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The busy winter vacation had passed, and the children had ushered in a new semester.

However, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi’s relaxed and happy campus life was a little challenged because of Feng Weiming.

Last semester, Feng Weiming stayed in school for a very short time only. He was in a bad mood and had too many things to adapt to. He had no time to deal with Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi. But when the new semester came, Feng Weiming seemed to have adjusted, so it freed his hands to lash at Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi who seemed to him as wasting time.

In terms of IQ, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were only a little smarter than their peers, while Feng Weiming was a real genius. The reason why he only achieved intermediate grades last semester was because of his insufficient Chinese level. After a winter vacation, Feng Weiming, the school tyrant killed everyone in the preliminary examination at the beginning of the semester and reached the top of the list. Moreover, he was a talent with all-round development including morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor. Regardless of his small face which made him seem as if he would not love sports, his achievements in entertainment and sports were very impressive. He was also good at languages. The elementary school had only one foreign language-English. He could also speak French, German, Spanish, and Arabic. Among them, he was fluent in French, and the other three were at intermediate levels. Apart from English, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had zero knowledge of any other foreign languages. Ya’an Primary school also taught music, Feng School Tyrant could play the piano, and he played the simplified version of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” extremely smoothly. Since Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were receiving the same elite education, the former chose the piano, and the latter chose the violin but they were still at the stage of learning to read the music.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi felt that it was indeed a little embarrassing to be crushed by their younger brother.

It didn’t matter if the level was low, the most important thing was to work hard to improve.

Toys, books, snacks, this was all deemed meaningless for children who had any ambitions. In addition to proper exercise, they had to work on a book for elementary school students in their spare time, which also contained elementary school Mathematical questions.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi looked at Feng Weiming: “…” Did he need to make such a strong demand for progress? It didn’t match his usual cold style of conduct.

Feng Weiming felt that their level was too bad and embarrassing. He continued looking at them coldly. He still remembered the few letters sent to him in France which had strange combinations of characters, pinyin, and patterns. It was just that his Chinese literacy level had not yet reached the level of overwhelming his two cousins, so he didn’t particularly emphasize that they should be able to recognize words quickly.

Although this younger brother’s aura was a bit terrifying, but no older brother liked to be dictated by his younger brother.

Mu Yiqi was about to show off his elder brotherly aura. But then Feng Weiming said, “You are not allowed to play with Louis and Caesar.” Mu Yiqi’s arrogance was immediately pierced.

Now Mu Yiqi loved these two dogs so much, he was just barely restrained from hugging them to the bed and sleeping together. It happened that Weiming was the real master of them, and he could manage them well, such that they would not dare go to the east if he told them to go west. If Feng Weiming forbade them to play with Mu Yiqi, Louis and Caesar would stay by his side and never go anywhere-even if Louis was not good enough, Caesar would force him to be good.

Mu Yiqi gave in.

To Mu Yixi: “I will tell Mu Yiqi that you deliberately got a lower score.”

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were now learning at the same time, but when they got results, Mu Yixi deliberately performed slightly worse. To this end, Mu Yiqi was still anxious for a while, and he wanted to ask the teacher how to improve his grades. If Mu Yiqi knew that Mu Yixi deliberately did this, he would be angry. And once Mrs. Mu or Xu Qingli knew, it would be even more troublesome.

Mu Yixi resolutely followed: “Jesuisà votredisposition.[1]

Feng Weiming: (¬_¬) I knew you were pretending!

In order to fully play the role of dorm boss, Feng Weiming would enter and leave with Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi at the school. In contrast, Qin He in the same dormitory appeared to always be alone.

It was not that Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi didn’t want to be friends with him, but Qin He had become withdrawn after his parents divorced, and after returning from winter vacation, he had become even more serious. He had also started hanging out with some seniors who liked to jump over the wall to go out to fight, causing his mother Qin Zhengxin to be upset, and forcing her to make several trips to school. Qin Zhengxin invited the three Mu brothers to dinner and asked them to keep an eye on Qin He. Feng Weiming stated his stance first, expressing indifferently that he could do nothing. If it was Mu Yiqi who was soft-hearted or Mu Yixi, who was an illegitimate son, Qin Zhengxin had a way of dealing with them, but she could not deal with Feng Weiming who spoke like a firm-willed little adult. Qin Zhengxin left disappointed. After Qin He made trouble several times, the person who came was no longer Qin Zhengxin, but Qin Zhengxin’s assistant. Qin He became more and more lawless.

It was also not that the school had not considered expelling him—but they had to be considerate of other students, and the background of these students was not easy to offend. Feng Weiming was also considering letting him move out. After all, Qin He’s behavior affected their work and rest. In this regard, Mu Yiqi was neutral, and Mu Yixi expressed his opposition in silence. Because one person had one vote, it ended up being nothing in the end.

One day, the three brothers went to the cafeteria for lunch together after class and met Qin He on the way.

Qin He, who would pass by them without squinting his eyes before, cast a faint look of seeking help at this time, and his whole person seemed very stiff.

A man in casual clothes stood behind Qin He, looking at him gently. The man wasn’t handsome in appearance, but he was mature and steady without any hint of aggressiveness, which was quite eye-catching.

Mu Yiqi recognized the person and said in a low voice to Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming: “It’s Uncle Yan, Qin He’s father.”

After Yan Kai and Qin Zhengxin divorced, according to Qin Zhengxin’s meaning, she wanted to let him go out of the house without anything. However, Qin Shichang did not wrong him, and assigned him a low-profit company under the Qin family, and then let him and the Qin family break their relation cleanly.

Today, Yan Kai’s life was naturally not as good as when he was in the Qin family, but as the boss of a company, he was an elite talent, and he had quickly established a foothold in the industry, thus his life was still quite decent.

“Do you want to help him?” Mu Yixi pointed to Qin He in secret, and asked Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi hesitated. He and Qin He had known each other since childhood. Although they had not been very familiar with each other because of character problems but seeing Qin He rush headlong in a bad direction made him feel a little sad. It was okay when Qin He ignored them like some time ago. But at this time, he obviously needed help, so turning a blind eye and leaving seemed a little unrighteous.

This hesitation caused the decision to be taken out of his hands.

“You are… You are Mu Yiqi, Xiaoqi, right?” Yan Kai asked kindly. He took advantage of the noon time to come to the school to visit Qin He. Qin Zhengxin still remained angry at him. The lawyer told both parties during the divorce that Yan Kai should have half of Qin He’s visitation rights, but Qin Zhengxin had not allowed him to approach Qin He. Yan Kai admitted that he was wrong first, and was very tolerant of Qin Zhengxin, thus he even choked down the anger of not seeing his son during the Spring Festival. He waited and waited but seeing that Qin Zhengxin’s attitude did not soften at all, he was worried that everything would be the same until he was stunned and old, Yan Kai really missed his son, so he came quietly.

Finally, he found Qin He and wanted to have a meal with him. Qin He stopped for him, but he refused to look back at him.

This was something that had never happened before. In their family, there had always been a strict mother and loving father dynamic, thus Yan Kai and Qin He had a very harmonious father-son relationship. During the divorce, because Yan Kai insisted on not wanting to divorce, Qin He was angrier with his mother. But just a few months later, Qin He also refused to have a relationship with him.

Yan Kai felt even more that this could not go on.

When the Mu family’s three brothers passed by, Yan Kai saw that Qin He couldn’t help but look over, and then the other party didn’t go on, but hesitated about whether or not to come over.

Yan Kai immediately found a breakthrough and kept the people back first.

He had seen Mu Yiqi before, and he recognized him at a glance. The other two, one looked similar to Mu Yiqi, and the other was cold and delicate. Yan Kai pondered for a few seconds, and smiled at them in a friendly manner: “There are also Mu Yixi, Xiaoxi, Feng Weiming, Mingming, right? You live in a dormitory with Xiaohe. Hello, I’m Xiaohe’s father, Yan Kai.”

In contrast to Qin Zhengxin’s snobbery and arrogance, Yan Kai’s non-discriminatory attitude could easily make people feel good. He was talking as the parent of a classmate, and he didn’t assume a condescending adult posture because the other party was a child.

“Hello, Uncle Yan.” Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi said in unison. Feng Weiming nodded slightly: “Hello.”

“Thank you for taking care of Xiaohe.” Yan Kai said gratefully, “I am going to have dinner with Xiaohe. Why not go together? Uncle wants you to tell me about Xiaohe! Xiaohe is stubborn, it is rare for him to have a few good friends like you.”

Mu Yiqi blushed. He didn’t pay much attention to Qin He at all, and they and Qin He weren’t good friends either… he couldn’t help looking at Mu Yixi for help.

Mu Yixi saw Qin He staring straight ahead but showing a slightly tangled look, with contradictory and nervous eyes, his face was not blushing or breathless, but he recognized the position of a “good friend” and asked: “What does Xiaohe say?”

Qin He said with a straight face: “…Hmm.” At this moment, he was grateful to Mu Yixi and the others. He didn’t want to face his father alone.

Yan Kai took the opportunity to gently and without rebuttal put his hand around Qin He’s shoulders, then he brought Mu Yixi and the others to a restaurant.

The students in the Ya’an Primary School lived in a closed dormitory. Without parents to pick them up, students were not allowed to leave the school from Monday to Friday. The place where Yan Kai took them to eat was also on campus, but it was not a student restaurant, but a restaurant specially used to entertain foreign guests.

The windows of the restaurant were bright and clean, and the atmosphere was high-end. There were not many people, but the service was still very attentive.

Yan Kai took the few small ones directly to a private box.

The box was spacious and bright, and one person had already been seated from before. He was a child, about ten years old, thin, and wearing a thick sweater, but he didn’t look too bloated. He had a book opened in front of him, he turned his head slightly to look at them, and his face was delicate and calm.

Yan Kai called: “Xiao Yu.” Qin He immediately felt his whole body shake!

Xiao Yu! Yan Yu!

Qin He didn’t expect that his father would bring him to meet the culprit who destroyed his family. He was outraged! He couldn’t wait to beat the boy in front of him!

Qin He forcefully broke away from Yan Kai’s restraint, and Yan Kai had to move fast to catch him: “Xiaohe!” He warned majestically.

Qin He’s eyes were red.

At this moment, Yan Yu had raised his head and saw Yan Kai bringing a bunch of children in, then a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Mu Yixi squinted slightly. This person was not right…

Qin He stopped struggling suddenly, his eyes widened: “Big Brother, is it you?”

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[1] French for waiting for instructions.

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