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The action of Xiao Hong attracted Lu Xiaoqi’s attention.

He swept forward and saw the three generals of the Zhao family factions. The three men talked and laughed. After seeing Lu Xiaoqi, they converged on him with a smile.

Zhao Pingqian: “Marshal, you are early.”

Although it was a respectful “you”, Zhao Pingqian did not have any respect in his eyes, instead the look in his eyes was sharp.

Standing half behind him were two younger lieutenants, who were the next generations about to be promoted. They didn’t even smile on the surface like Zhao Pingqian, but they had tightened their faces instead.

Lu Xiaoqi was slightly doubtful, seeing the two young lieutenants were meaningfully cold.

Zhao Pingqian turned his head and glared at the two men: “Not respecting the Marshal!”

The two immediately changed their attitude and looked respectful.

Zhao Pingqian smiled and turned his head: “Sorry for this marshal, these two are still too young, you are an adult, and will of course not mind these young people.”

The two were indeed young, but they were still in their thirties, however there was no sedimentary temperament.

They were full of arrogance, their whole person arrogantly seeming to scorn everything around them, and their movements were clearly not correct and accurate.

Obviously, these two lieutenants were promoted by virtue of their relationship.

In other words, General Zhao in the military department thought to cover the sky with one hand, and had directly brought his younger brothers to the military and promoted them to become lieutenant generals!

It seemed that he had begun to declare war on him.

Lu Xiaoqi secretly groaned, then stared at the three men, and gave a straight look to the two lieutenants.

The smile on Zhao Pingqian’s face was also about to freeze.

Zhao Pingqian coughed: “What is it, Marshal?”

Lu Xiaoqi revealed a meaningful look, and walked straight through the three people, not even leaving a word.

Zhao Pingqian sneaked a look at him and his face turned black.

This attitude of not putting them in the eyes ignited the anger of Zhao Pingqian, and his brow squinted at the burly figure.

In the eyes of that man, they just seemed to be jumping clowns.

Everything just did not need to be taken care of.

Zhao Pingqian’s face was covered with black and blue, and said a few words of insults in his mouth, but he did not see the fading light in the eyes of the young man behind him.

Zhao Pingqian suddenly turned around and blinked at the two lieutenant generals.

The two lieutenants busied themselves in becoming low-eyed.

The one on the left, his eyes were fierce, and his mouth showed a strange arc.

After Lu Xiaoqi left, he didn’t meet other people until he returned to his work area. Xiao Hong stretched his neck along the way, sniffed hard, but didn’t smell anything strange.

Lu Xiaoqi closed the door and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, as he looked down at the military department.

Xiao Huang flew out and floated beside him, looking deep into this unusual scenery.

Xiao Hong flew in this room, then snorted and fell on Lu Xiaoqi’s shoulder and gasped.

Then he rolled up his small head, his two small round ears standing upright: “Hmm?”

How was it.

Xiao Hong shook his head: “There is no smell here.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes swept around and he felt that the twilight was getting deeper and deeper.

Xiao Huang touched Xiao Hong’s head: “You did a good job and helped everyone a lot.”

Xiao Hong was praised, so he shook his head.

Xiao Huang suddenly turned his head and his gaze landed at the table, where he was focused on a pen. He kept looking at the pen for a long time.

Xiao Hong also flew over. “Is there something?”

Xiao Huang frowned and didn’t talk.

Mo Gungun rolled the probe to explore the brain, and finally driven by curiosity, he rushed to Lu Xiaoqi ah.

Lu Xiaoqi touched the little head of the little velvety panda head and placed him on the table.

The little panda didn’t care about the hair that was blown up by him. He just went to the pen with his short legs and put his small head near it: “Hmm?”

Xiao Hong tried to help Xiao Huang to lift the pen, but the two small ones still failed.

The pen fell down and the two little guys were almost smashed by the falling pen.

Since they couldn’t take care of themselves, Xiao Huang bounced up and hurried over: “How are you, Xiao Hong?”

Xiao Hong said tearfully: “Hey, I’m fine.”

Mo Gungun: “How do you do it.”

Xiao Huang closed his eyes, and a small, chubby hand was placed on the pen, as if he was perceiving something.

Not daring to speak, Xiao Hong did not even move.

However, it was Lu Xiaoqi’s understanding of what it was, and the atmosphere became more and more quiet.

Xiao Huang suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a trace of horror at the bottom of his eyes.

Xiao Huang looked at Lu Xiaoqi.

Xiao Huang: “This is an indirect medium. They have induced a curse in your body through this pen.”

Mo Gungun and Xiao Hong showed different expressions.

Xiao Huang: “As long as you touch this pen, you will contract the curse.”

Xiao Hong carefully smelled the smell and shook his head.

Mo Gungun smelled the different smells, but it was too shallow, and the strongest smell he could perceive was the atmosphere of the big monster.

Lu Xiaoqi used this pen, so it had the natural taste of the big monster.

Lu Xiaoqi looked deeply at the three little guys who were being anxious with him and smiled sincerely.

Lu Xiaoqi: “Thank you.”

For the first time, Lu Xiaoqi smiled at the two elves. Xiao Hong was flattered and Xiao Huang felt awkward.

Lu Xiaoqi finally turned his eyes to Mo Gungun.

Mo Gungun’s eyes were full of worry at this moment, as he supported his small body, with a look of caution.

Lu Xiaoqi and the little panda’s wet eyes looked at each other, and Xiaoqi’s heart softened.

Lu Xiaoqi touched the head of the panda: “Look, we found some clues, don’t worry, huh?”

Mo Gungun listened to Lu Xiaoqi’s words and nodded.

Then, Lu Xiaoqi said: “This will be handed over to me.”

Mo Gungun: “Hmm?”

Lu Xiaoqi: “Don’t you believe in me?”

Mo Gungun shook his head, the little head looking like a rattle.

Lu Xiaoqi laughed out, and the voice was low with a sense of magnetism: “Then don’t worry, I already know who it is.”

Mo Gungun opened eyes wide and was shocked.

How did he know from a pen? What was this operation? Xiao Hong and Xiao Huang were also confused.

Lu Xiaoqi did not explain that only his past adjutant could know his belongings well and could be clear about his habits. As for how to do it… they had to give him a head down, without attracting the attention of the devil, then it was impossible for it to be the normal way.

The reason why Li Wenhuan did this were exceptional.

He really never saw Li Wenhuan, so he was blinded by greed.

Mo Gungun: “Hmm?” The big monster, who is it?

This person must be the most annoying person in the world!

Even if he didn’t know who it was, he was still prepared to hate him, just like the one who hated Lu Xiaoqi.

In fact, it was precisely because of Lu Xiaoqi, Li Wenrao should have been a great success in the military, but now he was like a street mouse, then he was betrayed by Li Qingwen’s father who had directly abandoned him. If this was not the case, Li Wenrao wouldn’t jump over the wall and choose the way he once dismissed.

Li Wenrao had cut off his arms, and almost all of the previous two decades of frustration was poured out.

If the year-end review was passed, Li Wenrao would no longer have the power to turn over.

He had been tossing for so many years, just for this dynasty, but he did not want Lu Xiaoqi to come back all the way and turn him over.

If he did not respond quickly, he would already be imprisoned in the next few years.

Mo Gungun was full of anger, waiting for this name.

Lu Xiaoqi touched the head of the panda and made a sly gesture with his mouth.

Mo Gungun nodded.

Lu Xiaoqi: “Well, little guys don’t need to think too much, you can play there for a while.”

Lu Xiaoqi pointed to the leather sofa not far away.

Mo Gungun’s gaze fell on a closed small photo frame.

He glared at the small frame, then twisting his chubby little buttocks, and with his two small claws pulled open, Mo Gungun suddenly turned to look at Lu Xiaoqi: “Hmm?”

Lu Xiaoqi coughed.

Mo Gungun called “Hmm” again.

Lu Xiaoqi touched the panda: “Gungun.”

Mo Gungun’s two ears started swaying like two small hot wheels.

This was exactly his photo when he was sleeping on his little belly, his mouth still open, and even his small tail was unreserved.

Mo Gungun grabbed his face. “Uh huh!”

When did he shoot him, so ugly! The shape was still so strange, the monster was really…

Thinking like this, Mo Gungun rolled around, softly squatting on the ground, pulling his little ears. That little hair was also tilted up, just like the panda’s unique little tail.

Lu Xiaoqi looked at the little panda’s tangled face, turned around, and hugged his tail, just like he couldn’t help himself.

Lu Xiaoqi: “You really don’t like it?”

It was not dislike.

It was embarrassing.

The Panda got to know that his photo was on the big monster’s table and he was very happy.

However, this photo was ugly.

Let’s not think about it, he raised his head and yelled at the monster.

Lu Xiaoqi: “Let’s take a new photo?”

“Uh-huh!” Mo Gungun nodded hard, and the two small ears softly followed.

The idea sounded very good to Mo Gungun.

At least, Lu Xiaoqi was in a hurry.

He also wondered what expression to use to look as normal as possible, when he saw his home’s panda roll a virtual computer and point to a screenshot on an official website, “Hmm!”

This was very good, how good it was to be clicked by people.

This was the official message area of the “Star” program, which was filled with fans’ love for their love beans.

Some of them also discussed the performances of the contestants in the early days, but more of them were praising the little panda. There were a lot of direct screenshots, and high-definition picture ps again, they were all beautiful, beautiful and beautiful and had gotten countless people to forward.

Mo Gungun had saved them all.

Then he showed it to the big monster.

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