then squatted down next to the bench, reached out and held his ankle, and straightened one of his legs.

Yan Yan watched his movements curiously, and then his right leg was held again, bent and pressed above the knee of his left leg.

“Press down.”

Ji Juechuan’s hand pressed lightly on his back, and Yan Yan followed his force and pressed down, feeling a little soreness in his straightened leg.

Although he could hold it down, he became tired after maintaining the position for a while.

When Ji Juechuan wasn’t paying attention, he wanted to lower his bent leg. However, as soon as he moved, someone pressed on it again, and his well-jointed hands directly stopped the leg he wanted to lower.

He didn’t know when Ji Juechuan arrived behind him. He pressed his legs with both hands, but it looked as if he was hugging him from behind.

“It’s not time yet.”

Yan Yan could only curl his lips and continue to press down.

After pressing for a while, Ji Juechuan still didn’t let go of him. Yan Yan turned around and asked him in a soft voice: “Isn’t it time yet?”

He had not wiped off the sweat he had dripping from his face as he just finished exercising, and a drop of sweat ran down his fair skin. It ran down his neck and disappeared under his clothes.

Ji Juechuan lowered his eyes, “No.”

Yan Yan refused to press down anymore. He leaned back in Ji Juechuan’s arms and raised his eyes, “But I feel a little pain.”


Ji Juechuan loosened the grip of the hand holding his leg, then he saw him straighten his leg immediately and said ruthlessly: “Then change your position.”

While Yan Yan was sitting on the bench getting massaged by him, he asked him nervously, “What position should I change to?”

“Lie down.”

Yan Yan obediently lay down on the bench.

Ji Juechuan spread his legs a little further, knelt between his legs, lifted one of his legs and put it on his shoulder.

Seeing his movements, Yan Yan’s eyes widened a little, and he subconsciously wanted to pull his legs back, but Ji Juechuan caught him again.

Ji Juechuan had not yet changed his clothes when he came back from the company. He had only taken off his coat, thus Yan Yan’s legs were placed on his dark shirt. The loose and breathable shorts were rolled up to the base of his legs in order to facilitate movement, revealing tender, white and delicate skin.

He didn’t know why, but this scene made Yan Yan blush a little, and he didn’t dare to move any more.

Seeing that he stopped struggling, Ji Juechuan began to slowly press down.

Yan Yan was very flexible and was easily pressed down by him. However, he didn’t last long after he pressed down and began to cry pitifully in pain.

While Ji Juechuan straightened up, he quickly tried to retract his legs, but when he was halfway through, his calf was grabbed again.

After a few more presses, he couldn’t pull it back, so he had to step on Ji Juechuan’s chest, and then he was pulled up to his shoulders bit by bit.

“Do it again.”

Yan Yan bit his lip and accidentally saw their image reflected on the floor-to-ceiling window. He was lying under Ji Juechuan, with one leg still on Ji Juechuan’s shoulder. What did the image make him think of?

How strange.

He quickly turned his head and didn’t dare to look again.

His leg was slowly pressed down, and the familiar soreness came. Yan Yan flattened his mouth and pulled Ji Juechuan’s hand, “Hubby, please be gentle.”

Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened, and he said “hmm” after a long time and raised his legs a little higher.


After the stretching was completed, Yan Yan’s legs were extremely sore, and he had no intention of continuing to exercise at all.

He went to the bathroom to rinse off the sweat from his body, and then sat on the sofa in the gym and watched Ji Juechuan work out.

Ji Juechuan had changed into sportswear, and his figure that was usually hidden under the clothes was clearly visible, which would make any man envious.

Yan Yan sat on the sofa with an ice drink in his arms, looking at Ji Juechuan’s figure with envy and longing, and made up his mind to start working out from tomorrow.

But forget it for today.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the live broadcast appointment with Ling Chengxuan came. Yan Yan prepared the equipment early and went to the studio address sent by Ling Chengxuan.

The dubbing studio was built in an office building. It was not very large, but it was decorated very finely and had all kinds of professional equipment.

Ling Chengxuan came out to take him in, and the two of them walked inside while confirming the live broadcast process.

Yan Yan had done some homework in the past few days and knew that although Ling Chengxuan’s studio was not large in scale, it was very popular on the Internet. After their recent works had been released, their reputation had become better and better.

He also watched many interview videos online and had a general understanding of several other voice actors in the studio.

Even so, Yan Yan was still a little nervous.

Both he and Ling Chengxuan had done a lot of publicity for this live broadcast, and there should be many people watching the live broadcast. Moreover, dubbing involved knowledge of professional fields. If he made a mistake, he would definitely be criticized by the audience.

Not to mention that he also learned through the interview video that one of the voice actors did not have a good temper. In several interviews, she had gotten angry because of the reporter’s excessive questions.

Although the live broadcast process had been discussed with Ling Chengxuan several times, he was still worried that there would be some offense.

After walking for a while, Yan Yan met several other voice actors in the studio.

They were all young people of similar age. They all greeted Yan Yan warmly when they saw him. Only one girl with long wavy hair looked at him steadily.

Yan Yan recognized her as the voice actor with a bad temper. He pursed his lips nervously and smiled at her.

The girl with wavy curly hair walked up to him and looked into his amber eyes. Wearing high heels, she was only a little shorter than Yan Yan, but she was no less imposing.

Just when Yan Yan was so nervous that he stopped breathing, the girl with wavy curly hair smiled softly, stretched out her hand and pinched his face.

“You look much better than in the live broadcast.”

Yan Yan was stunned.

Ling Chengxuan pulled him aside and said in a helpless tone, “Stop teasing him.”

After saying that, he explained to Yan Yan: “She has been watching your live broadcast every day these days. She was joking with you just now. Do you mind??”

Yan Yan quickly shook his head, “I don’t mind.”

After chatting with several voice actors for a while and getting to know each other, it was time for the live broadcast to start.

Just as he started the live broadcast, the viewer numbers kept rising, making Yan Yan nervous again.

Fortunately, there were no mistakes during the live broadcast, and the atmosphere was more relaxed than expected. Ling Chengxuan even temporarily added a link in the middle, allowing Yan Yan to go to the recording studio to record.

The barrage in the live broadcast room also started cheering. Although Yan Yan was a little embarrassed, he still gave it a try.

After he finished recording a short section, the barrage became livelier.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu covered”

“@Lingboss, won’t such talents be admitted into the studio?”

“I finally understand why Sister Yan is so partial to this anchor.”

The live broadcast went smoothly to the end. After everyone said goodbye to the audience, the live broadcast got over.

Yan Yan breathed out a sigh of relief, thanked everyone for their hard work, and told them: “The video will be cut in a few days, and I will send it to you first.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work.” Ling Chengxuan nodded.

Sister Yan, the girl with wavy curly hair, walked up to him and touched his head, her eyes curling up as she said, “I will forward the video and pin it to the top.”

Ling Chengxuan twitched the corner of his mouth, and the others also didn’t look surprised.

Yan Yan also bent his eyes at her, “Thank you, Sister Yan.”

The few of them stood and talked for a while, and it was almost lunch time before Ling Chengxuan sent Yan Yan downstairs.

After returning home, Yan Yan devoted his attention to editing videos. He never left his computer except when eating.

When he saw Ji Juechuan going to the gym in the evening, he remembered that he had made up his mind to exercise well before, so he followed him with his computer in his arms.

Ji Juechuan saw him following him and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He thought Yan Yan would be reluctant to step into the gym because of the pain from stretching that day, but he didn’t expect that he would follow him in.

He moved his fingers and asked, seemingly unintentionally: “Want me to help you stretch?”

Yan Yan sat down on the sofa in the gym holding the computer, thought for a moment, then shook his head, “No.”

Ji Juechuan thought he wanted to wait until later to exercise, so he warmed up by himself first. Unexpectedly, after he had been exercising for half an hour, Yan Yan was still looking at the computer screen.

He was sweating all over and his whole body was steaming. He put on a towel and walked towards Yan Yan.

Yan Yan raised his head and handed a bottle of water from the side to him.

Ji Juechuan took the water and couldn’t help but ask: “You don’t want to do it?”

Yan Yan blinked before realizing that he was asking about stretching, and continued to shake his head, “No.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Yan Yan raised his long eyelashes and answered him: “Feeling the sporty atmosphere.”

He always felt that coming to the gym was almost equivalent to him having exercised, even though he was just watching Ji Juechuan exercise.

Ji Juechuan twitched the corners of his lips, sat down next to him, and glanced at his screen.

“Is this the latest video?”

Yan Yan nodded, his mouth curved, “It should be ready tomorrow afternoon.”

“How is the event ranking?”

Yan Yan stopped moving his hands and raised his eyebrows slightly. He frowned and said, “Still third.”

Ji Juechuan also frowned, wanting to comfort him that it would be okay if he didn’t get first place. Which sea did Yan Yan like?

He could take him to any island. But after thinking about it for a while, he still said, “When this video is edited, maybe you can catch up.”

Yan Yan relaxed his frown and smiled at him, “Yeah!”

The next afternoon, Yan Yan sent the cut video to Ling Chengxuan and waited for his reply before uploading the video to the platform.

Then, he shared the video on Weibo so that Ling Chengxuan and the others could forward it.

As soon as he posted it on Weibo, Ling Chengxuan and others immediately forwarded it, and before long, the number of views on the video exceeded 10,000.

Ling Chengxuan’s studio was well-known, and the popularity of Yan Yan’s broadcast with Yan Yueluo itself had not faded. Netizens thus hotly discussed this video on Weibo.

“Is this person the anchor who did the live broadcast with Yan Yueluo a few days ago? He’s so good-looking.”

“Ah, I watched this live broadcast. The anchor brother is super professional. It can be seen that he has done his homework. I recommend everyone to go watch.”

“The video is finally cut! I want to watch the dubbing part a million times!”

“Damn, it’s the first time I’ve seen Sister Yan talk to someone so gently despite being a five-year fan.”

“A pure passerby, who is this person? Huh? Didn’t he live broadcast with the boss of Wangjue Group some time ago?”

The last comment attracted the attention of many people.

“I smell the smell of a huge melon. I haven’t been online for the past few days. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?”

“Didn’t the boss of Wangjue Group get engaged some time ago? He made his relationship with him public during the live broadcast.”

“No way… Ji Juechuan… What’s his identity? How could he be engaged to an anchor?”

“And this anchor also had a scandal with Yan Yueluo, this has a very subtle feeling.”

“Replying to upstairs, it may not necessarily be an engagement, but maybe a lover. Relationships among wealthy families are very messy, and maybe the person he is engaged to is someone else.”

Yan Yan closed the software after posting on Weibo. He didn’t know how much discussion it caused on the Internet, until the number of likes on the video suddenly skyrocketed in the evening, and he was stunned for a moment, and then he remembered to take a look at Weibo.

He saw that in addition to the popular reposts from several people in the dubbing studio, there were two more popular reposts in the repost list.

@Yan Yueluo: Thank you all for taking care of my brother.

@Ji Juechuan: Thank you for supporting my lover’s work.

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