YXBG Ch. 38: Brothers’ Fight

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Zhang Xiangyi’s family was very lively. As soon as Yin Xiaomei entered the door, Zhang Xiangyi immediately greeted her: “Xiaomei! God, you look so good today.”

Yin Xiaomei absent-mindedly said: “That’s okay! Why are so many people here? I thought it was only our two families!”

“As soon as they heard that you came back, of course they would come over and cheer for you! I don’t know if you remember them, they were very impressed with you at the beginning!” He smiled and said. There was only Yin Xiaomei in his eyes, as he completely ignored the existence of Yin Zhefei.

Yin Zhefei didn’t speak, and a crowd of people sitting in the living room had gathered around them long ago: “A Fei! After so many years, you still have facial paralysis!” The man who said this had a pair of beautiful peach eyes and was in no way inferior to Yin Zhefei, even though he had a practiced smile, but it didn’t make people feel that he was frivolous. He immediately turned to Xiaomei: “Our Xiaomei is still so beautiful.” His eyes were different from Yin Zhefei’s cold eyes. Just a casual glance contained one hundred thousand volts voltage.

Yin Xiaomei’s face showed a sudden comprehending look. There was a tall and handsome boy in her memory who always joked with her while asking her to marry him when she grew up. The image of the boy slowly became clear, “Brother Qin Yuan?”

“I am honored that my little princess remembers me.” He laughed, “I have watched your movie, you are more charming than your mother.”

Yin Xiaomei had no time to react, Zhang Xiangyi, who had suddenly developed a sense of crisis, had already taken care of her immediately: “Ah, Xiaomei, look, this is Hu Fei, do you remember him?” He saw the cold girl behind Hu Fei and his mouth twitched a little: “There is also his demon sister, you should know her too.”

“I’ve seen ah, then did you not always take her home? “Yin Xiaomei said innocently. Hu Fei’s smiling face immediately became stinky.

Zhang Xiangyi yelled in fright: “That was for make-up lessons, make-up lessons, Hu Fei, you know your sister’s indifference … she isn’t that kind of maiden, how could it be …” The more he whispered, the more Hu Yueer snorted. Her eyes were already full of anger.

“Xiaomei!” An old voice came from behind them, and Uncle Zhang looked at the person in front of him with some excitement.

“Ah! Grandpa! Have you received all the gifts I sent you? Are you okay?” She screamed and hugged the old man, jumping happily.

“Well, it’s all good, but you have been back for so long and didn’t come to see me. I thought you forgot about this old man!” Uncle Zhang said, looking at the girl who had turned into a big eighteen-year-old girl in front of him. The crowd was lively here, but Xiaomei found something a little strange: “Eh? Where’s sister-in-law Xianxian? Isn’t she the protagonist today?” Yin Zhefei frowned and pressed his thin lips unnaturally.

“Huh? Yeah, hello, Xianxian, why are you still sitting there,” Zhang Xiangyi yelled.

Everyone calmed down, and the slender figure on the sofa slowly stood up, Lu Xianxian slowly turned around, no matter how much she had experienced, how beautiful she was now, but in her heart, as she faced this handsome and beautiful but cruel man, she still felt inferior.

Yin Zhefei looked at the tall woman in front of him in surprise, although she still had the shadow of what she used to be, but she had also become very lovely. Because of her thinness, her face was small and had three-dimensional features, and her eyes had become large and energetic. Yin Zhefei’s first reaction was relief. He believed that Lu Xianxian would no longer suffer the unfair treatment she had previously suffered. As her friend, he was happy for her.

“Wow! Sister-in-law! You are so beautiful!” Yin Xiaomei completely ignored the undercurrent between the two and rushed up, “God, my God, I can hardly recognize you. You look at Yin Zhefei, he’s completely dumbfounded!”

The atmosphere was refreshed because of her enthusiasm. When Zhang Xiangyi went to grab a drink, Hu Yueer on the side said lightly: “You really like Yin Xiaomei!”

His mind was seen through, so his face flushed till the base of his neck, and he said fiercely: “What’s wrong! Can’t I?!”

“Of course, you can. However, there will be more rivals.” She said expressionlessly.

“Love Rivals. Is it Qin Yuan?” He immediately thought of the romantic prince from back then. Qin Yuan had a great charm. If it weren’t for his fame, more girls would fall under his suit and pants. But now, after years of experience, he was no longer the little cute wolf pup, but exuded the temperament of a mature man. He found him this time because Qin Yuan was the best advertiser and wanted to ask him to supervise Song Yuanyuan’s devil training.

“Oh, I’m not referring to him.” Hu Yueer said in a nutshell, “It’s her brother.”

“You said Afei? Haha, it’s impossible!” Zhang Xiangyi laughed, “He is Xiaomei’s brother!”

“Really?” He Yueer stared at him with her eyes, “But he isn’t her real brother.”

Her words hit Zhang Xiangyi’s sore spot. He turned his head to look at Yin Xiaomei, who was alive and shining under the lights, and then at the man who had been silent all this time. The latter’s gaze had indeed been pinned to Xiaomei. Zhang Xiangyi was stunned.

“Saw it!” Hu Yueer put some fruits on her plate, “Actually, the scandal that time, the newspaper said that it was fake, but I can assure you that it is true.”

“What did you say!” Zhang Xiangyi furiously said, “How do you know!”

“Because I saw it at that time, Yin Zhefei drove to pick her up, and I was also sheltering from the rain in that supermarket. Yin Xiaomei was indeed right next to me when she walked out with him.” Hu Yueer smiled. “And I’m also certain that Yin Xiaomei probably doesn’t know your feelings for her. Perhaps in her eyes, you are more like an elder brother than Yin Zhefei.”

Zhang Xiangyi’s face had become ugly, although he knew that Hu Yueer’s insight had always been stronger than his. What she said was perfectly reasonable, but how could he tolerate it…

At this time, he saw Yin Xiaomei was going to get another glass of wine, and Yin Zhefei, who had been sitting there like a sculpture, suddenly reached out and held her hand: “Don’t drink. You don’t know how to drink.”

Yin Xiaomei’s face flushed: “Who said that? And it’s not wine, it’s juice!”

“There’s some vodka in it.” He put the glass down in front of him. Staring at her, his expression could not be refused.

“I hate it, grandpa, you see him bullying me.” Yin Xiaomei coquettishly said, “He has bullied me since we were children and has always been against me.”

Uncle Zhang smiled and said: “You still bully your brother all the time. Do you think your little tricks can escape my eyes?”

“Oh, don’t mention that! It was for sister-in-law Xianxian.” Yin Xiaomei defended herself with a lack of confidence, and looked at Lu Xianxian, hoping she could support her. However, Lu Xianxian, like Yin Zhefei, was like an old monk who had entered the meditative state, without any extra emotions.

Hu Fei looked at her, endured it again and again, but then finally said slowly: “Thanks for getting me in the team…”

“That’s nothing, you had the strength.” Lu Xianxian interrupted his thanks abruptly, knowing he wanted to mention the national league.

“Oh… But they wouldn’t have accepted me without your recommendation.” Hu Fei bit the bullet and finished. It was because Lu Xianxian introduced him to the top taekwondo club, that he had achieved what he had now. However, he took a peek at Lu Xianxian. Lu Xianxian was still very bold and loved to laugh at the beginning, but then she gradually became more and more cold, yes, cold, the kind of attitude that stopped strangers from coming near, even Yin Zhefei did not reject others to such an extent.

“How have you been all these years?” Yin Zhefei spoke out in his abrupt, magnetic male voice.

Something flashed past Lu Xianxian’s eyes, and she paused for a while and then said: “Okay.”

“That’s good,” Yin Zhefei’s eyes dropped, not knowing what he was thinking. The atmosphere immediately became awkward. Even Yin Xiaomei, who was carefree when chatting with Uncle Zhang, also noticed something weird. But Zhang Xiangyi suddenly rushed over and pulled her up: “Xiaomei, I have something to tell you!”

“Eh? Then you tell me!” Yin Xiaomei knew what he was going to say, so she could only pretend to be stupid.

“We… Let’s change places.” He said, looking at Yin Zhefei.

“I don’t want it, just say it here!” Yin Xiaomei made no compromise. Just kidding, since she knew what he was going to say, she would definitely not follow him stupidly. Zhang Xiangyi would never say strange things in front of people, and she also needed to figure out how to reject him, but she definitely did not know how to do that now.

“Okay, then I’ll just say it here.” Zhang Xiangyi ignored her astonishment, and suddenly grabbed her hand, “Xiaomei, be with me!”

All the people around looked at him in astonishment, Yao Fei pulled Zhang Chenxi over and whispered: “Your son is much better than you!”

“No.” Yin Zhefei suddenly said, answering Yin Xiaomei.

“Why not?” It seemed that Zhang Xiangyi had already expected his attitude, and Zhang Xiangyi refused to let go of Xiaomei, still staring at Yin Zhefei.

“Xiaomei is still young.” He couldn’t hear any emotion in his voice.

“Really? A Fei, you didn’t tell me this before!” Zhang Xiangyi felt completely deceived in his heart, “That thing was not really right or wrong at all, wasn’t it!”

Yin Zhefei finally stood up, and staring into Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes, he frankly said, “Yes.”

“Why! Why did you lie to me! You know I like Xiaomei!” He cried out hurt.

Uncle Zhang slowly said: “Am I understanding correctly that you are engaged in a love triangle…”

“I am innocent!” Yin Xiaomei quickly moved away from the two people.

Yin Zhefei slowly said: “I’m sorry, but that incident was really just an accident.”

“Accident? Yin Zhefei? What are you talking about! Are you the kind of person who can have accidents? God, I have never heard of it. This is a funny joke! I tell you, if you directly admit that you like her, I will feel better!”

The cheerful atmosphere from before no longer existed, everyone was staring at Yin Zhefei, waiting for his response.

“Yes.” He finally said solemnly, “I like her too.” Although the living room was still quiet, Yin Zhefei’s words fell into everyone’s heart like a thunderstorm. Yin Xiaomei sobered up in an instant, staring at him in disbelief. However, Yin Zhefei still looked at Zhang Xiangyi and whispered, “Can’t I?”

“You liar! What kind of buddy are you!” Zhang Xiang’s eyes were red with anger, and he was about to greet his handsome face with a fist. Yin Zhefei just closed his eyes and didn’t mean to dodge at all.

Hu Fei was about to stop the two from fighting, but Zhang Xiangyi’s iron fist was firmly restrained by Lu Xianxian.

“Xianxian, what are you doing! Why don’t you let me beat this bastard!” he growled.

“Why are you hitting him?” Lu Xianxian asked coldly without letting go.

“Why? He kept saying that he wanted to help me pursue Xiaomei. What happened? He just got the moon first! And shouldn’t you be angry? Don’t you like him very much? Don’t you think about him all the time?!”

“But he also has the right to like others! Zhang Xiangyi, why do you want him to help you? Why tell him? Wasn’t it just because you were afraid of him robbing you? Don’t you want to declare in advance that you like this person, so he shouldn’t grab her? But what about his own ideas? Have you ever cared about it? What if he likes Xiaomei?”

“Enough! Lu Xianxian, you are really broad-minded! Your love is really great! You! I thought you wouldn’t like him like this?!”

“I used to be stupid, if I liked others, I thought that person belonged to me, but even he has the right to fall in love with others! Yin Xiaomei is not your girlfriend, if the corner was dug today[1], I would definitely help you beat him! But you ask her, did she choose you?”

Zhang Xiangyi immediately turned to Yin Xiaomei: “Xiaomei, do you like him too!”

He was starting again. Yin Xiaomei, who had hidden in the corner, became the focus again, and immediately became a little frustrated, “Can I not answer…”

“No!” Zhang Xiangyi and Yin Zhefei spoke at the same time.

Yin Xiaomei burst into sobs and uttered: “Do not like either of you!”

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[1] If he seduced her away after she became his girlfriend.

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