MMMYT Ch. 3.1: Scared

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Sparrows flew down from the branches, and the air was stained with the hot summer temperature. Zheng Chun naturally knew the Jiang family’s daughter, who had a soft voice and a small face that was injured all the time.

Zheng Chun asked: “If it’s not him, then who do you think it is?”

Jiang Sui had heard Sun Xiaowei and others talking yesterday.

“It’s Sun…” As soon as Jiang Sui opened her mouth, Chen Caiqiong’s fat palm covered her mouth.

Chen Caiqiong said, “Oh, you kid, what are you talking about?” She raised her chin at Chi Yan who was kneeling on the ground, turned to Zheng Chun and said, “The little girl is talking nonsense. Who else could it be? Look at him. Didn’t he not deny it too?”

Jiang Sui was so angry that her eyes turned red. She twisted around in Chen Caiqiong’s arms, trying to pry the woman’s hand away.

However, her little cat-like strength was simply not enough to stand up to an adult woman who had been working hard all year round.

Although Jiang Sui couldn’t say it out loud, the eyes of the woman who was quarreling, Deng Yulian, lit up.

She put her hands on her hips and said, “Did you hear that? It wasn’t our Chi Yan who broke it. Zheng Chun, you are bullying me for being a newbie!” Deng Yulian kicked Chi Yan, “You bast**d, why don’t you tell us who it is?”

Jiang Sui’s mouth was covered and she looked at him eagerly.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Chi Yan. He licked his chapped lips, glanced at Jiang Sui coldly, and then said after a long time: “It was me.”

Deng Yulian opened her eyes wide, her face turned red, and she cursed indiscriminately: “You little beast!”

Jiang Sui was stunned, her black grape-like eyes reflecting his appearance at this moment. Chi Yan’s eyes went cold and he turned back, not looking at her again.

There were some children watching the fun nearby, and one of them made a face at Jiang Sui: “Liar!” Then he made a taunting face.

Although Chen Caiqiong wanted to watch the fun, she was more afraid that Jiang Sui would cause trouble and trouble her, so she hugged Jiang Sui and walked away with a look of regret.

Jiang Sui didn’t struggle this time.

She looked through the crowd and thought in annoyance that it turned out that a person’s dislike of another person could start from a young age.

Chen Caiqiong babbled in her ear: “What do you care about him, Suisui? Zheng Chun and the wife of the Zhao family are not easy to mess with, so don’t say anything, okay?” Then she muttered, “That little kid has pretty hard bones.”

Jiang Sui pursed her red mouth and said nothing.

Chen Caiqiong didn’t notice that she was unhappy, so she said many unpleasant words. She let go of Jiang Sui and quietly pinched a handful of vegetables that someone planted in the yard.

Jiang Sui felt depressed, and the wound on her palm scratched by Chi Yan hadn’t healed yet. Chen Caiqiong sent her home, and Jiang Shuisheng also happened to have come back.

While eating, Jiang Shuisheng suddenly said: “The child of the Zhao family looks very pitiful. Father came from the grocery store and saw him kneeling there alone. Suisui, the grocery store is not far from our home. You can deliver some cold water to drink to him this afternoon.”

He had lost his wife and therefore cherished children without parents.

Jiang Sui was gnawing on shredded carrots with her baby teeth. She didn’t want to go, not because she was angry with Chi Yan for lying, but because she felt that Chi Yan was naturally repulsive to her, so even if she gave him water, Chi Yan wouldn’t drink it.

She thought of Chi Yan’s chapped lips and nodded: “Dad, I’ll go by myself in the afternoon. Don’t ask Aunt Chen to take care of me in the future.”

Jiang Shuisheng quickly asked: “Is she treating you badly?”

Jiang Sui thought about it and said, “If I walk to school by myself, I will get better as I practice more.”

“What should I do if you fall?”

Jiang Sui smiled, her eyes curved into crescent moons: “I’ll walk slowly, Dad, I want to get better.”

Jiang Shuisheng could not refuse her request and had no choice but to agree.

“Then I’ll tell your Aunt Chen this afternoon.”

Jiang Sui breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Shuisheng kept his word. Before going out, he put a small water bottle on Jiang Sui and put a warm yellow sun hat on her.

Jiang Sui leaned against the door and watched Chen Caiqiong and Jiang Shuisheng talking next door.

After a while, Chen Caiqiong’s expression changed. When Jiang Shuisheng left, she forced a smile and came over to ask Jiang Sui: “Suisui, don’t you like Auntie?”

Jiang Sui shook her head and said, “The teacher said we should be independent. Auntie, my father asked me to deliver water to Chi Yan, so I’m going over.”

She really didn’t like Chen Caiqiong, but Chen Caiqiong was vicious. She was now a slow-thinking nine-year-old dumpling. She was afraid that Chen Caiqiong would cause trouble behind her back, so she could only avoid this topic.

Chen Caiqiong looked at Jiang Sui going out with a dark face.

She took the small water bottle and walked slowly to the grocery store.

When Uncle Zhang saw her while enjoying the cool air, he couldn’t help but smile: “Suisui, walk slowly.” Little Jiang Sui walked very funnily, with the same hands and feet, so cute and adorable.

Jiang Sui responded with a smile: “Okay, okay.”

The little girl’s voice was soft, and she talked while showing a few glutinous white teeth.

Jiang Sui had been very patient since she was a child. The distance between the grocery store and her home was only seven or eight minutes for other children, but she had to walk for half an hour.

Jiang Shuisheng supported her walking and exercising. He was worried that she would not be sociable, so he would also let her go out to play with the children before dusk every day.

Jiang Sui walked under the big yellow kudzu tree and was stopped by a boy who jumped out.

The boy was like a little firecracker, glaring at her angrily: “Jiang Sui! What are you going to do?”

Jiang Sui raised her head, and it took her a while to recognize that he was Sun Xiaowei.

However, the boy had no patience: “Girls are so annoying. If you dare to say anything, I will beat you up. Believe it or not!”

Jiang Sui felt funny and weird in her heart. It had been so long that she almost forgot that Sun Xiaowei, the overbearing boy who confessed his love to her with a red face in the future, was this bear child now.

She spoke in a thin voice, “Oh, I believe it.”

Sun Xiaowei was speechless and clenched his fists: “Huh, I’m warning you, don’t say anything, otherwise you’ll be doomed. I’ll throw bugs into your schoolbag every day… Why are you laughing? You’re so ugly, don’t laugh!”

Little bad boy, naughty kid.

Jiang Sui stopped laughing and nodded obediently. The weakling she was now, even Sun Xiaowei could beat her. Confronting the naughty child would have no effect and might even have the opposite effect.

Sun Xiaowei felt like his fist had punched cotton. The little girl’s eyes in front of him were clear and watery, like the gentle lake water in spring. Sun Xiaowei was at a loss for a moment, then shook his head and walked away.

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