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When Mu Yixi heard this voice, a strange look flashed in his eyes.

Standing in front of him was a pretty little girl with big eyes and willowy eyebrows. She was about the same age as Mu Yixuan, but her raised chin, impatient expression, and casual stance showed the education gap between her and Mu Yixuan.

Her name was Hu Anqi, Hu Qin’s youngest daughter, whose father was unknown, and was Mu Yixi’s half-sister.

In the previous life, he and Hu Anqi were raised by Hu Qin together. If her treatment of Mu Yixi was always akin to being raised by a stepmother, then Hu Anqi was the little princess held in the palm of her hand. No matter how arrogant and self-willed she was, Hu Qin was willing to indulge her. As if to compensate her for everything she had missed.

At that time, Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were close on the surface, but had deliberately drawn a line in their hearts, but he also couldn’t get close to Hu Anqi in any way. He didn’t like her willful selfishness, but because of Hu Qin, he tried to treat her as a younger sister, and always gave her everything she asked for. Until she seduced Feng Kun to cause Mu Yixuan to have an abortion…

At this moment, looking at Hu Anqi, Mu Yixi found that her heart did not have any fluctuations, it was no different from looking at a stranger.

No, it should be said that he was a little more vigilant. He didn’t want Hu Anqi to get close to Mu Yixuan at all, even if Hu Anqi was just a little girl he could easily squeeze to death.

“Do you know where your mother is?” Mu Yixi asked.

“I know, ah, I don’t know, so I want you to take me to find her!” Hu Anqi said with her arms akimbo.

“Where to find?”

“You just follow me.”

Hu Anqi backed her hands, leaping forward to lead the way. Mu Yixi slowly followed behind her.

“Go faster!” Hu Anqi turned around and yelled at him, walking forward, looking familiar with the way she was going.

“Yeah.” Mu Yixi still walked slowly.

“Was that your sister just now?” Hu Anqi frowned and said, “I saw you walking while holding her hand. It’s useless to hold hands when you are so big! Don’t hold my hand, or I will hit you!”

“You are not my sister. Why should I hold your hand?” Mu Yixi said.

“My mother said you are my brother!” Hu Anqi blurted out! After speaking this, annoyance flashed across her face, probably this sentence was originally forbidden to her.

“How come? I only have a younger sister, Xiaoxuan.” Mu Yixi shook his head calmly.

Hu Anqi immediately pouted: “I don’t think you are my brother too! My brother can only have one sister, I don’t want a brother who has other sisters!”

Mu Yixi nodded, “Do you have any other brothers and sisters?”

“No. My mother has only me!” Hu Anqi said proudly.

“I have many younger brothers and sisters, they are all very good. My mother loves us very much.” Mu Yixi also proudly said.

“No, my mother can only love me!” Hu Anqi said.

“Who is your mother?” Mu Yixi asked.

“My mother is Hu Qin.” Hu Anqi said subconsciously. Then she opened her eyes and stopped abruptly to look at Mu Yixi!

Mu Yixi didn’t respond, and said indifferently: “Hu Qin? Who is that? I don’t know.”

At this moment, they had already walked to the backyard of the house. It was planted with trees and flowers, far away from the noise in front, and it was very secretive.

“How can you not even know your own mother?” Hu Anqi asked angrily.

Mu Yixi looked at her as if she was an idiot: “Of course I know my mother.”

Hu Anqi exploded: “Then you said you didn’t know her again?”

Mu Yixi continued to look at her like an idiot and said patiently: “Of course I know my mother; my mother is Mu’s wife Fang Zhen.”

“Nonsense! Your mother is my mother, Hu Qin!” Hu Anqi jumped, feeling that Mu Yixi was stupid.

“I don’t know.” Mu Yixi said quietly.

Hu Qin, who had been hiding behind a tree and listening for a while, finally couldn’t help but walk out, without saying a word, her tears flowed out first: “Xiaoxi, I am your biological mother…” Mu Yixi saw the “stranger” with a vigilant expression on his face and took a step back.

Unlike the quick glance more than two years ago, this time, Mu Yixi looked at Hu Qin clearly. Although the Hu Qin he saw that time was still gorgeous, it was hard to hide the wind and frost brought about by the embarrassment of life, and her face was full of mean calculations. Now Hu Qin had changed a lot.

She changed her hairstyle, dressed in designer clothes, painted herself with delicate makeup, and looked like a lady. In Mu Yixi’s memory, this should be her image that gradually changed after he entered Mu’s house at the age of twelve. Because Mu’s family gave her a sum of money to let her give up his custody. However, he always remembered that their family life was difficult, and no matter what money gift he got, he would give it to her. Hu Qin’s economic situation got better, and she began to live a life of luxury and profligacy. Even Hu Anqi was raised in the way of a rich lady, even getting the stars on asking.

Now it seemed that even without Mu Yixi’s thrifty “support”, Hu Qin was still living very well. Maybe the poverty he was once forced to endure was just acting for him, in order to deepen his hatred of the Mu family… Mu Yixi laughed at himself: How stupid he was in the previous life, that he would turn a blind eye to all this, and believe whatever Hu Qin said!

Hu Qin was crying, as if she was very sad: “Xiaoxi, I really am your mother. You were born by me! You are Mu Jiurong’s biological son, not an adopted child! Fang Zhen adopted you to guarantee her son’s inheritance rights. She deliberately separated us mother and child. She is not a good person. Don’t believe her and recognize that bitch as a mother…”

“You are bullshiting!” Mu Yixi paled in shock, and he denied in disbelief, “You are the bad guy! You are not allowed to slander my mother!”

“Look at what Fang Zhen taught you, even your biological mother is not being recognized! Did she never tell you who your biological mother is?” Hu Qin said.

Mu Yixi felt suffocated, as if he was hit.

Hu Qin seemed to think that she held the bargaining chip of victory: “If you don’t believe it, we can find a doctor for a paternity test. The doctor’s words are definitely right. Believe me, Xiaoxi, you really are my son! I am your mother. Fang Zhen is not!”

“It’s not like this!” Mu Yixi shook his head in a panic, holding his head: “Two years ago, two years ago, my mother adopted me… Mom saved me…” He said incoherently.

Hu Qin stopped her tears and asked tentatively: “Do you remember… what happened two years ago?” The doctor’s report had said that he suffered severe physical and mental injuries that caused his memory to be disordered. He no longer remembered being abandoned before the age of six. Did he remember being abused?

Mu Yixi’s expression was very dazed. He seemed to be trying to think back, and said with great difficulty: “It’s mother… Mommy…”

“I wanted to take you away at that time, but your good mother Fang Zhen drove me away. I see you! Do you know how much mother missed you in the past two years?” Hu Qin cried again.

Hu Anqi glared at Mu Yixi angrily, and said, “Mom, don’t be sad! He doesn’t recognize you as your mother! We won’t care about him!”

Hu Qin said, “Anqi, he is your brother, you can’t say that to him. This is not his fault, someone has been lying to him…”

Mu Yixi’s face tightened. He clasped his hands and looked at her tangledly and at a loss. After a long while, he whispered: “Don’t cry…” His attitude softened slightly.

Hu Qin was overjoyed and immediately said: “I’m not forcing you to believe me right away. Think about it for yourself. But you must be careful of Fang Zhen and her children. They don’t treat you sincerely. Mom is saying this all for your own good… “

Mu Yixi said nothing, struggling with a contradictory expression on his face.

Hu Qin was a little irritated, but she knew that Mrs. Mu had raised Mu Yixi for more than two years, and she must have brainwashed him. It was impossible for Mu Yixi to turn to her at once, so she must take her time and be subtle with him. After all, he had crawled out of her belly. As long as she put in a little thought and time, Hu Qin believed that Mu Yixi could be of use for her.

“I will visit you often. But don’t tell Fang Zhen about our meetings. Otherwise, they will definitely separate us again.” Hu Qin said.

Mu Yixi was silent for a while, then nodded gently.

Hu Qin breathed a sigh of relief, said a few more concerned and provocative words, and led Hu Anqi away.

As they walked away, the deliberate expression on Mu Yixi’s face quickly closed, as if he had wiped it with his hand, and he returned to his expressionless face.

Just now when Hu Qin burst into tears, knowing that it was a delusion, he still couldn’t control his hopes, hoping that his biological mother had feelings for him, even if he was only of use to her, he would be a little sincere if she treated him as a son.

However, she cried so sadly, and she said so many times that he was her son, but even until she left, she didn’t even think about hugging him, even if it was just to act like a qualified mother…

Mu Yixi felt that his last life was for her. Everything about himself was a complete joke!

Mu Yixi suddenly turned around and said coldly, “Have you seen enough? Come out!”

Feng Weiming silently came out from behind the tree and looked at him calmly.

“Who told you to follow me?” Mu Yixi asked unhappily. He had discovered that Feng Weiming had come before, but he faced Hu Qin and Hu Anqi without showing any signs.

Feng Weiming could not say that because Mu Yixi had been out for too long, Mrs. Mu became worried, and Feng Weiming offered to come look for him. Because he felt that something was wrong with Mu Yixi tonight, and he couldn’t let others know. Over the past year, although Feng Weiming would occasionally be angry with Mu Yixi, but most of the time, Mu Yixi took care of him, and sometimes even treated him better than Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan. Weiming’s heart was not made of stone. On the surface, he seemed to be relatively indifferent to Mu Yixi, but in fact, he had gradually identified with him in his heart and treated him as an older brother.

So even though Mu Yixi’s tone was a bit bad at this time, he thought of what he had just heard, and Feng Weiming didn’t care about it.

“Auntie is looking for you.” Feng Weiming said.

When it came to Mrs. Mu, Mu Yixi’s face improved a bit. He approached Feng Weiming, suppressing his voice and warned: “Everything you saw just now, don’t tell anyone!”

This sentence was extremely rude, and Mu Yixi’s attitude towards him at this time was very different, as if the mask he was wearing all the time had been torn apart, and he looked cold and emotionless.

Feng Weiming’s eyes were cold: “Why?”

“Why?” Mu Yixi smiled and said, “You want me to tell Xiaoqi, what your real relationship with him is?”

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