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Qin He got better again.

It was like a child throwing a tantrum, turning the world upside-down, reluctantly, while obliging the whole world to know of his existence, but in fact, he only wanted someone to take the initiative to stop him.

Looking back, he felt he was so bearish and stupid; thus, he was embarrassed towards his roommates.

After Yan Kai’s treat, the relationship between Qin He and the Mu family’s three brothers gradually improved. Although Qin He still liked to be alone like before his parents had divorced, he sometimes joined in dormitory activities, such as playing football with Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, or participating in the “study meeting” that Feng Weiming compulsorily initiated to make them take courses beyond their current level of learning.

Mu Yiqi was the first to accept Qin He in the dormitory. He and Qin He grew up together, and he didn’t want Qin He to turn bad and be expelled from Ya’an. Mu Yixi also extended a friendly hand as he was aware of Qin He’s future achievements. As it was two votes to one vote, so even though Feng Weiming was unconvinced, he did not stop Qin He’s participation with his cold eyes.

The four members of their dormitory all had good backgrounds, good looks, and good grades (even Mu Yixi’s grades have to be “upped” under Feng Weiming’s tight marking), were good at sports, and they usually went in and out at the same time. Such a line up could easily dazzle the crowds, so it was called the scenic line of Ya’an Primary School.

The addition of Qin He particularly enhanced the group’s overall strength value. He had mixed with the seniors and brought a sturdy aura of his own, especially after he fought with Feng Kun’s people and beat the opponent until they pissed their pants. Feng Kun dared not provoke the 206 dormitory anymore.

Campus life had become more relaxed and enjoyable.

That was the most carefree time in Mu Yixi’s memory, he was even a little bit reluctant to let it go.

It wasn’t until he was faced with the reality that he realized that behind the happiness, the shadows always followed him.

During the winter vacation, the Mu family was invited to attend a wedding.

It was the wedding of Xu Qingli’s brother Xu Zhao.

The Xu family was born as a servant family of the Mu family. After the branches and leaves were scattered, each generation still had someone dedicated to serving the Mu family. Until now, only Xu’s mother, Tang Yanhua, Xu Zhao, and Xu Qingli remained in the Xu family serving Mu’s family. Because two successive generations of Xu’s family, including Tang Yanhua’s husband and her in-laws, died directly or indirectly for the Mu’s family, Tang Yanhua and her pair of son and daughter had a comparatively high status in the Mu family. The Mu Jingwei couple’s treatment of Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli was not much different from that of their own children. However, Tang Yanhua kept her status in mind and never allowed her children to exceed their station in life by even half a point.

Xu Zhao was Mu Jiurong’s right-hand man. He was thirty-two years old this year. He had average abilities but won when it came to diligence and loyalty. He was more valued by Mu Jiurong than Xu Qingli. Compared to his second brother Mu Jiu’an, who always loved to sing against him, and his third brother Mu Jiuqing, Mu Jiurong’s feeling of brotherhood towards Xu Zhao was stronger.

Xu Zhao had to forget food and sleep for work, so even though he had had a couple of girlfriends, they couldn’t stand his workaholic behavior and broke up with him. Xu Zhao felt that women were really ignorant and lacked interest in marriage. Finally, two years ago, he found a girlfriend who was five years younger than him. The other party did not dislike his old age, and had a sincere relationship with him, which slowly moved Xu Zhao. After two years, the relationship between the two had become very stable. However, Xu Zhao never mentioned marriage. Although the woman did not complain, her identity gradually became embarrassing. This incident almost became Tang Yanhua’s heart disease. That time, Tang Yanhua begged to see Grandma Mu, and everyone took turns to persuade Xu Zhao to get married.

Xu Zhao’s slapped his forehead in astonishment: “It’s my fault, I forgot!” Looking at his girlfriend’s face again, he immediately remedied it-kneeling to propose, buying a diamond ring and a new house, organizing a wedding banquet, he put them on the agenda one by one!

Tang Yanhua’s anger turned into joy.

So, the marriage of the only male in Xu’s family was held very grandly.

As Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu were idle, they wanted to do their best in organizing the wedding, but Tang Yanhua turned them down in fear. Tang Yanhua would ask them for advice, but she would never let them do everything themselves. Mu Jiurong did not come forward to help himself, but specially approved a wedding bonus to Xu Zhao, enough for him to pay the bill for the wine.

On the evening of the wedding banquet, the Mu family were guests.

Because it was the summer vacation, Mu Jiurong and his four children all attended. The banquet was organized outside the Xu family’s house in Ning Village, and a banquet for hundreds of people was held. There was a lot of laughter and joy, and the scene was extremely lively.

Because the banquet had not yet officially opened, Mu Yixuan wanted to see the bride. After getting the consent of Mrs. Mu, she brought Mu Yiqi along. Mu Yiqi did not want to follow the girl alone, so he pulled Mu Yixi along, and Mu Yixi took Feng Weiming’s hand in turn, and after getting a cold stare, the bunch of rice dumplings went into the new house mightily.

The wedding was done in Chinese style. Just now, after the bride and groom worshipped heaven and earth, the bride was sent to the new house with a red veil. After completing a series of ceremonies of lifting the veil and drinking a cup of wine in the new house, the groom went out to greet the guests, waiting for the bride to fix her make up and return, so they could toast the guests together.

When Mu Yixi and the others entered, the bride was applying makeup and the red veil had already been taken off. When the bride and the makeup artist saw the children, they all smiled and let them in.

The bride’s face that he didn’t see clearly when he was in the hall, was also seen clearly now.

She was a woman with a melon-shaped face, three point because of appearance and seven point because of dressing up, she looked very beautiful at the moment.

The makeup artist also received wedding candy, so she smiled and said, “Be good, don’t mess up sister’s things.” Seeing her look, if she was not busy with her hands, she would have liked to reach out and knead the children’s heads.

Mu Yiqi, Feng Weiming, and Mu Yixuan took a step back together. But Mu Yiqi was unfortunately pushed in front, because Feng Weiming and Mu Yixuan retreated behind him tacitly, leaving him no room to retreat.

But Mu Yiqi soon moved again. Because Mu Yixi didn’t retreat but moved forward, he actually stood in front of them.

My brother is so kind to me! Awesome!

The very loyal Mu Yiqi decided to stand with his brother bravely, facing the makeup artist who was obviously an aunt but claimed to be a sister.

Mu Yixi turned his head to see Mu Yiqi next to him, and then looked at the strange aunt who was staring at them with bright eyes, reflexively stepped back, and backed behind Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi (⊙ o ⊙), then 〒▽〒.

Oh, it’s broken. Mu Yixi paused after reacting, screaming in his heart.

He accidentally exposed the nature of the Daoist who would rather die than let down the poor Dao[1]

He just didn’t retreat in time not because of his overwhelming brotherly love, but because he was stunned.

He wanted to ask Mrs. Mu to show him a wedding invitation from Xu Zhao so that he could confirm it. Because he didn’t believe his eyes a little. He didn’t expect Xu Zhao’s new wife to be her-

Gu Ling!

His biological mother Hu Qin’s half-sister, his aunt.

The previous generation of Gu’s family was quite famous in Xin’an City. At that time, the Gu family’s head was Gu Guanghui. This man had little ability but loved to mess with women. When Hu Lijiao was young and beautiful, he played with her and then kicked her away. The Hu Qin she got pregnant with was the kid of Gu Guanghui. Hu Lijiao was just as bad to Hu Qin, but Hu Qin had a fierce temperament and a lot of schemes. Since she was sensible, Hu Lijiao couldn’t easily touch her. Later, Hu Qin don’t know how got into contact with Gu Guanghui. Although she couldn’t enter the door of Gu’s family, Gu Guanghui treated her quite well in private.

After Gu Guanghui’s death, the Gu family, which was once popular, quickly declined. People who had enjoyed wealth in the Gu family were unwilling to live a hard life. They made money through various methods, and still put on the pomp and air of the rich to the outside world. In fact, it was an empty shell.

Gu Ling was the youngest daughter of Gu Guanghui and the last child born to him by his wife. She was a primary school teacher. But in the last life, she was not the wife Xu Zhao married.

The fall of Mu Jiurong in the previous life was the result of the wall being pushed down by everyone. Mu Yixi especially did not want to understand why Xu Zhao, who had always been loyal to Mu Jiurong, would add fire to the issue and betray Mu Jiurong? Even if his sister Xu Qingli was involved, he shouldn’t be shaken to that point. It wasn’t until Mu Yixi found out that Xu Zhao and Gu Ling were involved that things became clearer to him.

No one thought that the Gu family’s children, who were so at odds with Hu Qin, would put down their weapons and join forces with Hu Qin. It could only be said that there were no eternal enemies, only eternal interests.

Xu Zhao’s wife in his last life was a gentle woman. How could it become Gu Ling in this life?

This was the first time Mu Yixi had encountered a change from his previous life since his resurrection. So, Mu Yixi, who relied on the prophetic foresight brought by his previous life experience to live happily and confidently, suddenly became gloomy and unclear.

And if Gu Ling had walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, where was Hu Qin, who was connected with her?

Hu Qin was never a woman who would be happy letting go of her interests. Mu Yixi staying at Mu’s house would only arouse her greed even more. Moreover, with Hu Qin and Gu Ling alone stirring up the wind and rain, it was impossible to shake the Mu family. But the fall of the Mu’s family in the previous life was indeed inseparable from them. Who was behind them pushing all this?

Although he was a person with vested interests in the previous life, it was not that Mu Yixi had no doubts in his heart. It was just that the time he lived after he got Mus in the previous life was too short to sort out everything one by one.

In this way, Mu Yixi’s peace over the past two years was like a gift. But there was always an unknown knife hanging over his head.

In his current situation, if the opponent didn’t take the initiative to confront him, he couldn’t do anything.

But seeing Gu Ling, Mu Yixi had a hunch that the other party would find him.

Just as he was thinking about it, Xu Qingli came in.

She saw Mu Yixi and smiled immediately: “You come to see the bride? Is the bride pretty?”

“Pretty.” Mu Yixuan said. She didn’t dare to get too close to the over-enthusiastic makeup artist, but watched her make up the bride, keeping her eyes on her. Girls always had unlimited interest in dressing up.

The bride, Gu Ling and Xu Qingli, were very familiar with each other, and she smiled upon hearing the words: “This is the little girl you have brought up? Really cute.”

This year Mu Yixuan turned six years old and officially entered the Ya’an Primary School. Xu Qingli stepped down from her position as a babysitter and successfully obtained a university diploma in adult education. Now she was working for Mu Jiurong and was Mu Jiurong’s assistant secretary.

As she didn’t always stay in the Yilian Garden, and children were forgetful, so the relationship between Xu Qingli and Mu Yixuan had turned somewhat cold. But every time she met them; Xu Qingli was still very affectionate with the children of the Mu family. She also had a more active personality than when she used to stay in the Yilian Garden.

Because she finally got closer to Mu Jiurong as she wished! Xu Qingli couldn’t help but show her charm carefully and enthusiastically in front of her beloved man.

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[1] Basically showed himself to be kinder than he actually is.

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