MGSGW Ch. 227

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“Brother, I have evidence for what I said.” Fang Tianyong had some respect for Zhou Qiang, and didn’t dare to push him too much.

But for Lin Mumu, Fang Tianyong still hadn’t given up:

“In my yard, I have set up my unique formation, and even my senior brother can’t break it. Apart from Master, only you, Lin Mumu, can break the formation. If it’s not you, then who could it be?”

Lin Mumu was suddenly a little inexplicably speechless.

“So as long as there is evidence that I didn’t do it, then you should go to Jinshan Temple and ask your master, Abbot Jueming, why he stole your antiques and deposits?”

“My master is not that kind of person, so you must have done it.”

“You are guilty of sophistry now. Hmph, don’t think that you are hiding it, I will definitely find a way to find evidence.” Fang Tianyong still bit Lin Mumu to death.

“Hey, it’s really hard to communicate between humans and mad dogs.”

Lin Mumu didn’t bother to talk nonsense to him, and turned around and left: “If you think I did it, you can find evidence and take me to court. But if I hear you messed up I won’t mind publicizing your biggest secret.”

“What do you know?” Fang Tianyong stared at Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu didn’t say anything, and left.

She really didn’t expect that Fang Tianyong was so brainless, he didn’t think carefully about what villain he had offended, but instead put the blame on Lin Mumu.

Was this considered a manmade disaster?

“Zhou Qiang, are you not going with us?” Chen Fangya looked at Zhou Qiang with dissatisfaction.

Zhou Qiang still shook his head: “He is my junior brother, I can’t just leave him alone.”

“Okay, then you can enlighten him, and if he speaks ill of Lin Mumu again, I will beat him. It’s just stupid. Hey, forget it, I will stay with you and scold him with you, since you are too soft-hearted to be willing to scold him.”

“Fang Tianyong, let me tell you, do you feel particularly good about yourself, think you are handsome, capable, and rich? As long as you send flowers to a girl, the other party will be grateful, and will immediately be elated?

“Let me tell you, compared to Lin Mumu’s husband, you are a scumbag. He is N times more handsome than you, N times more capable than you, richer than you, and more importantly, more broad-minded than you, and more important to this country than you.”

“Yes, I threw your roses into the trash can, because I knew that Lin Mumu will never accept them. Don’t talk about Lin Mumu, even me, as a woman who is not as good as her family, will not accept your coquettish roses, it makes me sick just to look at them. If I want to have a boyfriend, but I would rather have Zhou Qiang than you.”

“Don’t stare at my sister, I insist on talking about you today!”

Chen Fangya got into a fight with Fang Tianyong, and he really listened. Zhou Qiang gave Chen Fangya a thumbs up with a smile.

Zhou Qiang knew that Chen Fangya stayed because of him, otherwise with Lin Mumu having such a powerful man guarding her, there was no need to argue.

Chen Fangya also had a strong relationship with Zhou Qiang. She felt that Zhou Qiang was caught in the middle and it was difficult to be a man, so she stayed and scolded Fang Tianyong. It was impossible for Lin Mumu to bow to Fang Tianyong, or he might have persecution paranoia.

The most frightening thing was that after hearing what Chen Fangya said, Fang Tianyong, who felt he was very smart, came to the following conclusion: “You mean Lin Mumu is already married? Her man is quite capable?”

“That’s right! I just thought how a little girl like Lin Mumu moved my things out of my house without anyone noticing, so there are accomplices! No, I want to find her accomplice!”

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