YXBG Ch. 39: Showdown

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After the party, Yin Xiaomei avoided going to the Skyline Group building. Fortunately, her part in the publicity campaign had ended, and there was no reason for her to go there anymore. She had enrolled in school, and the house she lived in was also a high-end community that Yin Ruoji himself had carefully selected. So now she was okay and preferred to have dinner and chat with Lin Diyi and Song Yuanyuan and learn about college life by the way.

It was just that these two people really liked to gossip!

Lin Diyi ate the ice cream and listened very seriously to what happened before: “Hey, so you didn’t choose anyone in the end?”

“Well, it’s annoying. Although I have been away for a long time, I still know them well. That guy Zhang Xiangyi just had a momentary infatuation. And Yin Zhefei just wants to tease me and make me embarrassed. Both of them are not good people.”

Song Yuanyuan agreed: “I think you and Scotchy are a match made in heaven!

As soon as she spoke, Yin Xiaomei said sensitively: “Yuanyuan, you have started to eat sweets again!”

“Yes, you have been selected, the contract has been signed, and it’s time to start preparing.” Lin Diyi reached out and snatched the half-eaten cone from her hand.

“Yeah…” Song Yuanyuan looked at the cone eagerly and pursed her lips, “I…I regret it, I don’t want to participate in this…”

“Why!” Lin Diyi called her out first, “You forgot how those girls in school bullied you? Do you still want to be their laughingstock?”

“They can continue laughing, I’m used to it…”

“What used to it!” Lin Diyi almost wanted to jump up and fight with her. At this time, Yin Xiaomei pulled her and gave her a wink.

Lin Diyi noticed almost immediately, and instead of jumping up, she sat down calmly and said to Yin Xiaomei: “Xiaomei, I remember, your company invested a lot of money in this advertisement!”

“Well,” Yin Xiaomei smiled back and nodded intently, “Yuanyuan, but you have signed the contract, if you breach the contract, you know, you may not be able to pay off the six million in damages for the rest of your life!”

“Six million?!” Song Yuanyuan paled.

Lin Diyi immediately helped her: “Yes, Yuanyuan, even if you are willing to cut off all your little fat and sell it, you won’t be able to afford it.”

“What should I do!” Song Yuanyuan cried. “But I really, I really love to eat, I can’t do it, Xiaomei, Diyi, can you help me!”

The two looked at her sympathetically but continued to look helpless.

Only then did Song Yuanyuan find that she had fallen in a state of complete helplessness.


The training place was a small villa in Mingshan. Song Yuanyuan was taken there. As soon as she entered, she saw a handsome and dazzling man talking to a tall woman.

“Brother Qin Yuan, Xianxian… Sister, I brought the people to you.” Yin Xiaomei felt tangled in her heart, but she still didn’t call her sister-in-law Xianxian. After all, Yin Zhefei had already expressed his attitude. And such address would only bring embarrassment. However, Lu Xianxian didn’t seem to notice it, smiled slightly, said hello, and looked to Song Yuanyuan who was standing at one side. “You are Yuanyuan?”

Song Yuanyuan nodded timidly. The woman in front of her had an unspeakable temperament, which made her feel pressured for no reason. Yin Xiaomei sighed in her heart: After all, Lu Xianxian fought all over the underworld so she had an invincible temperament, and that kind of elder sister temperament could easily scare Little White Rabbit Song Yuanyuan.

Sure enough, Song Yuanyuan hesitated: “Xiaomei…”

But Lu Xianxian had already started to direct: “Come on, go change clothes immediately, the studio over there is ready!”

“Studio? “Song Yuanyuan started to tremble, “Why is there a studio?”

“To shoot the advertisement, Xiaomei didn’t tell you?” Lu Xianxian frowned.

“Sorry, Sister Xianxian, if I told her that there was still an advertisement, she would have been scared away, and run away so fast that I would definitely not be able to catch her.” Yin Xiaomei spread her hands, it was not easy to change one’s nature, thus even after so many years, she still knew Song Yuanyuan’s temperament.

“Okay, Qin Yuan, take her to see the makeup artist.” Lu Xianxian stopped talking and ordered directly. Song Yuanyuan’s face turned pale, she was swaying, but then she suddenly smelled a very light fragrance of men’s perfume. As soon as she raised her head, her pale face instantly turned red. The man in front of her, with deep peach eyes, smiled when looking at her.

“You, you, you, you…” Her heartbeat speeded up instantly, and she couldn’t speak.

“I’m responsible for your training and etiquette. I hope you remember me. My name is Qin Yuan.” His voice was also so nice, gentle and magnetic. Song Yuanyuan couldn’t help becoming docile, and obediently leave with him.

Yin Xiaomei looked at Song Yuanyuan, in a cold sweat for her, as soon as Yuanyuan came, she was trapped. Although she has never worked with Qin Yuan, one of her model friends used the term “human face and beast heart” when referring to this man, because he seemed gentle and polite, but he was actually cold-blooded and strict. It was simply unscientific. In contrast, Lu Xianxian just seemed to give people a sense of sharpness, but in reality, she was very soft. Everyone was running around. Zhang Xiangyi was there as he was preparing for the shooting, but he obviously chose to ignore Yin Xiaomei, and he was very abrupt even when talking to Lu Xianxian.

Yin Xiaomei turned around and planned to leave when she saw Hu Fei sitting in a daze on a chair in the corner. She was surprised. Shouldn’t Big Brother Hu go to prepare for his next match.

Walking out of the villa, Lin Diyi was walking around outside. Seeing Xiaomei coming out, she hurriedly asked: “How about it? She didn’t cry and make trouble again, did she?”

“No, she has no resistance to beautiful men. “Yin Xiaomei smiled.

“That’s good, I’ve always been worried, but if I went in, she would act shameless again.” Lin Diyi took out a few forms from her pocket, “By the way, I brought you the school admission form. You have to remember to fill it in. I still have some work, so I will go back first.”

Yin Xiaomei knew that she was volunteering at a gallery, so she didn’t force her to stay. The two of them separated after going down the mountain. She walked on the side of the road alone. Here, there were no crazy fans and no paparazzi, so she felt very comfortable. At this time, a black car slowly approached her: “Xiaomei.”

As soon as she turned her head, she saw Yin Zhefei pressing down the window: “I’ll take you back.”

“Thank you, no need.” She was not used to such a good attitude from him and said uncomfortably.

“Are you going back? It’s still far from home.” He said earnestly.

“Hey…” Yin Xiaomei didn’t want to embarrass him, so she got in the car. Yin Zhefei drove smoothly, but the atmosphere in the car was very solemn. After driving the car for a long time, Yin Zhefei slowly said, “I was wrong the last time. I shouldn’t have persecuted you. You have the right to choose anyone you like.”

Yin Xiaomei sneered and said nothing. The atmosphere in the car cooled down again, and Yin Zhefei became more and more confused about what she was thinking: “Would you like to talk to me?”

“I’m just not used to this feeling now! This feeling is really… so strange, you are too reckless…I don’t know how to face you.” Yin Xiaomei was very irritated, “I don’t understand what you like about me. If you want me to say the truth, I feel that you are more likely to engage in pranks against me than actually like me.” She waved her hand unhappily. “Anyway, don’t mention it anymore.”

As soon as she got home, Yin Xiaomei slammed the car door and went into the house. She didn’t want to guess whether there was something between them or not. There had been enough upsetting things happening to her recently. She opened the drawer and wanted to take a pen out of it to fill in the form when she saw her childhood account book. She took it out, looked at the immature notes on it, and couldn’t help but laugh a little. As she watched, a photo fell down from the inside. Yin Xiaomei was taken aback for a moment, then she picked it up, and it was the nude photo of Yin Zhefei which had made her a lot of money in the past.

She looked at the young man in the photo with his perfect looks and handsome profile. No wonder so many girls were crazy for him back then! Yin Xiaomei felt her mouth had dried a little while looking at the photo. She covered the photo and patted her slightly reddened cheeks. What was this situation? She was so hot! Yin Xiaomei put the photo back in her notebook and thought that she had become wanton after growing up. She was a little uneasy. Could this be the legendary estrus period?

In the next few days, Yin Xiaomei was always busy with school matters, and Yin Zhefei seemed to understand her so-called feelings, so he did not come home very often. A Chun watched the two people behave weirdly again, and her desire for gossip was almost overflowing! The feeling between these two people was not right! She was washing the dishes, silently, when she heard the phone in the living room ringing, she wiped her hand, and went to pick up the phone: “Hello?” A Chun’s expression suddenly became pleasantly surprised.


As usual, another day passed and ended with Yin Zhefei wearily stuck in the chair, massaging his temples.

“Go back if you’re tired, it’s so late.” A harsh voice sounded, making him look back in surprise-Zhang Xiangyi was leaning on the table, his expression still awkward.

“Xiangyi, you…” He stood up a little surprised, “I didn’t expect you to come back…”

“I’m not someone with a narrow mind!” Zhang Xiangyi yelled dissatisfiedly, “Furthermore, you don’t need to avoid her!”

“Xiangyi, it’s really great that you can forgive me…” He still felt very guilty in his heart.

“It’s weird hearing you speak about forgiveness. In short, I think the woman Lu Xianxian… made sense.” It was very difficult for Zhang Xiangyi, who had always been domineering, to say this kind of thing, his face even showed a suspicious blush, “So, my obstacle has been lifted, if you can’t handle that kid, then I will really be pissed to death!” Zhang Xiangyi finished speaking, consciously unable to hold on to his face, and waved him away. A smile appeared on Yin Zhefei’s face, and his heart was relieved a lot.

When he returned home, it was no surprise that the living room was completely dark again. Yin Xiaomei was an absolute environmentalist, and she must turn off all the lights when she was at home. He was sitting on the sofa, with the smell of laboratory disinfectant and the aroma of plants on him. The darkness made him feel uncomfortable, so he decided to talk to Yin Xiaomei again. Maybe he should change his attitude, after all, a gentle attitude was absolutely necessary to deal with Yin Xiaomei.

However, before he could get up, the door on the second floor opened again, and Yin Xiaomei walked down wearing nothing but her little pink underwear.

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