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Qin Yize and Luo Ning had never named the babies. They wanted to name the babies together after the youngest son was discharged from the hospital. The two asked the elders for their opinions. His Majesty Caesar asked the young couple to decide for themselves. Qin Rong also said that they should name their own child, Luo Ning was very troubled by this matter, so he simply put the responsibility on Qin Yize… So, the heavy responsibility of naming the babies fell on Qin Yize’s shoulders.

The eldest prince Luo Fei had three children, so the royal family had no shortage of heirs. And since Luo Ning was married to Qin Yize, the children would naturally follow the Qin family’s surname.

Qin Yize felt that a two-word name would be easier to remember, so he named his daughter Qin Yue, joyful Yue, he was obviously very fond of this daughter. As for his son, he named him Qin Zheng, hoping that his son would be an upright person in the future, and his nickname was Zheng Zheng.

However, Xiao Zheng was not as upright as his father. Since he was discharged from the hospital and came home, he had been occupying Qin Yize’s bed every day, insisting on relying on Luo Ning’s love to sleep with Luo Ning. Howling dryly, he obviously didn’t have any tears, but he would cry heartbreakingly, and often wake up his sister. Qin Yize endured it for a week, and finally couldn’t take it anymore, so he took the cub home and asked Mother Yu Lan to help him take care of him.

Of course Yu Lan was very happy to be able to take care of her little grandson. She had a gentle temper and was good at coaxing children. Xiao Zheng was being hugged and coaxed by his grandmother, and he narrowed his eyes comfortably, and his crying problem improved a lot. Qin Yize found that his mother had a good way of dealing with crying children, so he left the little son with his mother to raise and went to visit him when he was free on weekends, while he and Luo Ning took care of their daughter. In this way, his mother also had a companion, and his daughter would not be woken up by the little guy, the best of both worlds.

After a year like this, Luo Ning’s body had already fully recovered, but Qin Yize still had no plans to go back to work.

No, he made a comeback, but instead of making movies and TV shows, he accepted an advertisement.

It was a well-known infant nutrition company in the Empire that asked him to represent him. Qin Yize held a large can of milk powder in his left hand and pushed a cart of milk powder in his right. He said with a serious expression: “XX milk powder is rich in nutrition, safe and reliable. Our best choice.”

The fans were in a mess.

The aloof male god who used to endorse watches and men’s suits suddenly became the dad who endorsed infant milk powder?

Countless fans left messages under his Weibo: “Yize, are you used to being a baby daddy? You haven’t come out to film yet!” “After becoming a baby daddy, he found that taking care of the baby is more important, and he has no career ambition!” “We have witnessed the bitter blood and tears history of a movie star becoming a baby daddy…” “Qin Yize said that the wife and children are the most important, career calculations, what is that?”

The topic of #Dad Qin Yize# even topped the hot search.

Xiao Zhuo almost went crazy laughing when he saw it, then he forwarded Qin Yize’s advertisement, and sent him a private message: “Do you still want to film? If you don’t come out, almost no one will remember you as an actor.”

Qin Yize only replied with one sentence: “I want to accompany Luo Ning.”

Xiao Zhuo was very convinced and gave him a thumbs up: “If the Empire wants to award the Model Alpha Husband Award, you should be able to win the championship.”

Most celebrities were very afraid of having children, because having children would affect their careers. Qin Yize was completely opposite from them. After having a child, he stayed by Luo Ning’s side for a year to wait for the children to be born. Now that the time to rest had long passed, he still had no plans to come back – because in his heart, Luo Ning and the babies were the most important.

He had won the title of movie emperor and Best Actor for a TV series. In his career, he had achieved what he wanted. Besides, he and Luo Ning had a lot of shares in Qin’s company. With the dividends over the years, the money was absolutely enough to spend, there was no need to rely on filming to make money. After a few years, when his father didn’t want to do it anymore, Qin Yize would take over the entire Star Media Group and be the boss behind the scenes.

During the current period of time, he wanted to see the children grow up and educate the two babies well.

Luo Ning, on the other hand, went back to work just after recovering physically.

Luo Ning’s Weibo had been serializing the follow-up works of “Necropolis Hospital”. Fans really wanted to see the babies, but Luo Ning thought it was not good to post pictures of the children on such a public platform. He wanted to protect the two little guys, so that the children could grow up happily without being disturbed by the outside world, so he had never posted pictures of the children on Weibo, and at most he would post some recent developments of the children when the fans were urging him too hard.

Recently, the two babies had learned to speak successively.

The daughter was born three months earlier than the son, so naturally she spoke first. From babbling at the beginning to being able to call out “Dad” completely, when Luo Ning first heard it, he was both surprised and happy, and immediately carried her to share the good news with Qin Yize. Qin Yize heard her call “Dad” in a childlike voice, and his heart softened. He picked up his daughter and kissed her forehead tenderly, and said, “Listen to me, call father, OK?”

The daughter followed suit obediently: “Father.”

The beautiful eyes of his daughter turned into crescent moons with her smile, and Qin Yize was afraid of her falling when he held her in his hands.

The two happily carried her back to Qin’s house and asked her to call out grandpa and grandma, and she cooperated very well.

Qin Rong smiled and picked up his granddaughter and praised: “This child is really smart.”

Yu Lan narrowed her eyes with a smile, picked up her little grandson and said, “Yue’er has learned to speak so early, Zheng Zheng, you have to learn from your sister.”

Xiao Zheng was sitting on his grandma’s lap, with big eyes rolling around – the little girl in front of him had fair and tender skin, soft hair as black as ink, and a cute little braid on top of her head, Xiao Zheng was probably more interested in her braids, so he stretched out his hand to grab her sister’s braids, and tugged hard…

“Woo…” The daughter cried out in pain, so Luo Ning hurriedly took her away. While Yize was so angry that he wanted to beat him up.

In the end, the little boy had an innocent face. Seeing his sister crying, he smiled happily.

Yu Lan had a headache, so she hugged her little grandson to the side and said, “How can this child bully his sister?”

Luo Ning looked away guiltily – because he often bullied his elder brother when he was a child.

This alpha son really inherited all his bullying habits.

Before they were one year old, the two children were separated. Yu Lan took care of the younger one, while Luo Ning and Qin Yize took care of the eldest daughter. When the children grew up a bit, Qin Yize planned to take his son back. As a result, when the siblings met for the first time, the brat bullied his sister and made her cry.

Qin Yize began to consider whether his decision was correct. Luo Ning remembered the scene when he often kicked his brother out of bed when he was a child, touched his nose in embarrassment, and smiled: “Let’s separate the two children, right now he’s still not sensible, and being with his sister… Cough, it’s easy to fight. We’ll take him back when he becomes a little more sensible. Let him accompany you to relieve boredom.”

Yu Lan nodded in agreement: “Well, let him stay with me first, don’t worry, I will take good care of him.”

With Mother Yu Lan, the two of them were of course very relieved, she could educate Qin Yize so well, so they hoped that their child could also be nurtured by her to become a little more sensible.

Qin Yize and Luo Ning went back with their daughter in their arms. Yu Lan pointed to the child’s nose and said, “You are an alpha, do you know? When you grow up, you have to protect your sister. Your father named you this because he hopes you will be an upright alpha, not asking you to bully your sister!”

The kid didn’t seem to listen and lowered his head to fiddle with the toy.

In the blink of an eye, he dismantled all the toys that his father brought to him today into a pile of scrap iron.

Seeing the child’s terrifying destructive power, Yu Lan couldn’t help sighing softly, and said to Qin Rong, “I don’t think this child is like Yize at all. How obedient was Yize when he was young? He was very sensible from a young age, and he didn’t cry or make trouble. He also loved toys very much. Many of the toys he played with when he was a child still look brand new now, how did he look like this kid, alas…”

Qin Rong frowned: “If he’s not like Yize, is he like Luo Ning?”

Yu Lan was stunned, thinking, it shouldn’t be like Luo Ning, right? Luo Ning was very gentle and caring at first glance, this little brat was really too naughty!

She didn’t know that His Highness the Second Prince, the toys that were dismantled by him when he was a child could pile up into mountains in the children’s room.

However, it was the eldest prince who was finally held responsible.

Every time Luo Ning and Luo Fei played together, Luo Ning broke the toy, and immediately hid in the corner and pretended to concentrate on reading fairy tale books. Ling Yuan came over and found that the toys were broken, and Luo Ning was reading a book very seriously, while Luo Fei sat beside the pile of toys with a dazed face, so he naturally thought it was Luo Fei who did it, and he scolded Luo Fei—— Luo Fei carried the blame for his younger brother when he was a child, and he could almost circle the palace with his grievances.

Everyone knew that the first prince Luo Fei was beaten up by his Father Ling Yuan many times, but the second prince Luo Ning had never been beaten. Everyone thought that the first prince had been naughty since he was a child, and the second prince had been obedient since he was a child. Although Luo Fei was naughty when he was a child, he was nothing compared to his younger brother Luo Ning.

Moreover, Luo Ning’s naughtiness was never exposed on the surface, it was always hidden.

On the surface, he was a good boy who was liked by all the elders.

Qin Zheng inherited Luo Ning’s mischievousness, but he couldn’t hide himself like Luo Ning did, so the elders were very puzzled – who was this kid like? Yize was very obedient when he was a child, and Luo Ning was also “very obedient”. How could their child be so mischievous?

Luo Ning knew it in his heart, but he was embarrassed to say that, so he handed over his son to Mother Yu Lan for education.

Fortunately, Yu Lan was very patient, and she whispered in the children’s ears every day: “You are an alpha, you have to be sensible, and when you grow up, you have to protect your sister… Your sister is your relative, you can’t bully her… You have to become a man who stands up to the sky, takes good care of his sister…”

After talking for a long time, when Xiao Zheng was learning to speak, the first person he called out to was not grandma or father, but unexpectedly: sister.

Yu Lan heard him call “Sister” in a childish voice, and the novelty broke, so she carried him to Luo Ning and Qin Yize’s residence that day.

At this time, it was just one year old since he was taken out of the incubator.

Luo Ning took his son over, and said with a smile, “Has Zheng Zheng really learned how to speak?”

Qin Yize was also very curious, and came over to pat his son’s head, and said, “Call me father, Ok?”

Qin Zheng smiled and closed his eyes: “Sister.”

Luo Ning said: “Call me dad, OK?”

Qin Zheng continued to smile: “Sister!”

Everyone: “………”

He seemed to only be able to call sister.

Yu Lan said helplessly: “Maybe it’s because I whisper in his ear every day, and he can only call out sister.”

Luo Ning hugged his daughter over, smiled and said, “Exactly, this is your sister, be good, call her sister.”

Qin Zheng opened his eyes wide and looked at the beautiful girl with braids in front of him. The girl also looked at him curiously. After a long time, among the anticipation of everyone, he suddenly took the girl’s hand. He also looked at the girl and called out crisply: “Dad!”

Luo Ning: “…”

Qin Yize: “…”

This kid, could it be that he stayed in the incubator for too long and became a fool?

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