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Since his parents divorced, his family had become deserted. Qin Zhengxin was originally a stern person. When she would return home and see her husband and son, she would become only slightly softer. Now that Yan Kai was gone, she didn’t even have a smile for him. In addition, Yan Kai’s departure from the Qin clan was also a great blow to Qin Zhengxin’s career. Her second brother Qin Zhengfeng, who had been tit-for-tat with her before, suddenly gained the upper hand and began to suppress her. Qin Zhengxin had to work twice as hard to keep her position in the Qin clan, which made her very tired, so she did not care about Qin He as much as before. Qin He saw this, so he always felt suffocated in his heart, and wanted to vent it.

He didn’t want to stay in school. Because the news of his parents’ divorce spread, those classmates who had not dared to approach him in the past seemed to always be pointing at him, using him as a topic, making fun of or sympathizing with him, and his cousins from the Qin family from the same school also pointed fingers at him. It seemed that their family was completely defeated, and there was no place for them to stand in the Qin family, and others could benefit from it.

The whole world had become unpleasant! He really wanted to overturn it!

And he did so!

He became the bad boy in everyone’s eyes. He didn’t feel regret but instead felt relieved!

But as the saying goes, you might face hell if you walk out too much at night.

Qin He once followed his senior “friend” over the wall to get out of the school. After breaking the glass windows of a shop with a brick, he was chased by the shopkeeper and his wife with a broomstick. Those group of people fled, and Qin He ran into an alley alone. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, someone covered his nose and mouth from behind and dragged him towards the dark!

That was Qin He’s most terrifying experience in his life!

Stink, suffocation, fear, and powerlessness, although it was only a short ten seconds, it had become his nightmare! For a moment he thought he would die, in a corner that no one knew and that too in an extremely unbearable way!

Qin He was saved when someone picked up a wooden stick, stunned the man, and pulled him out of the alley.

The person who saved him was who Qin He called “big brother” at this moment.

At that time, Qin He was in shock and returned to school under the leadership of his big brother with a frightened expression. When he reacted and wanted to thank him, the big brother had already left and didn’t even leave his name.

Qin He didn’t expect that the big brother who saved him was Yan Yu-the person he hated the most!

Qin He’s mood became weird now.

Yan Yu smiled and nodded slightly at him.

“Why, you two know each other?” Yan Kai asked a little unexpectedly after taking a look at the expressions of his two sons. When he decided to take Qin He to see Yan Yu, he expected a tough battle. With Qin He’s character, Yan Yu was definitely not someone he wanted to see. As for Yan Yu, to be honest, Yan Kai couldn’t understand this son.

When he was young and energetic, he hated the schemes against him at home, which made him bear a bad fate. For this reason, he tried his best to escape. He once hoped that the so-called “wife” and “son” would not exist, because they were a stain on his life. Then he actually found that people were gone. At first, he thought it was a relief, but then he gradually realized that the burden of carrying two lives had always been with him. The discovery that they were alive inevitably caused a family crisis, but Yan Kai breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

After all, there were some things that couldn’t be solved by hiding and avoiding them.

Yan Kai regretted that Qin Zhengxin could not forgive him, but Qin Zhengxin had a temper that wouldn’t let even a grain of sand in her eyes[1], and Yan Kai was helpless. He did not regret falling out with her for Yan Yu.

It was just that Yan Yu didn’t appreciate it. No, it couldn’t be said that he didn’t appreciate it, it could only be said that his attitude towards him was very strange.

Yan Yu, who had been abused by his biological mother for a long time, was in extremely poor health. The collision of Yan Kai’s car also knocked him and caused him a concussion. During his recuperation in hospital, Yan Kai sent his mother Yan Hongjiao to prison.

Yan Yu’s reaction was calmer than everyone expected.

If Yan Yu hated his mother and thought she deserved it for her sins, him calm about what happened to her would makes sense, but to Yan Kai, a father who he had never met, Yan Yu was also very calm and accepted his care calmly, he treated him very calmly, so calm that it could be called strange.

Yan Kai had read about countless people and could see that his calm was not a late response after trauma, but a kind of broad-minded attitude one got only after experiencing too much.

It was not surprising for an old man to have such broad-mindedness and tranquility, but a ten-year-old boy?

Yan Yu even persuaded him to agree to Qin Zhengxin’s request not to divorce, because: “I can take care of myself. If you really feel sorry for me, you can send me a little living allowance, not too often, just once a year. In fact, except for a little blood relationship, we are just strangers, you don’t need to give up your home for me.”

He said it sincerely. He did regard Yan Kai as his father, but his feelings were very weak towards him.

Yan Kai treated Yan Yu with a redemptive heart, but after getting along, he had to admit that he somewhat liked this son. And he was worried about Yan Yu’s mental problem.

After divorcing Qin Zhengxin, Yan Kai took Yan Yu to live with him. Yan Yu didn’t say anything, and still accepted it calmly.

His persuasion in the past was only for that moment, but Yan Kai didn’t accept it, and he didn’t care. He had his own world, and other people and other things were of little importance to him.

Yan Kai lived with him, more like a pair of gentlemen friends than a father and son.

Yan Kai did not expect that Yan Yu and Qin He had been in contact in private, and Yan Yu’s attitude towards Qin He was even a little bit warmer than that towards his father.

After Qin He knew that Yan Yu was the big brother who had saved him, all kinds of conspiracy theories flashed through his mind for a while, such as “He was deliberate”, “In order to approach me”, “In order to complain to my father/to get credit”, or “In order to make me owe him.” But Yan Kai’s reaction proved that he was thinking too much.

So, Yan Yu was still his lifesaver?

Qin He felt awkward.

Seeing everyone was seated, he dragged his feet for a second, then sat down with the mentality of a broken jar. His position was on the left of Yan Kai, and Yan Yu was on the right. Qin He deliberately didn’t sit there and walked up to Mu Yiqi to sit next to him, this seat was facing Yan Yu.

Qin He glared at Yan Yu solemnly, and Yan Yu looked at him with a trace of indulgence, as if he was watching an ignorant but cute child.

Qin He was very annoyed by this look.

He, saved, me. Qin He suppressed his violent impulse because of this reason.

“Xiao Yu, this is your younger brother, Qin He. This is Xiao He’s roommates, Xiao Xi, Xiao Qi and Ming Ming.” Yan Kai introduced, “Xiao He, he is your big brother, Yan Yu.” He deliberately used Qin He’s name for Yan Yu just now.

Qin He’s “I don’t have a brother” got choked in his throat.

“Hello.” Yan Yu nodded and smiled lightly.

“Brother Yan Yu is good.” Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi said, and Feng Weiming nodded coldly.

“Xiao Yu is a sixth grader, your senior. If you are bullied, you can ask him for help.” Yan Kai said jokingly.

Qin He looked at Yan Kai and Yan Yu with an ugly expression.

How could Yan Yu enter Ya’an? Yan Kai must have arranged for him to join. One of Yan Kai’s classmates was a member of the Ya’an school board.

He was so good to Yan Yu!

But never came to see him.

A father always knew his son. Yan Kai was somewhat aware of Qin He’s thoughts, but he didn’t reassure him for the first time. Instead, he smiled and took care of the Mu’s three brothers and asked them what they wanted to eat.

“It’s okay, we are not picky eaters.” The not picky eaters in Mu Yiqi’s words were actually very picky eaters. Mu Yixi & Feng Weiming glanced at him and said nothing. Mu Yiqi thought that he must strictly follow his mother’s instructions and work hard to make his little brother and Mingming develop a good habit of not being picky eaters.

Yan Kai guessed what children would like to order. Half of them were Qin He’s favorite.

Qin He heard it, and his stern face eased a little.

Yan Kai chatted with them, and the content basically revolved around what they usually learnt, how they played and what they ate. Only Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi answered one by one out of politeness. Yan Yu listened with a smile and rarely interrupted. Feng Weiming’s small face was as always indifferent. Qin He had also shut up and was not ready to speak, but occasionally interjected a little. When it came to him, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi couldn’t answer for a while, and Qin He had to speak up—he didn’t want the “good friend” sign to be torn off.

Yan Kai certainly saw that the relationship between Qin He and the three Mu brothers was not as good as he had said. This was understandable. Qin He had inherited the bad sides of both his and Qin Zhengxin’s characters. He had never had any good friends, not to mention the rough cousins from the countryside, he was not even close to his cousins from the Qin family. Yan Kai said that before just to pull the three Mu brothers to accompany Qin He and make him more comfortable.

But when he talked with the two brothers Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, he saw that they were decent, quick-thinking, articulate, and had the demeanor of a noble family’s son from a young age. Yan Kai couldn’t help sighing that Qin family was three or four years behind them. Their children were not as sensible and educated. Especially Mu Yixi, Yan Kai had heard from Qin Zhengxin that this child had been taught so well in less than a year since he became the adopted son of the Mu family. The Mu family’s education indeed received well-deserved praise.

Like Qin Zhengxin, Yan Kai also hoped that Qin He could get along well with the Mu brothers and become good friends in the true sense.

Yan Kai had the heart to help his son, and it could be said that the host and the guests were happy after the meal.

While dealing with Yan Kai, Mu Yixi secretly paid attention to Yan Yu. He didn’t know if anyone else had discovered it, but Yan Yu’s elegant dining etiquette was not like a child who had lived at the bottom of society for many years, but rather like a well-educated rich boy. According to his experience, this shouldn’t be the case, but he didn’t violate his intentions in the slightest, and it didn’t look like a deliberate imitation.

Mu Yixi couldn’t help being a little wary of him.

But until the dinner was over, Mu Yixi didn’t talk to Yan Yu either.

Yan Kai watched the three brothers from the Mu family go away, squatted down, took Qin He’s hand and said, “Xiao He, Dad will always wait for your mother, until one day she can accept me again. But you must know that whether Dad and your mother are together or not, we still love you a lot. I want to visit you often; can you agree to meet me?”

Qin He was silent for a while, looking at Yan Kai’s expectant expression, and reluctantly nodded.

But there were conditions: “Don’t bring him.”

This “him” referred to Yan Yu.

Yan Kai said: “Okay.”

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[1] Bear anything unfavorable.

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